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Robotics, vision and control: fundamental algorithms in MATLAB (3rd ed.)
Corke P., Jachimczyk W., Pillat R., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 819 pp. Type: Book (9783031072611)
Date Reviewed: Mar 25 2024

Robotics, an area that is often related to artificial intelligence (AI), is concerned with the use of robots for practical applications. Published as part of the “Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics” series, Robotics, vision and control: fundamental algorithms in MATLAB is now in its third edition. The first edition appeared in 2011, and the second edition appeared as a single volume in 2017 and then as a two-volume set in 2022. Amazingly, this book has two third editions: one based on MATLAB, which is reviewed here, and another based on Python.

The book, nearly 800 pages, has 16 chapters. Its short introductory chapter is followed by five sections: “Foundations,” “Mobile Robotics,” “Robot Manipulators,” “Computer Vision,” and “Robotics, Vision, and Control.”

Almost every chapter includes wrap-ups, recommendations for further reading, and exercises, and sometimes additional resources. There are numerous color illustrations. The book ends with supplementary information on software installation, concepts from linear algebra, geometry, Lie groups and algebras, linearization, Jacobians and Hessians, solving systems of equations, Gaussian random variables, Kalman filters, graphs, and peak finding, along with references and various indexes.

The two different third editions of the book changed the software support by focusing on MATLAB as well as Python. This is a welcome change due to the growing popularity of the Python programming language. Some chapters were rewritten, the mathematical notation was improved, errors were fixed, readability and clarity improved, new topics were introduced, and more examples were added. Good use of MATLAB code is made.

The book has many features, including exercises that help pedagogy. This updated third edition will be very useful for students, researchers, and professionals interested in robotics and its practical applications.

Reviewer:  S. V. Nagaraj Review #: CR147732
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