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  Reflections on programming systems: historical and philosophical aspects
De Mol L. (ed), Primiero G.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2018. 286 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319972-25-1)

The book’s ten chapters may remind readers that the essential state of affairs in programming systems has not substantially changed since the early 1960s. Chapter 1--an overview of what follows--starts with a relatively familiar ep...

Jan 21 2021  
  Securing the device drivers of your embedded systems: framework and prototype
Li Z., Wang J., Sun M., Lui J.  ARES 2019 (Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security, Canterbury, UK,  Aug 26-29, 2019) 1-10, 2019. Type: Proceedings

Device drivers in embedded systems are often filled with defects and security issues, which occur at any stage. During either buildtime or runtime, logical errors can have a significant impact. Although there is no single tool or method for secure...

Jan 19 2021  
  5G enabled secure wireless networks
Jayakody D., Srinivasan K., Sharma V.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 200 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030035-07-5)

Wireless 5G networks are widely deployed and, compared to previous generations, carry vastly augmented data flows with low latency. Thus, their security and privacy aspects warrant special attention [1], even if a vast number of standards have alr...

Jan 15 2021  
  DeepXplore: automated whitebox testing of deep learning systems
Pei K., Cao Y., Yang J., Jana S.  Communications of the ACM 62(11): 137-145, 2019. Type: Article

Many of us use trustworthy electronic systems, from self-driving car owners to online bankers and shoppers. How should real-life computer systems be methodically tested for nearly all potential faults and malware threats, to instill confidence in ...

Jan 12 2021  
  Computer security and the Internet
van Oorschot P.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 387 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030336-48-6), Reviews: (1 of 2)

Security is a hot, yet tough, topic these days. Computer security, in a broad sense, spans several interdisciplinary areas. It is sometimes difficult to identify good literature, both to grasp the essential ideas and to be able to teach them. This...

Jan 4 2021  
  Fundamentals of artificial intelligence
Chowdhary K.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 746 pp. Type: Book (978-8-132239-70-3)

This book introduces the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI). It can be used as a computer science (CS) textbook for graduate or undergraduate students, or as a resource for researchers....

Dec 30 2020  
  General video game artificial intelligence
Pérez Liébana D., Lucas S., Gaina R., Togelius J., Khalifa A., Liu J.,  Morgan & Claypool, San Rafael, CA, 2020. 192 pp. Type: Book (978-1-681736-46-4)

It’s a jungle out there: exploding asteroids, fire-breathing dragons, and maniacal cultists, among other lethal threats. What and how can you teach newborn babies, somehow fitted with a hero’s body and magical weapons, to defend themse...

Dec 29 2020  
  How to manage cybersecurity risk: a security leader’s roadmap with Open FAIR
Carlson C.,  Brown Walker Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2019. 308 pp. Type: Book (978-1-627342-76-6)

Most chief information security officers (CISOs)/security risk managers probably wouldn’t join a new organization during, or right after, a breach, hence readers may have to use their imagination to apply some of the advice. Having said that...

Dec 25 2020  
  Cybersecurity is not very important
Odlyzko A.  Ubiquity 2019(June): 1-23, 2019. Type: Article

Hardly a day goes by without media reports of dramatic cybersecurity breaches somewhere in the world, and we have come to accept that substantial resources are needed to prevent these attacks. Little thought, however, is generally given as to whet...

Dec 24 2020  
  Learning and decision-making from rank data
Xia L.,  Morgan&Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2019. 160 pp. Type: Book (978-1-681734-40-8)

Due to the proliferation of Internet devices and connections, data is generated at an extreme speed. Right now, zettabytes of data are generated daily. How to make meaning out of mostly unstructured data is very difficult. Among these vast amounts...

Dec 23 2020  
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