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Computing Reviews (CR) aims to provide access to current research, theory and applications in all subdisciplines of computing via the review medium. CR compiles expert, unbiased critical reviews of current publications of note in computing. The goals of CR are to provide an overview of developments in computing to both specialists and generalists who wish to survey the field as a whole; isolate and illuminate quality materials; and build and enhance communities of computer scientists and others by promoting the exchange of ideas.

Every signed review consists entirely of the reviewer's opinions which may or may not coincide with those of the editors or publisher of Computing Reviews.

Author rebuttals may be published. Length will be limited to that of the original review. If the reviewer wishes, a re-rebuttal may be published at the same time.

General Literature   David Bellin
Hardware   Earl Swartzlander
Computer Systems Organization   Sandeep Shukla
Software   Phillip Laplante R. Clayton Mike Murphy
Data   S. Srinivasan
Theory of Computation  Paul Cull
Mathematics of Computing Mike Minkoff
Raymond Chan
Information Systems   Agustí Solanas
Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis
Interfaces and Presentation  Maxine Cohen
Algebraic Manipulation  Mike Minkoff
Artificial Intelligence  Oscar Firschein
Computer Graphics  Steve Carson
Image Processing  Haomin Zhou
Pattern Recognition  Haomin Zhou
Simulation and Modeling  Osman Balci
Text Processing  David L. Rodgers
Computer Applications  Asai Asaithambi
Computing Milieux  David Bellin

Editor-in-Chief: Carol Hutchins


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