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October 30, 2014

Analytical solutions for frequency estimators by interpolation of DFT coefficients
Given a sequence of sinusoidal signals s[n] with additive noise in the time domain, a fundamental problem is to estimate its frequency. It has a wide range of applications, such as biomedical signal processing and radar analysis. The maximum likelihood estimate... more
When I was asked to make this address I wondered what I had to say to you boys who are graduating. And I think I... more
- John Jay Chapman (1900)
Adaptable, model-driven security engineering for SaaS cloud-based applications: Automated Software Engineering

This paper presents a novel approach to security for applications that are run on a central server and supplied to multiple consuming organizations (tenants) as a service. The issues associated with... more

Software Engineering (D.2) | Oct 29 14

The equilibrium state method for hyperbolic conservation laws with stiff reaction terms: Journal of Computational Physics

Zhang et al. propose a new fractional-step method for the numerical solution of advection equations with stiff source terms. In general, it is too difficult to obtain satisfactory... more

Stiff Equations (G.1.7...) | Oct 29 14

A tool supporting root cause analysis for synchronous retrospectives in distributed software teams: Information and Software Technology

The notion of recording lessons learned during a project’s progress and preserving them for posterity (post deployment) seems to have achieved nearly universal consensus as being good. Yet I’ve... more

Testing Tools (D.2.5...) | Oct 29 14

PGSW-OS: a novel approach for resource management in a semantic web operating system based on a P2P grid architecture: The Journal of Supercomputing

The paper presents a software and system experiment that exploits the synergy of web operating systems, the grid, and peer-to-peer network solutions... more

Semantic Web (H.3.4...) | Oct 28 14

A nonparametric term weighting method for information retrieval based on measuring the divergence from independence: Information Retrieval

In information retrieval (IR), it is important to use effective term-weighting schemes. Existing works focus on the divergence from randomness... more

Information Search & Retrieval (H.3.3) | Oct 28 14

Searching for people to follow in social networks: Expert Systems with Applications: An International Journal

The research of social networks is currently popular, as it provides an opportunity for the investigation of disparate theoretical... more

Social Networking (H.3.4...) | Oct 27 14

Bootstrapping privacy compliance in big data systems: SP 14

In this paper, researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Microsoft Research present their “experience building and operating a system to automate... more

Public Policy Issues (K.4.1) | Oct 27 14

A semantic knowledge management system for laminated composites: Advanced Engineering Informatics

In many application domains, the management of large volumes of unstructured and inconsistent information processes is a challenging task... more

Semantic Web (H.3.4...) | Oct 27 14

Lost in translation? An actor-network approach to HRIS implementation: The Journal of Strategic Information Systems

Information systems implementation is a challenging task in every organization. The technological determinism framework... more

General (H.0) | Oct 27 14

Semantic-based QoS management in cloud systems: current status and future challenges: Future Generation Computer Systems

This paper’s title suggests a discussion on research work in formulating semantic-based quality of service (QoS) management in the context of cloud... more

Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Oct 27 14

Web development with Clojure: build bulletproof web apps with less code

This book offers a somewhat opinionated intermediate-level guide to using Clojure, a dynamic programming language for the Java Virtual Machine that is mainly used for web-based applications. At around 200 pages... more
Applicative Languages (D.3.2...) | Oct 29 14

Placing the suspect behind the keyboard: using digital forensics and investigative techniques to identify cybercrime suspects

As its title states and its text frequently repeats, this book’s concern is to help an investigator link the suspect(s) in a computer crime or civil violation to the machine(s) believed to have been used in... more
Abuse & Crime Involving Comps. (K.4.1...) | Oct 29 14

Practical PHP and MySQL website databases: a simplified approach

The purpose of this book is not evident from the title, so let’s omit some of the less useful words and add some more useful ones. What we get: “Building database-driven websites with PHP and MySQL.” After reading this book and experimenting with... more
Database Applications (H.2.8) | Oct 28 14

Ethics for the information age (6th ed.)

This is the sixth edition of a college textbook for a computer science or information technology course. The preface indicates that the major changes in this edition are a greater emphasis on virtue ethics... more
Ethics (K.4.1...) | Oct 28 14

Disconnected: youth, new media, and the ethics gap

This short book presents survey results about the moral and ethical attitudes of young people, between the ages of ten and 25 years, toward Internet behavior. The narrative is organized around... more
Ethics (K.4.1...) | Oct 28 14

Field and service robotics: results of the 8th International Conference

Mobile robots working in outdoor conditions constitutes a mature research topic with a broad range of applications. In order to obtain a successful result many aspects must be solved, including... more
Robotics (I.2.9) | Oct 28 14

Using R for statistics

The stated objective of this book is to get readers “up and running quickly” using R as an alternative to point-and-click packages; it accomplishes this objective. It also accurately states that it supplies reminders about statistics methods while not claiming to teach... more
Statistical Software (G.3...) | Oct 28 14

Solr in action

At over 600 pages, this is the largest and most comprehensive book dedicated to Apache Solr. It comprises 16 chapters and three appendices. The chapters are grouped into three sections. The first section... more
Information Search & Retrieval (H.3.3) | Oct 27 14

Introduction to computer and network security: navigating shades of gray

An introduction to computer and network security requires a careful balance between breadth and depth. For breadth, the author chooses mostly key topics: cryptography, network security, viruses, web... more
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Oct 27 14

Introduction to computer networks and cybersecurity

Networks. With them, we have the web, Netflix, and lots of other useful, informative, and fun things; however, we also get viruses, Trojans, botnets, and more (though we can certainly have security... more
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Oct 27 14

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