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July 23, 2016

MPEG-V: bridging the virtual and real world
Virtual and augmented reality, such as multiple sensorial media and programmable actuators, has become widespread in recent years. From a technological side, this opens a new spectrum of opportunities at the application level, but also brings up several issues regarding standardization, entity description using extensible... more
So long as we represent technology as an instrument, we remain held fast in the will to master it. We press on past the essence of technology... more
- Martin Heidegger (1955)
Reusable knowledge in security requirements engineering: a systematic mapping study: Requirements Engineering

Data breaches, zero-day vulnerabilities, and attacks exploiting components core to global information technology (IT) infrastructure have become... more

Requirements/Specifications (D.2.1) | Jul 22 16

Algorithm 958: Lattice Builder: a general software tool for constructing rank-1 lattice rules: ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

The problem of numerically integrating multidimensional functions arises from function approximation, optimization, and... more

Mathematical Software (G.4) | Jul 22 16

Privacy protection for preventing data over-collection in smart city: IEEE Transactions on Computers

The personal devices (and apps) we carry around have the ability to collect lots of data from and about us. Some of this data is useful for personal productivity, while some borders on the verge of... more

Privacy (K.4.1...) | Jul 22 16

History of “Gaussian” elimination: YouTube

The first interesting fact made clear in this talk is that Gaussian elimination, as we know it today, has its origins so far back in time that certainly in the beginning it was neither “Gaussian”... more

Gaussian Quadrature (G.1.4...) | Jul 22 16

Finding and resolving security misusability with misusability cases: Requirements Engineering

Scenarios are used in both security design and usability design, but these two do not necessarily overlap. Usability design scenarios are concerned more with the personal and... more

Design Tools & Techniques (D.2.2) | Jul 21 16

The emergence of GitHub as a collaborative platform for education: CSCW 15

GitHub began as a platform to manage software development. More recently, however, GitHub has also been used as a platform to support education. To better understand this alternative use of GitHub... more

Computer Uses in Education (K.3.1) | Jul 21 16

Assisting developers with license compliance: ICSE 16

Open-source software licenses determine the conditions under which code can be used or changed. The Open Source Initiative lists dozens of licenses to choose from. A summary of recent research on software... more

Documentation (D.2.7...) | Jul 21 16

Analytic queries over geospatial time-series data using distributed hash tables: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

This paper explores the advantages and complications of using a novel indexing scheme for managing big data and geospatial attributes. The indexing system... more

Data Models (H.2.1...) | Jul 21 16

An evidential approach to SLAM, path planning, and active exploration: International Journal of Approximate Reasoning

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is related to robotic navigation involving optimal path planning and exploring unknown... more

Uncertain, Fuzzy & Prob. Reason. (I.2.3...) | Jul 21 16

A quantitative study on the re-executability of publicly shared scientific workflows: e-Science 15

Workflow languages and engines, such as the Taverna workflow suite, support the repeatable execution of computational experiments. A workflow can... more

Specialized Application Languages (D.3.2...) | Jul 20 16

Spatial auditory human-computer interfaces

This slim volume is one in the “SpringerBriefs” series. True to form, it has 79 pages, is a paperback, and covers much of the work in auditory interfaces up to about 2014. The authors are from the Faculty of... more
Audio Input/Output (H.5.1...) | Jul 22 16

Genetic algorithms in Java basics

Apress has dedicated itself to the rapid publication of books on emerging and current technologies in order to provide its readership with the latest information. This text provides the reader with a succinct introduction to genetic algorithms. In addition, it is also... more
Optimization (G.1.6) | Jul 22 16

Algorithms: design techniques and analysis

Techniques for the design and analysis of algorithms are at the heart of computer science. They are essential for solving complex problems, understanding those that are hard to solve, and creating applications that are... more
Algorithm Design & Analysis (G.4...) | Jul 21 16

Learn to program with Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular virtual world video game with a user base that exceeds 100 million registered users. Python is an open-source, interpreted programming language growing in popularity because of the number and variety of open-source extensions... more
General (D.1.0) | Jul 21 16

Metaprogramming Elixir: write less code, get more done (and have fun!)

Elixir is one of the programming languages built on top of BEAM, the Erlang virtual machine. That makes it inherently worthy of consideration since Erlang is well known as a platform for building highly... more
General (D.1.0) | Jul 21 16

The future of law and eTechnologies

With the exception of the brief introduction, every chapter in this esoteric volume appears to be authored by an Estonian academic. This fact explained to me the nation-centric nature of the material. Chapters start with “Theorising (sp) on Digital Legal... more
Law (J.1...) | Jul 20 16

Crowdsourced health: how what you do on the Internet will improve medicine

This is an excellent book by a reputed scientist who has worked for several years in the area of analyzing data gathered from people’s web searches of medical questions. Additional material in the form of notes is found... more
Health (J.3...) | Jul 20 16

Exploring the security landscape: non-traditional security challenges

Approximately 20 international authors contribute 15 chapters to aspects of the contemporary transnational security landscape. Collectively they provide a big-picture snapshot of contemporary research... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jul 20 16

The future of digital business innovation: trends and practices

This short book reviews the “challenges, ideas, and trends” in the use of information technology (IT) in business. The particular areas discussed are intelligent machines, wearable technologies... more
Business (J.1...) | Jul 20 16

Multicore and GPU programming

This is a wonderful handbook for multicore and graphics processing unit (GPU) programmers. Modern computing architectures have included multiple cores for nearly two decades. These parallel computing platforms require a new approach to software... more
Multi proc./prog./tasking (D.4.1...) | Jul 19 16

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