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September 1, 2015

Globally optimal joint image segmentation and shape matching based on Wasserstein modes
At times, the task of understanding the contents of an image has used two sequential steps of segmentation and recognition, without interplay between the two. A better, though more complex, approach is to determine object boundaries as part of the process of recognizing... more
To be a good programmer today is as much a privilege as it was to be a literate man in the 16th century. This privilege leads the programmer to expect... more
- Andrei P. Ershov (1972)
What camera motion reveals about shape with unknown BRDF: CVPR 14

The authors propose a mechanism to characterize object shape from differential motion of the camera with unknown bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDFs). They based their proposal... more

General (I.4.0) | Aug 31 15

Entropic risk minimization for nonparametric estimation of mixing distributions: Machine Learning

The paper introduces a new method for nonparametric estimation of mixing distributions, which is a generalization of the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) of Lindsay [1,2]. The method aims at... more

Nonparametric Statistics (G.3...) | Aug 31 15

Core words and Parikh matrices: Theoretical Computer Science

Parikh matrices have been widely used and researched as a tool for studying numerical properties of words since their introduction by Mateescu et al. [1]. Related notions like M-equivalence, M-unambiguity, and so on have... more

Natural Language Processing (I.2.7) | Aug 31 15

The (weighted) metric dimension of graphs: hard and easy cases: Algorithmica

Metric dimension (MD) optimization algorithms require computation in such areas as network verification, mastermind games, metric and digital geometry, image digitization, robot navigation, drug... more

Analysis of Algorithms (I.1.2...) | Aug 31 15

Convexity and solvability for compactly supported radial basis functions with different shapes: Journal of Scientific Computing

Radial functions depend only on the distance from the center of the domain, for example, Gaussians. Interpolations using radial functions of the... more

Interpolation (G.1.1) | Aug 28 15

Runtime verification of embedded real-time systems: Formal Methods in System Design

Runtime verification involves checking whether a given system (in software or hardware) satisfies a given property during the execution of the system... more

Real-Time & Embedded Sys. (D.4.7...) | Aug 28 15

A media-rich curriculum for modeling and simulation: SIGSIM PADS 15

This paper will likely challenge how you think about teaching modeling and simulation. The focus is a new course in M&S for graduate students from programs in computer science, art and technology, and engineering... more

Computer Science Education (K.3.2...) | Aug 27 15

Improving pedagogical recommendations by classifying students according to their interactional behavior in a gamified learning environment: SAC 15

Online learning participation continues to grow across the US, with over 7.1 million students enrolled in at least one course. Based on this fact and the... more

Distance Learning (K.3.1...) | Aug 27 15

Predicting employee expertise for talent management in the enterprise: KDD 14

“Groom to grow” has been the mantra for corporations for many years. This paper describes a data-driven approach by IBM to use predictive modeling for internal talent management. In the face of... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Aug 25 15

A constrained growing grid neural clustering model: Applied Intelligence

The growing grid (GG) algorithm reduces the dimensional complexity of a dataset, irrespective of its topological structure. This model grows its units with a fixed rate, and fine-tunes its topological structure in growing and... more

Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | Aug 24 15

Finite element methods for computational fluid dynamics: a practical guide

Kuzmin and Hämäläinen’s book provides a general overview of finite element methods (FEMs) when applied to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), giving a gentle introduction to these fields, a survey... more
Finite Element Methods (G.1.8...) | Aug 28 15

Pro Vagrant

Virtualization is everywhere, and there are many hypervisor and other tools to exploit it on various processors and operating systems. There are several frameworks, such as OpenStack, for managing virtual environments. Vagrant, an open-source... more
Systems Programs & Utilities (D.4.9) | Aug 27 15

Resilient computer system design

Resilience is understood as returning to an operational state, in response to failures, breaches, attacks, and other similar disturbances. This book addresses an emerging issue of resilience, that is, keeping computer systems and software resilient in case of... more
Reliability, Avail. & Serviceability (C.4...) | Aug 26 15

Machine translation

Machine translation (MT) was one of the earliest goals of artificial intelligence (AI) research; its first rise in the late 1950s and fall in the mid-1960s is one of the classic examples of excessive hype followed by dramatic deflation in the history of AI. (An... more
Machine Translation (I.2.7...) | Aug 25 15

Private copying

Individuals involved with European Union (EU) intellectual property issues will want this unique reference that originated as a PhD thesis. It provides an analysis of Article 5(2)(b) of the EU Copyright Directive, related to permissible private copying, and additional EU... more
Copyrights (K.5.1...) | Aug 25 15

Sage for undergraduates

The website defines its mission as the creation of “a viable free open-source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB.” Furthermore, Sage is built “on top of many existing open-source packages: NumPy, SciPy... more
Mathematical Software (G.4) | Aug 24 15

The green computing book

Traditionally, computer science (CS) curricula have done little to teach practical aspects of the discipline of computing. More specifically, CS education does precious little to make students aware of the resource costs of their work, and there is ample... more
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Aug 24 15

Reliability engineering

This is a perfect book supporting a course on reliability modeling. It presents a broad range of material, starting from the fundamentals and going into moderately advanced problems. Because resilience to failures is one of the most important... more
Reliability, Avail. & Serviceability (C.4...) | Aug 24 15

Refactoring for software design smells: managing technical debt

While much has been published focused on code smells and implementation-oriented design patterns, there is a dearth of resources for software architects, designers, and developers working on... more
Restruct., Rev. Eng. & Reeng. (D.2.7...) | Aug 21 15

Creativity in the digital age

“Creativity” seems to be the buzzword of the year. The call for creativity--the act of coming up with something new, unique, different, or innovative--has permeated the digital world. This edited book takes a look at the fundamentals of digital creativity... more
Arts & Humanities (J.5) | Aug 21 15

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