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April 30, 2016

Extending “out of the body” tactile phantom sensations to 2D and applying it to mobile interaction
The quest for an all-senses virtual reality is not only of abstract research interest, but has numerous marketplace applications. Researchers have known for decades that the brain map of sensation does not necessarily correspond to physical reality. The authors report... more
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Notable Books and Articles

... more
Truthfulness and stochastic dominance with monetary transfers: ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation

It is desirable to design auctions in such a way that participants have a financial incentive to provide true information about their interests. At first... more

Numerical Algorithms & Problems (F.2.1) | Apr 29 16

Delay/power modeling and optimization of FinFET circuit modules under PVT variations: ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems

Driven by the increasing demands of low power and high performance, the semiconductor industry has pushed the device... more

Simulation (B.6.3...) | Apr 28 16

May-happen-in-parallel analysis for actor-based concurrency: ACM Trans. on Computational Logic

When we run a program on a modern compiler, or in a browser, what is it that makes the program execute reasonably quickly, and without using unreasonable amounts of space, or, if we are running on... more

Semantics of Programming Lang. (F.3.2) | Apr 28 16

A comprehensive performance evaluation of 3D local feature descriptors: International Journal of Computer Vision

For those that are working with 3D point clouds (for example, 3D keypoint detection, 3D local feature descriptors, 3D object recognition/classification/ retrieval, 3D scene modeling and... more

Feature Evaluation & Selection (I.5.2...) | Apr 27 16

Controlling loosely cooperating processes: Theoretical Computer Science

Modern computing is heavily dependent on systems of loosely cooperating processes, whose knowledge of each other is limited to what can be inferred from local history of joint... more

Complexity Measures & Classes (F.1.3) | Apr 27 16

The complexity of reasoning with FODD and GFODD: Artificial Intelligence

First-order logic in a logical language invites undecidable complexity of inference irrespective of the language’s restrictions. First-order decision diagrams (FODDs) and generalized first-order decision... more

Complexity Hierarchies (F.1.3...) | Apr 26 16

Parallel optimal pairwise biological sequence comparison: algorithms, platforms, and classification: ACM Computing Surveys

This comprehensive survey and catalog of techniques in the field of biological sequence alignment covers a large amount of relevant literature ranging... more

Concurrent Programming (D.1.3) | Apr 26 16

A platform-oblivious approach for heterogeneous computing: a case study with Monte Carlo-based simulation for medical applications: FPGA 16

The use of high-performance computing to deliver complex computation is becoming increasingly popular in developing medical applications. This is... more

Monte Carlo (I.6.8...) | Apr 26 16

Multi-relational pattern mining over data streams: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Mining large amounts of data in real time has been a great challenge. This paper deals with an important theme in this area and gives an algorithm for mining frequent relational... more

Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Apr 26 16

A framework of information technology supported intelligent learning environment: IMCOM 16

This somewhat abstract discussion of how information technology (IT) can support the learning process begins with a definition of learning as the transfer of knowledge from outside the learner to inside... more

Computer Uses in Education (K.3.1) | Apr 25 16

Pro Docker

Docker is not just a program but a whole system within the open standards community for distributed applications. In this title, Vohra reviews the build-ship-run cycle, including some installation tips and database integrations. Chapter 1 is a standard... more
Software Management (K.6.3) | Apr 29 16

Intertwingled: the work and influence of Ted Nelson

Over 40 years ago (1974), the computing world got a glimpse of the future with the publication of a very peculiar book--really two books in one, bound back-to-back with each side showing its front cover. It was author Ted Nelson’s Computer lib... more
People (K.2...) | Apr 29 16

Digital imaging handbook

Digital imaging technologies are emerging rapidly and focusing on the detailed processing, as well as analysis, of images. This book covers the digital processing of images, and deals with... more
Image Processing & Computer Vision (I.4) | Apr 28 16

Gentzen’s centenary

This book is the follow-on to the 2009 symposium in Leeds celebrating the centenary of the great German logician Gerhard Gentzen. It contains survey as well as technical chapters by highly respected proof theorists. It is of interest to logicians and... more
Proof Theory (F.4.1...) | Apr 28 16

Designing beauty: the art of cellular automata

This book is a collection of 30 brief papers (with an average length of six pages), each containing images--art works--generated by different kinds of cellular automata, together with a collected... more
Unbounded-Action Devices (F.1.1...) | Apr 27 16

iPhoneography: how to create inspiring photos with your smartphone

iPhoneography “is the process of taking and editing photos exclusively with [an] iPhone or similar device.” Some of us may still remember whiteboards or blackboards with important graphics... more
Application Packages (K.8.1) | Apr 27 16

Spline functions: computational methods

The subject of Spline functions has its roots in research conducted during the Second World War by a variety of premier computer scientists including I. J. Schoenberg, D. Greenspan, C. de Boor, G. Fasshauer, J. Jerome, D. Kincaid, W. Cheney... more
Spline & Piece. Poly. Interpol. (G.1.1...) | Apr 27 16

Now the chips are down: the BBC Micro

The BBC launched its Computer Literacy Project in 1982. This was one of the UK government’s initiatives to repair the country’s economic and political problems in the 1970s and 1980s. The BBC broadcast television and radio programs, published books, and... more
Personal Computing (K.8) | Apr 26 16

Formation and containment control for high-order linear swarm systems

This is an interesting book published as a version of a PhD thesis. It focuses on the analytics of fundamental aspects of swarm robots modeled as multiagent systems, where individual and collective... more
Prob. Solving, Cont. Meth. & Search (I.2.8) | Apr 26 16

Acoustic modeling for emotion recognition

The aim of this book is to bring out various features through speech processing, and use them in an acoustic model to recognize the emotion conveyed by the person. The topic itself is no doubt both interesting and challenging, given that the same sentence... more
Model Development (I.6.5) | Apr 26 16

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