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November 20, 2018

Linux hardening in hostile networks: server security from TLS to Tor
The book’s preface notes that many of the available hardening guides were written some years ago. Its chapters are therefore intended to replace the outdated information found in those guides with recommendations that provide maximum impact with minimum effort and favor... more
What makes a thing useful? In one tax office in Australia, a completely computerized system had been created merely to control the queuing of people making... more
- Larry L. Constantine and Lucy A. D. Lockwood (1999)
Minimal equivalent subgraphs containing a given set of arcs: Theoretical Computer Science

A preordered set (V,→) is a set V with a binary relation → that satisfies reflexivity and transitivity. A directed graph (digraph) D=(V,A), which satisfies the condition aba,bV if and only if there exists a... more

Graph Theory (G.2.2) | Nov 19 18

A ternary unification framework for optimizing TCAM-based packet classification systems: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking

Today, many network devices include a packet classification function to provide various services based on packet headers such... more

Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Nov 14 18

CAEMO: Microprocessors & Microsystems

The authors present a novel cogurable accelerator engine for matrix operations (CAEMO) for improving computational performance on matrix- or block-based algorithms. Because many applications are... more

Microprocessor/Microcomp. Apps (C.3...) | Nov 13 18

Scheduling analysis of imprecise mixed-criticality real-time tasks: IEEE Transactions on Computers

Many systems have several criticality levels: the safety-critical level, which is a higher criticality level, including all the tasks in which a deadline failure would provoke catastrophic effects on the system or even on... more

Scheduling (I.2.8...) | Nov 12 18

Economic growth and automation risks in developing countries due to the transition toward digital modernity: ICEGOV 18

When I read this paper, I recalled a news report from several months ago that describes a robot that can cut and sew fabric into garments. It is so sophisticated that it can handle patterned fabrics so that seams... more

Economics (J.4...) | Nov 9 18

Computing the expected value and variance of geometric measures: Journal of Experimental Algorithmics

Do species that inhabit a certain area form an ecosystem or are they a random collection? To answer this question, ecologists select appropriate numerical characteristics: average... more

Biology & Genetics (J.3...) | Nov 9 18

A novel malware analysis for malware detection and classification using machine learning algorithms: ICDCN 2018

The authors describe a system that identifies malware. The system works both at the macro level, which distinguishes malware from clean software, and at the micro level, which distinguishes between... more

Invasive Software (K.6.5...) | Nov 8 18

Prediction of HIV drug resistance by combining sequence and structural properties: IEEE/ACM Trans. on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) has... more

Classifier Design & Evaluation (I.5.2...) | Nov 7 18

MirageOS Unikernel with network acceleration for IoT cloud environments: ICCBDC 18

Companies started conducting large-scale analysis with Internet of Things (IoT) data on cloud computing platforms to increase operating efficiency and revenue. IoT platforms based on fog computing and edge... more

Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Nov 6 18

Learning multiple factors-aware diffusion models in social networks: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

Predicting information diffusion in social networks is a theoretical and practical concern, especially in the context of identifying and... more

Social Networking (H.3.4...) | Nov 6 18

Cloud computing and software services

Cloud computing and software services includes many fruitful topics. In 17 chapters, the authors demonstrate their forte with interesting contributions to different branches of cloud computing. The first four chapters serve as an introduction, whereas the rest of... more
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Nov 20 18

SCION: a secure Internet architecture

Researchers, graduate students, and deep practitioners in the Internet systems domain shouldn’t miss out on this body of work. It describes the essential elements of SCION--“an acronym for scalability, control, and isolation on next-generation networks”--and its... more
Internet (C.2.5...) | Nov 16 18

Linux hardening in hostile networks

The book’s preface notes that many of the available hardening guides were written some years ago. Its chapters are therefore intended to replace the outdated information found in those guides with recommendations that provide maximum impact... more
Linux (D.4.0...) | Nov 15 18

Computational phylogenetics

Evolutionary biology broadly covers phylogeny or the phylogenetic tree, representing the relationships among individuals or groups of organisms. Specifically, computational phylogenetics deals with the implementation of computational methods... more
Biology & Genetics (J.3...) | Nov 14 18

Flash memory integration: performance and energy issues

With the explosion of data in recent years, storage technologies continue to be a critical infrastructure in the world. It is predicted that 44 zettabytes (44 billion terabytes) will be generated in 2020. While most... more
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Nov 13 18

Move fast and break things

Since the turn of the 21st century, traditional newspaper and music industry revenues have fallen dramatically, with similar drops in film, television, and general print media companies. Traditional media’s spectacular falls in revenue are in stark contrast to the meteoric... more
Government (J.1...) | Nov 12 18

Matrix algebra (2nd ed.)

Business and industry leaders are often faced with discussions about the future of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science. Similarly, they often engage in complex problem solving, for example, computer vision in robotics or semantic... more
Mathematics & Statistics (J.2...) | Nov 9 18

Linear programming using MATLAB

Linear programming (LP) is an operational research method for finding the optimal values of a linear objective function under linear constraints. LP is recognized as one of the top ten algorithms of our time. LP problems extend not only to scientific fields, but also have direct... more
MATLAB (G.4...) | Nov 7 18

Network science

The study of networks has recently achieved some prominence due to the simple fact that networks of many different kinds surround us, from social and information networks to communication and transportation networks, not to mention the... more
Network Problems (G.2.2...) | Nov 5 18

Internet of Things and smart environments

I approached this book with very high hopes: the Internet of Things (IoT) is a major emerging technology; dealing with aging populations is a growing concern; and Springer typically publishes excellent books. Sadly, I was disappointed. Starting... more
Assistive Technologies (K.4.2...) | Nov 5 18

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