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Vladimir Mencl
Wellington, New Zealand

Vladimir Mencl received his PhD in computer science (CS) from Charles University in Prague and became a reviewer for Computing Reviews while working as a researcher there. After a few years of academic work, Mencl moved to New Zealand and switched his career from being an academic himself to supporting researchers across various disciplines: first as a member of the team running the BlueFern supercomputer at the University of Canterbury, and later supporting the research community from REANNZ, New Zealand's Research and Education Advanced Network.

Throughout his career, Mencl has kept the Computing Reviews affiliation, both as a way (and nudge) to keep learning new developments outside his immediate areas of focus and as a way to give back to the community.


 Establishing SRE foundations: a step-by-step guide to introducing site reliability engineering in software delivery organizations
Ukis V., Pearson, Hoboken, NJ, 2023. 560 pp.  Type: Book (0137424604)

In a product-oriented organization, how do you get product operations, product development, and product owners to work together? Traditional methodologies like the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or Control Objectives for Info...


Here we go again: Why is it difficult for developers to learn another programming language?
Shrestha N., Botta C., Barik T., Parmin C. Communications of the ACM 65(3): 91-99, 2022.  Type: Article

It is common for programmers to switch programming languages--quite often, new work happens to involve a new programming language and the programmer has to just dive into it. Many have experienced this, along with the ups and ...


 A study examining relationships between micro patterns and security vulnerabilities
Sultana K., Williams B., Bhowmik T. Software Quality Journal 27(1): 5-41, 2019.  Type: Article

Do you have an unlimited budget for code review and testing? Or can you ignore security vulnerabilities in the code? If not, you might be interested in this novel way of allocating code review and testing resources to better detect sec...


Taking back control of privacy: a novel framework for preserving cloud-based firewall policy confidentiality
Kurek T., Niemiec M., Lason A. International Journal of Information Security 15(3): 235-250, 2016.  Type: Article

Would you intentionally make your firewall leak packets that are supposed to be blocked? This paper presents an interesting argument for when this might be desired....


Designing password policies for strength and usability
Shay R., Komanduri S., Durity A., Huh P., Mazurek M., Segreti S., Ur B., Bauer L., Christin N., Cranor L. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security 18(4): Article No. 13, 2016.  Type: Article

Have you ever wondered why some websites use really annoying password policies? Or have you been responsible for designing a password policy for your organization, and been caught between the users’ demands for easy-to-rememb...


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