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  A two-stage framework for 3D face reconstruction from RGBD images
Wang K., Wang X., Pan Z., Liu K.  IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 36(8): 1493-1504, 2014. Type: Article

The application of MS Kinect is popular since it provides the user with color images with depth in real time. Related research in computer graphics has been focused on getting structured information out of the raw data. Although this is the first ...

Apr 8 2015
  Image retrieval using wavelet transform and shape decomposition
Do Y., Kim S., Na I., Kang D., Kim J.  ICUIMC 2013 (Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia,  Jan 17-19, 2013) 1-8, 2013. Type: Proceedings

Over the past two decades, image retrieval from large databases has become a popular application of machine learning, especially when applied to web-based databases. Wavelet transformation is one of the more recent tools in image processing, and i...

Nov 27 2013
  Probabilistic cost model for nearest neighbor search in image retrieval
Kim K., Hasan M., Heo J., Tai Y., Yoon S.  Computer Vision and Image Understanding 116(9): 991-998, 2012. Type: Article

Use of the Internet for retrieving images has gained considerable momentum. Searching the Internet for images based on content is an important task, not only in engineering but also for regular Internet users. Due to technological developments, us...

Oct 29 2012
  From snapshots to social media--the changing picture of domestic photography
Sarvas R., Frohlich D.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2011. 199 pp. Type: Book

I found this book a delight to read, as a well-researched collection that takes the reader through domestic photography and technology, starting in 1830 and concluding with thoughts on future directions. A bonus is the final chapter, which present...

Jul 5 2011
  MIARS: a medical image retrieval system
Mueen A., Zainuddin R., Sapiyan Baba M.  Journal of Medical Systems 34(5): 859-864, 2010. Type: Article

This groundbreaking research paper attempts to transform the very way that doctors and clinical technicians retrieve and interpret medical images....

Mar 11 2011
  Impediments to general purpose content based image search
Veltman M., Wirth M., Ni J.  C3S2E (Proceedings of the 2nd Canadian Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, Montreal, QC, Canada,  May 19-21, 2009) 257-265, 2009. Type: Proceedings

This paper shows an interesting snapshot of online visual search engines, analyzing some recent examples: Behold, Tiltomo Beta, Piximilar, and Riya Beta. With some examples, the semantic gap--the gap between the description of the class of im...

Oct 22 2009
  Content-based 3D object retrieval
Bustos B., Keim D., Saupe D., Schreck T.  IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 27(4): 22-27, 2007. Type: Article

Multimedia repositories have grown rapidly over the past decade. Among the different types of multimedia, the three-dimensional (3D) object is one of the most prevalent data types, having numerous applications. A key issue in this area of research...

Jun 3 2009
  Qualitative part-based models in content-based image retrieval
Bilodeau G., Bergevin R.  Machine Vision and Applications 18(5): 275-287, 2007. Type: Article

Bilodeau and Bergevin propose a qualitative, volumetric part-based model meant to improve the categorical invariance and viewpoint invariance in content-based image retrieval. In addition, the paper presents a novel two-step part-categorization me...

Jul 8 2008
  A multi-agent platform for content-based image retrieval
Dimitriadis S., Marias K., Orphanoudakis S.  Multimedia Tools and Applications 33(1): 57-72, 2007. Type: Article

The development of image retrieval methods and tools that efficiently and accurately search for images based on their content is an interesting challenge....

May 5 2008
  Efficient high-dimensional indexing by sorting principal component
Cui J., Zhou S., Sun J.  Pattern Recognition Letters 28(16): 2412-2418, 2007. Type: Article

Cui et al. present an extension of the vector approximation file (VA-file) for processing k-nearest neighbor algorithm (k-NN) searches in high-dimensional databases....

Mar 19 2008
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