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  Information Systems (H) See Reviews  
H.0 General (118)
H.1 Models And Principles
  General (98)
  Systems And Information Theory (216)
  User/Machine Systems (652)
  Miscellaneous (15)
H.2 Database Management
  General (8)
  Logical Design (293)
  Physical Design (140)
  Languages (24)
  Systems (10)
  Heterogeneous Databases (49)
  Database Machines (2)
  Database Administration (2)
  Database Applications (371)
  Miscellaneous (65)
H.3 Information Storage And Retrieval
  General (170)
  Content Analysis And Indexing (44)
  Information Storage (108)
H.3 Information Storage And Retrieval (cont.)
  Information Search And Retrieval (2)
  Systems And Software (472)
  Online Information Services (478)
  Library Automation (84)
  Digital Libraries (7)
  Miscellaneous (16)
H.4 Information Systems Applications
  General (137)
  Office Automation (9)
  Types Of Systems (2)
  Communications Applications (4)
  Miscellaneous (42)
H.5 Information Interfaces And Presentation
  General (117)
  Multimedia Information Systems (369)
  User Interfaces (4)
  Group And Organization Interfaces (24)
  Hypertext/Hypermedia (124)
  Sound And Music Computing (165)
  Miscellaneous (48)
H.m Miscellaneous (18)
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Reviews in category "Information Systems (H)":
Accurate and energy-efficient GPS-less outdoor localization
Aly H., Basalamah A., Youssef M.  ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems 3(2): 1-31, 2017. Type: Article
A hybrid framework for mining high-utility itemsets in a sparse transaction database
Dawar S., Goyal V., Bera D.  Applied Intelligence 47(3): 809-827, 2017. Type: Article
Popularity-aware spatial keyword search on activity trajectories
Zheng K., Zheng B., Xu J., Liu G., Liu A., Li Z.  World Wide Web 20(4): 749-773, 2017. Type: Article
Analyzing sentiments in one go: a supervised joint topic modeling approach
Hai Z., Cong G., Chang K., Cheng P., Miao C.  IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 29(6): 1172-1185, 2017. Type: Article
Data science: a comprehensive overview
Cao L.  ACM Computing Surveys 50(3): 1-42, 2017. Type: Article

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