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Walter Gander
ETH Zurich

Topics: Numerical Analysis (G.1) & Mathematical Software (G.4) & General (I.0) & Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation (I.1) & Miscellaneous (I.m)

Walter Gander, born May 24, 1944, is a Swiss mathematician and computer scientist. He is a professor emeritus of ETH in computer science. His interests are in numerical analysis and scientific computing. He studied mathematics at ETH and became an assistant and PhD student of Heinz Rutishauser. After his PhD in 1973, supervisedby Peter Henrici, he became a professor for numerical analysis and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences NTB in Buchs,Switzerland. In a post-doc year in Stanford (1977-78), he wrote his habilitation and became Privatdozent ETH. In 1987, he was appointed as a professor in computer science at ETH. He founded the Institute ofScientific Computing which grew until his retirement in 2009 to the largest institute of the CS department. Walter Gander served several years as chairman of the CS Department and also as Head of Education of Computer Science. He chaired the evaluation committee for evaluating and purchasing the first supercomputer for the Swiss National Supercomputing Center in Manno in 1991. Gandersupervised or co-supervised 28 PhD students.

He is the author of five books and many scientific articles. Since 2010, he works as a guest professorat Baptist University in Hong Kong.

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