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Biometric interaction: a case study of visual feedback and privacy issues in new face recognition solutions :

Face recognition is emerging as an enhanced method for human security. It minimizes the use of magnetic keycards or other record-keeping gateways, thus reducing the burden of having to possess additional...
User Interfaces (H.5.2) | Jul 31 14

Locality analysis: a nonillion time window problem : ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review

Brock et al., in this paper, revisit the problem of instruction/data locality of references (temporal and spatial), which plays a key role in the latency of instructions being executed by the central...
Metrics (D.2.8) | Jul 11 14

Compressed matrix multiplication : ACM Transactions on Computation Theory

This paper is concerned with approximating a matrix product, that is, finding the large entries (AB){i,j} [and the corresponding indices (i,j)] from A and B...
Hash-Table Representations (E.2...) | Jul 18 14

IntentFuzzer: detecting capability leaks of Android applications : ASIA CCS 14

Preserving the confidentiality of private data in mobile devices is currently a major security concern. For this reason, Android requires a program (app) to explicitly obtain permissions at installation...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Jul 31 14

A novel model of image segmentation based on watershed algorithm : Advances in Multimedia

As time goes on, we accumulate more experience with, rather than better algorithms for, image segmentation. Although the title of this paper intrigues readers with the word “novel,” it is nonetheless...
Segmentation (I.4.6) | Jul 9 14

Representing and reasoning about XML with ontologies : Applied Intelligence

Nowadays, Extensible Markup Language (XML) has become the standard for data representation. It has been adopted by all of the software editors and incorporated in all of the programming...
XML (I.7.2...) | Jul 17 14

Associating targets with SentiUnits : Artificial Intelligence Review

A technical account with local importance, this paper presents a sentiment classification model that makes use of the rich inflectional structure of the Urdu language...
Discourse (I.2.7...) | Jul 9 14

Performance comparison of relational database with object database (DB4o) : CICN 13

The results of a performance comparison between relational MySQL and object-based database for objects (DB4o) database systems are presented in this paper. The comparison was restricted to insert...
Object-Oriented Databases (H.2.4...) | Jul 10 14

A configuration scheme for connectivity-aware mobile P2P networks for efficient mobile cloud-based video streaming services : Cluster Computing

The focus in research relating to peer-to-peer networks and possible configuration schemes for efficient cloud-based video...
P2P Computing (C.2.1...) | Jul 24 14

EMV: why payment systems fail : Communications of the ACM

This article outlines lessons from the European deployment of smart cards. The intended audience is not coders, but system designers from banks, merchants, regulators...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Jul 8 14

Activating the tools of social media for innovative collaboration in the enterprise

Four authors summarize their research in this 26-page book. Particularly useful is the beginning summary of other writing on the topic, spanning the last decade and a half. Following the literature...
Web-Based Interaction (H.5.3...) | Jul 24 14

Advanced SOA tools and applications

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a very popular computing model for distributed applications that should meet certain requirements in terms of reusability, composability, scalability, and performance. All application areas can benefit...
Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Jul 21 14

Advances in research methods for information systems research: data mining, data envelopment analysis, value focused thinking

Information systems (IS), whether for corporations or governments, have improved tremendously in recent years thanks to the cooperation between academia and industry. Therefore, it is quite a surprise...
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Jul 8 14

Analysis of engineering drawings and raster map images

Determining the exact purpose of this short book is not easy. Among its eight chapters, the first three, “Introduction,” “Segmentation and Vectorization,” and “Text and Graphics Analysis in Engineering...
Engineering (J.2...) | Jul 7 14

Beginning Android 3D game development

Many Android development books and websites suffer from providing only trivial examples for various features of the operating system and application programming interface (API), and never integrating those various examples into a whole solution...
Games (K.8.0...) | Jul 8 14

Beginning C (5th ed.)

This book is intended for readers with little or no programming experience. It introduces C as defined by the C11 standard (ISO/IEC 9899:2011, Information technology, Programming Languages, C)...
C (D.3.2...) | Jul 28 14

Beginning LEGO Mindstorms EV3

The last title in the Apress collection of more than ten books about constructing robots with LEGO kits, this book is mainly about building a LEGO vehicle and making it run. LEGO Mindstorms is well...
Robotics (I.2.9) | Jul 18 14

Beginning iOS 7 development: exploring the iOS SDK

Mobile app development for phones, tablets, and similar devices is one of the most important areas in programming today. To make things difficult, every platform has its own programming systems, interfaces, and requirements. Naturally, each is...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 10 14

C++ quick syntax reference

This book provides readers with concise code examples and brief descriptions for many fundamental C++ language features. The book is suitable for C++ programmers who need to frequently check...
C++ (D.3.2...) | Jul 16 14

Captive audience: the telecom industry and monopoly power in the new gilded age

Fifty years ago, we accepted that there were natural monopolies in telecommunications and that government regulation and anti-trust laws were the best ways to manage them. Unfortunately...
Regulation (K.4.1...) | Jul 17 14

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