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A survey on wireless indoor localization from the device perspective : ACM Computing Surveys

This long survey considers the problems related to wirelessly localizing objects in an indoor setting. For the purpose of dividing the problem, the authors consider two categories: device based and...
Miscellaneous (C.2.m) | Oct 28 16

Survey: Live migration and disaster recovery over long-distance networks : ACM Computing Surveys

Live migration (LM) is dealt with in this paper as a one-time task or function, performed by moving a virtual machine from one physical machine to another, located in the same or a different...
Distributed Systems (C.2.4) | Oct 12 16

Application of IT in healthcare: a systematic review : ACM SIGBioinformatics Record

Toor and Chana present a cogent overview of emerging trends in information technology in the broader healthcare sector, distilled from 108 papers that were analyzed and ultimately classified into four...
Health (J.3...) | Oct 27 16

Genetic-algorithm-based FPGA architectural exploration using analytical models : ACM Trans. on Design Automation of Electronic Systems

Mehri and Alizadeh use the genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize field-programmable gate array (FPGA) architectural performance involving area...
Integrated Circuits (B.7) | Nov 9 16

Co-clustering structural temporal data with applications to semiconductor manufacturing : ACM Trans. on Knowledge Discovery from Data

New improvements in storage, measurement, and control methods in semiconductor engineering are rapidly producing more data. Today, there...
Time Series Analysis (G.3...) | Nov 15 16

Intercrossed access controls for secure financial services on multimedia big data in cloud systems : ACM Trans. on Multimedia Computing, Communications & Applications

Supposedly this paper is about financial and cloud security, but I could not find much about these aspects in the authors’ model. Their security...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | Oct 26 16

Tariff agent: interacting with a future smart energy system at home : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

Are we ready to fully cede control to intelligent agents, such as self-driving cars? Or would we prefer to have the option of taking over control when...
User Interfaces (H.5.2) | Nov 2 16

Social question answering: textual, user, and network features for best answer prediction : ACM Transactions on Information Systems

This paper combines a good review of the main techniques used in community question-answering (CQA) systems with an extensive and...
Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | Nov 11 16

Catching synchronized behaviors in large networks: a graph mining approach : ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

The automatic detection and accurate interpretation of suspicious graph patterns is one of the key issues in spotting malicious...
Online Information Services (H.3.5) | Nov 10 16

A high performance QDWH-SVD solver using hardware accelerators : ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

To make effective use of modern computer hardware, algorithms have to be carefully designed with concurrency in mind: in particular...
Mathematical Software (G.4) | Oct 20 16

A primer for financial engineering: financial signal processing and electronic trading

This concise 140-page introduction to financial engineering is structured in six chapters. The content addresses the most relevant topics required to grasp the basics...
Financial (J.1...) | Nov 8 16

Accelerating discovery: mining unstructured information for hypothesis generation

The basic idea behind the “accelerated discovery” of this book’s title is that by using the ability of a computer to process large quantities of data, one can find interconnections...
Learning (I.2.6) | Nov 16 16

Big data concepts, theories, and applications

The term “big data” synthesizes the problems and technologies that arise with the spread of big volumes of data. Usually the five Vs model is used to characterize big data problems: velocity (speed of data in and out)...
General (H.3.0) | Nov 14 16

Big data over networks

It is always hard to provide a balanced review of an edited book with varied contributions. In this case, it is no different. Four editors, all of them IEEE Fellows, have collected 15 chapters written by 50 different authors that provide different perspectives on...
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Nov 15 16

Building maintainable software: ten guidelines for future-proof code (Java edition)

Building maintainable software starts by formulating some generic concepts of software architecture that can be applied to various software engineering, architecture, and...
Software Maintenance (K.6.3...) | Nov 18 16

C++ standard library quick reference

This small book (200 pages) represents an annotated guide to the modern (say, after 2011) C++ library. It claims to offer a “condensed, well-structured summary” of library features providing...
Software Libraries (D.2.2...) | Nov 4 16

Change competence: implementing effective change

A quick Google search on “change failure” returns “about 435,000,000 results,” many of which repeat the widely accepted, some say mythical, belief that 70 percent of change initiatives fail [1]. From my own experience...
Business (J.1...) | Oct 26 16

Codes, ciphers and spies: tales of military intelligence in World War I

The invention of asymmetric key cryptography by Diffie and Hellman in 1976 [1] is generally accepted as the milestone that defines the boundary between classic and modern cryptography. Before 1976...
Data Encryption (E.3) | Oct 27 16

Common Lisp recipes: a problem-solution approach

Lisp, the second high-level programming language invented at the dawn of the computer age, has never been out of fashion, especially for artificial intelligence and other specialized areas. When the Lisp community...
Applicative (Functional) Prog. (D.1.1) | Oct 27 16

Computer science: an interdisciplinary approach

I’ve decided to say here at the beginning that this book is outstanding and that it has my highest recommendation, both for self-study and as a text for undergraduate students who...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Dec 2 16

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