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A survey of interdomain routing policies : ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review

Interdomain routing determines the routes for delivering packets between two nodes that belong to different autonomous [network] systems...
Routing Protocols (C.2.2...) | Apr 14 14

A survey on cloud interoperability: taxonomies, standards, and practice : ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review

A comprehensive survey of interoperability strategies for various infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud platforms is conducted in this paper. The...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Apr 14 14

Model-driven engineering of self-adaptive software with EUREMA : ACM Trans. on Autonomous & Adaptive Systems

Self-adaptive software is a very active field of research. Many projects (also sponsored by the European Commission (EC)) have been...
Design Tools & Techniques (D.2.2) | Apr 15 14

Field-aligned mesh joinery : ACM Trans. on Graphics

The computer graphics field has become more physical in recent years. While images are still considered the end goal by many, there is growing interest in the graphics community to create physical...
Physically Based Modeling (I.3.5...) | Apr 10 14

Clustering approach to characterize haptic expressions of emotions : ACM Transactions on Applied Perception

Haptic communication--the way in which humans as well as animals communicate via touching--is an important form of nonverbal communication. Haptic expressions are a...
Haptic I/O (H.5.2...) | Apr 3 14

The design and implementation of heterogeneous multicore systems for energy-efficient speculative thread execution : ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)

Without a good background in computer architecture, this paper will be hard to follow...
MIMD processors (C.1.2...) | Apr 18 14

A surrogate competition approach to enhancing game-based learning : ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

This interesting paper clearly describes how the surrogate competition model in game-based learning can lead to a more relaxed and effective...
Computer Uses in Education (K.3.1) | Apr 2 14

Price theory based power management for heterogeneous multi-cores : ASPLOS 14

Runtime resource management is a hot topic given the increasing interest in, and adoption of, system architectures constituted by a number of...
General (C.0) | Apr 21 14

Prototyping symbolic execution engines for interpreted languages : ASPLOS 14

While extensive testing is undoubtedly useful, it is also tedious. Automating this task as much as is feasible is an active research area; it has been more successfully...
Symbolic Execution (D.2.5...) | Apr 9 14

Exploring socio-technical dependencies in open source software projects: towards an automated data-driven approach : Academic MindTrek 13

This paper discusses the collection and analysis of software development and sociological metrics related to open-source development. Open-source...
Software Development (K.6.3...) | Apr 1 14

4G femtocells: resource allocation and interference management

Femtocells are inexpensive base stations with short range and low power. A femtocell network requires a scalable architecture for the transportation of Internet protocol (IP) packets. The possibility of self...
Signal Processing Systems (C.3...) | Apr 22 14

A brief history of cryptology and cryptographic algorithms

Despite its brevity, this 96-page book provides a detailed survey of cryptology from Julius Caesar’s time to 2001. Most readers will find the cryptographic algorithms included at specific points...
Data Encryption (E.3) | Mar 26 14

Algorithmic reflections: selected works

Have you ever wondered how people compute numbers with many digits quickly and accurately? For example, how can they compute the googolth bit of the Erdős-Borwein constant? This collection...
General (G.0) | Apr 23 14

An introduction to analysis of financial data with R

This book fits a promising niche in books related to financial analysis and the R programming language. Many books addressing the analysis of financial data either focus extensively on the underlying...
General (D.3.0) | Mar 25 14

Application administrators handbook

As described in this book, an application administrator’s job is to keep existing computer applications running. For even one computer application, there is a lot involved in doing that job, as this book explains. Fortunately, the author helpfully includes each...
Software Management (K.6.3) | Apr 2 14

Applications and markets for cooperating objects

There is huge potential, and also recent urgent demand, for connecting the physical world and the cyber world. With the diversity of Internet data and services, with the pervasive reach of networked sensor devices into physical environments...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Mar 27 14

Beginning Android C++ game development

As the title suggests, this is a beginner-level book on game development. It gives a quick introduction to setting up the Android development environment, designing a game, creating a game engine...
Games (K.8.0...) | Apr 14 14

Beginning sensor networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Some books teach you how to use a tool and some teach you how to approach a domain or solve a particular problem. It is, however, a smaller subset of books...
Signal Proc. Systems (C.3...) | Apr 17 14

Big data computing

This book is an edited collection of chapters on big data. As such, it appears on a minefield of conceptual challenges. First, big data is as hot as it is poorly defined. It is a staggering amount of messy data that...
Database Applications (H.2.8) | Apr 22 14

Big data imperatives

Those interested in big data and developing, implementing, or managing systems to analyze big data for business applications will find this book very useful. As noted by the authors, it is not a...
Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Mar 31 14

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