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A survey on systems security metrics : ACM Computing Surveys

As information security becomes a mainstream discipline and is talked about on primetime news and in cafes, among the first questions after the dust around the breach of the day settles would be whether...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Aug 3 17

A taxonomy and survey of cloud resource orchestration techniques : ACM Computing Surveys

Cloud services provide computing resources (for example, infrastructure, platform, and software) as services. Utilizing these cloud resources...
Online Information Services (H.3.5) | Aug 9 17

Recommending personalized tips on new courses for guiding course selection : ACM SE 17

A computer program that helps students select courses is described in this paper. Only the overall structure of the program is presented. The program first collects evaluations, using a list of criteria, from many...
Computer Uses in Education (K.3.1) | Jul 6 17

3D printers as sociable technologies: taking appropriation infrastructures to the Internet of Things : ACM Trans. on Computer-Human Interaction

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is often considered as an instance of disruptive technology that promises to change the way people think about materializing...
User Interfaces (H.5.2) | Jun 29 17

Multi-contact locomotion using a contact graph with feasibility predictors : ACM Trans. on Graphics

A method to compose multi-contact locomotion for characters in complex environments is proposed in this paper. This is accomplished through a two-step process, where existing motion data is first pre...
Animation (I.3.7...) | Aug 10 17

Value and misinformation in collaborative investing platforms : ACM Transactions on the Web

Collaborative investing platforms often rely on the common “wisdom of the crowd” concept in a domain in which even highly paid, well-educated, and...
Online Information Services (H.3.5) | Jul 5 17

Theory blending: extended algorithmic aspects and examples : Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Conceptual blending addresses framing new concepts based on existing ones. Blending theory can be applied to a variety of areas, but the most popular in literature seems to be education in the sense of blended...
Analysis of Algo. & Prob. Complexity (F.2) | Aug 1 17

Deliberation for autonomous robots : Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous robots use sensors and actuators to gain information about their environments and act on the information to achieve assigned goals and missions. This paper presents a survey on the topic of deliberation in...
Robotics (I.2.9) | Jul 14 17

A case-based reasoning system based on weighted heterogeneous value distance metric for breast cancer diagnosis : Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Case-based methods have previously been used to assist in treating cancers, and this paper introduces a number of significant...
Uncertainty, “Fuzzy” & Prob. (I.2.3...) | Aug 3 17

Brain tumor segmentation from multimodal magnetic resonance images via sparse representation : Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

The segmentation of brain tumors in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is clearly not only an important image processing task, but one in...
Segmentation (I.4.6) | Jul 13 17

A computational introduction to digital image processing (2nd ed.)

Many books have been published on digital image processing. Alasdair McAndrew’s A computational introduction to digital image processing is a relevant choice for all those who would like to enter the field from a practical perspective. Indeed, the...
General (I.4.0) | Aug 3 17

Advanced finite element simulation with MSC Marc

Commercial (and other) finite element packages give their users the option to replace some of the package’s built-in subroutines with user-defined customized versions. This feature provides great flexibility...
Types of Simulation (I.6.8) | Jul 13 17

Beginning Power BI (2nd ed.)

The goal of this book is to expose readers to the various tools in Microsoft’s self-service BI stack, built over Excel 2016, comprising Power Pivot, Power BI Desktop, Power Query, and DAX to enable them to analyze and gain insight into their data. This book can be taken...
Excel (H.4.1...) | Aug 14 17

Big data analytics in genomics

The discovery of the DNA molecule’s structure and sequence underlines the importance of its diverse functions within living organisms. The problem is analogous to, but much more complicated than, reverse-engineering abstract data types implemented in object-oriented languages from their binary...
Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Jul 10 17

Big data applications and use cases

This book would be of interest to researchers and practitioners in the data analytics field. It examines the characteristics of big data; the uses of big data, including government, marketing, insurance, the Internet of Things, and healthcare; and...
Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Aug 9 17

Components and services for IoT platforms

Most Internet of Things (IoT) platform topics are covered in this book, including platform design, simulation, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in IoT, data management in IoT, and IoT use cases. It addresses the latest enabling technologies in...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Jul 20 17

Computer organization and design

This is a solid and up-to-date book in an area that has seen exponential change. Before we go any further, a disclaimer: I have been a proud owner of the authors’ famous book Computer architecture: a quantitative approach [1] for over 20 years. This book is 565 pages long...
General (C.0) | Aug 4 17

Conflict and complexity: countering terrorism, insurgency, ethnic and regional violence

The 32 authors who have contributed to this book’s 16 chapters include military experts, political scientists, psychologists, economists, sociologists, and complexity scientists. Their objective is to show how...
Military (J.1...) | Aug 15 17

Connected gaming

For over a decade, educational theorists have been promoting the idea of using video games for education under research headings such as “serious games” or “edutainment.” After all, if kids are going to spend endless hours playing video games, they should get some value out of...
Games (K.8.0...) | Jul 12 17

Consensus on Peirce’s concept of habit

Charles Sanders Peirce (sounds like “purse”) was one of the four great American philosophers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the others being Josiah Royce, William James, and John Dewey. Peirce is usually grouped among the pragmatists, but his writings...
Social & Behavioral Sciences (J.4) | Aug 16 17

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