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Towards statistical modeling and machine learning based energy usage forecasting in smart grid : ACM SIGAPP Applied Computing Review

Seasonal variations in the demand and supply of energy in regions around the world make it difficult to accurately forecast energy usage. How...
Modeling Techniques (C.4...) | Sep 14 15

From innovative I.S. strategy to customer value: the roles of innovative business orientation, CIO leadership and organizational climate : ACM SIGMIS Database

Survey results linking an innovative strategy (IS) within an organization to perceived customer values, with attention to mediating factors, are analyzed in this paper. The mediating factors are CIO...
Project & People Management (K.6.1) | Sep 9 15

Computational complexity via finite types : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

Undergraduate-level CS can feel disjointed at times: for example, at that level, one feels that operating systems and programming languages are entirely separate subdisciplines, whose practitioners...
Complexity Measures & Classes (F.1.3) | Sep 1 15

Deep dependency substructure-based learning for multidocument summarization : ACM Transactions on Information Systems

Summarization aims to make the information content of a document efficiently accessible. In extractive summarization, sentences of a document are ranked by their importance and top-scoring sentences...
Abstracting Methods (H.3.1...) | Sep 28 15

User activity patterns during information search : ACM Transactions on Information Systems

The activity pattern analysis methodology is presented to detect different types of search tasks during information searches. The observable data from search task sessions include different...
Search Process (H.3.3...) | Sep 28 15

Cryptographic theory meets practice: efficient and privacy-preserving payments for public transport : ACM Transactions on Information and System Security

Electronic devices for executing transactions in real time for applications such as transit systems and vending machines require safekeeping...
Electronic Commerce (K.4.4) | Sep 15 15

Improving top-N recommendation for cold-start users via cross-domain information : ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Collaborative recommender systems often provide disappointing suggestions to new users who volunteered very few or no ratings...
Information Storage & Retrieval (H.3) | Sep 29 15

Mixture model averaging for clustering : Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

Clustering is a popular task in data analysis. With a broad range of applications, various clustering approaches have been developed in the literature. These computational methods often result...
Clustering (H.3.3...) | Sep 30 15

The (weighted) metric dimension of graphs: hard and easy cases : Algorithmica

Metric dimension (MD) optimization algorithms require computation in such areas as network verification, mastermind games, metric and digital geometry, image digitization, robot navigation, drug discovery, and combinatorics...
Analysis of Algorithms (I.1.2...) | Aug 31 15

Solving challenges in inter- and trans-disciplinary working teams : Arificial Intelligence in Medicine

Trans-disciplinary research requires respectable understanding and positive thinking as a team. As a researcher of the trans-disciplinary domain, I agree with the notion...
CSCW (H.5.3...) | Sep 15 15

Adaptive code via C#

This book encourages readers to rethink the ways in which they design and develop C# applications. The best part of the book: it clearly explains how to develop C# applications with an agile/Scrum methodology through real-life examples. I really like how the...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Sep 4 15

An introduction to design science

Design science is a research methodology that creates new knowledge and understanding of a phenomenon by building, analyzing, and validating artifacts. This book has harvested from the literature a...
General (H.0) | Sep 16 15

Android recipes: a problem-solution approach for Android 5.0 (4th ed.)

With hundreds of available books, tutorials, and online courses from around the world, one wonders why new books on popular subjects like Android development even exist. Reading this book may reveal...
General (D.1.0) | Sep 30 15

Big data bootcamp

Big data analysis is a relatively new field, but it has become part of our lives. A tremendous amount of data is generated every single minute in various areas, ranging from scientific publications and medical records to social media and reported news...
Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Sep 28 15

Brain computation as hierarchical abstraction

The Turing Award winner and Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon stated, in his landmark work on complex systems [1], that hierarchy “is one of the central structural schemes that the architect of...
Biology & Genetics (J.3...) | Sep 15 15

Cancer bioinformatics

I literally threw myself into the reading of this book as soon as I had the chance to do so. The title is very attractive for those who, like me, work with the bioinformatics of different types of cancer. Reading this book was not complex. It is composed of 362 pages, divided into 14 chapters. I must say...
Biology & Genetics (J.3...) | Oct 2 15

Cognitive computing and big data analytics

The claim that a system is “cognitive” can mean one of two very different things. For a half-century, the artificial intelligence (AI) research community has used the term to refer to approaches that mimic human...
Statistical (I.5.1...) | Oct 5 15

Computational electrostatics for biological applications: geometric and numerical approaches to the description of electrostatic interaction between macromolecules

One of the principal physical forces affecting molecular structures and the interactions between molecules is electrostatics. When covalent bonds between atoms are formed to create molecules, the electrons...
Biology & Genetics (J.3...) | Sep 15 15

Data classification: algorithms and applications

Charu Aggarwal is the editor of this compendium of chapters on data classification for data mining applications. He is a distinguished researcher at the IBM Watson Research Center. He has edited and/or...
Data Mining (H.2.8...) | Sep 16 15

Decision science: a human-oriented perspective

Decision science is sometimes known as the branch of science that deals with the study of making decisions and analyzing the decisions made by the human mind. Thus, these studies need the intervention of neuroscience to open the doors of the...
Model Development (I.6.5) | Sep 11 15

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