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MPEG-V: bridging the virtual and real world
Yoon K., Kim S., Han J., Han S., Preda M.,  Academic Press, London, UK, 2015. 210 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124201-40-8)

Virtual and augmented reality, such as multiple sensorial media and programmable actuators, has become widespread in recent years. From a technological side, this opens a new spectrum of opportunities at the application level, but also brings up s...

Jul 18 2016
Bruce Schneier on security and privacy in the world-sized web
Bruce Schneier. YouTube, 01:06:35, published on Mar 24, 2016, BerkmanCenter, Type: Video

Bruce Schneier presented a talk about security and privacy in the world-sized web at Harvard University’s Berkman Center on February 16, 2016. This hour-long presentation included questions and answers (Q&A) as well. Schneier made general co...

Jul 11 2016
Familiar video stories as a means for children with autism: an analytics approach
Chen C., Bobzien J., Giannakos M., Bruhn A., Bruggeman A., Mohrehkesh S., Zhang M., Hsu W., Chrisochoides N.  ICHI 2015 (Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Healthcare Informatics, Dallas, TX,  Oct 21-23, 2015) 368-373, 2015. Type: Proceedings

This interesting paper concerns a very small-scale pilot study of the effectiveness of the blend of social stories and personalized video modeling, which are modern and promising intervention approaches for children with autism. According to Gray ...

Jul 4 2016
Predictive analytics: the power to predict who will click, buy, lie, or die (2nd ed.)
Siegel E.,  Wiley Publishing, Hoboken, NJ, 2016. 368 pp. Type: Book (978-1-119145-67-7)

A wise man (reportedly Yogi Berra, but more likely a legislator in the Danish parliament) once observed, “Prediction is difficult, especially of the future.” In spite of the challenge, humanity’s oldest written records attest the...

Jun 27 2016
Pattern identification of biomedical images with time series
Yin X., Hadjiloucas S., Zhang Y., Su M., Miao Y., Abbott D.  Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 67(C): 1-23, 2016. Type: Article

Various medical imaging modalities exist, with applications to different clinical needs such as oncology, perfusion studies, angiography, musculoskeletal diagnosis, and others. This paper by Yin et al. describes the current state of the art of two...

Jun 20 2016
Auditability and verification of elections
Ron Rivest. YouTube, 01:15:18, published on Nov 24, 2015, IISP at Georgia Tech, Type: Video

A tangible result of the multistakeholder dialogue on Internet governance is the recognition of the universal benefits provided by the information society and a push to e-democracy as a way to strengthen democratic institutions and processes....

Jun 13 2016
Lauren Ipsum: a story about computer science and other improbable things
Bueno C.,  No Starch Press, San Francisco, CA, 2015. 192 pp. Type: Book (978-1-593275-74-7)

Those among us who have line printed the jargon dictionary on greenbar fanfold will love this book. But what of the target audience, girls and young women who may be on the verge of attraction to computer science? Amazon rankings are solid, but ar...

Jun 6 2016
Participatory cultural mapping based on collective behavior data in location-based social networks
Yang D., Zhang D., Qu B.  ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 7(3): 1-23, 2016. Type: Article

Cultural mapping provides a simple and direct visual tool to identify and analyze different aspects of culture from a local perspective. By adopting traditional methods (for example, a large-scale survey), building cultural maps is an expensive pr...

May 30 2016
Semantic similarity from natural language and ontology analysis
Harispe S., Ranwez S., Janaqi S., Montmain J.,  Morgan & Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2015. 254 pp. Type: Book (978-1-627054-46-1)

Harispe et al. offer a coherent and most-welcome unified view of the vast literature on semantic similarity, covering both corpus-based and ontological methods. It fills a gap in the current literature and is rich with references and interesting i...

May 23 2016
Digital design and computer architecture: ARM edition
Harris S., Harris D.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., Waltham, MA, 2016. 584 pp. Type: Book (978-0-128000-56-4)

During the past few decades, astronomical progress has been made in computer and related technologies. This phenomenal advancement can be fundamentally attributed to the developments in digital logic design and integrated circuits. There are a ple...

May 16 2016
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