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Alan Turing: the enigma
Hodges A.,  Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2014. 768 pp. Type: Book (978-0-691164-72-4)

Rereading and reviewing a biography more than 30 years after its first publication subjects the work to the added scrutiny of evaluating it on its own terms and in relation to all that has happened since its first appearance. Not many books can...

Mar 23 2015
Reality mining: using big data to engineer a better world
Eagle N., Greene K.,  The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2014. 208 pp. Type: Book (978-0-262027-68-7)

Coauthored by a highly cited researcher and a well-known and experienced science journalist, this book is a comprehensive essay about the positive potential anticipated in the near future from the collection, management, and analysis of big data. ...

Mar 16 2015
An introduction to MATLAB programming and numerical methods for engineers
Siauw T., Bayen A.,  ACADEMIC PRESS, Waltham, MA, 2014. 340 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124202-28-3)

Computer programming has become a necessary skill for many scientific and engineering disciplines beyond computer science, at least at its most basic level. Every scientist and engineer should be able to write small programs and simple scripts to ...

Mar 9 2015
Bloom filter-based workflow management to enable QoS guarantee in wireless sensor networks
Tong E., Niu W., Li G., Tang D., Chang L., Shi Z., Ci S.  Journal of Network and Computer Applications 3938-51, 2014. Type: Article

In service-oriented architectures (SOAs), workflow quality of service (QoS) composed of a hierarchically organized set of services ultimately depends on the reliability of the individual atomic services at the very bottom of the service...

Mar 2 2015
Linux Mint essentials
LaCroix J.,  Packt Publishing, Birmingham, UK, 2014. 300 pp. Type: Book (978-1-782168-15-7), Reviews: (2 of 2)

Until now, Computing Reviews sent me books to review by snail mail. This time I received a portable document format (PDF) file, so I had to read the book on my computer screen. Although I have a large screen (24-inch), I found the...

Feb 23 2015
Texterra: a framework for text analysis
Turdakov D., Astrakhantsev N., Nedumov Y., Sysoev A., Andrianov I., Mayorov V., Fedorenko D., Korshunov A., Kuznetsov S.  Programming and Computing Software 40(5): 288-295, 2014. Type: Article

Turdakov et al. describe the Texterra framework developed at the Institute for System Programming (ISP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Texterra’s intended use is for multi-language text analysis using knowledge extracted from the ...

Feb 16 2015
Countdown to zero day: Stuxnet and the launch of the world’s first digital weapon
Zetter K.,  Crown Publishing Group, New York, NY, 2014. 448 pp. Type: Book (978-0-770436-17-9)

This deeply researched, masterful narrative tells several stories. The principal one about the discovery and decipherment of Stuxnet by cybersecurity researchers is contextualized with accounts of the Iranian uranium enrichment program, its...

Feb 9 2015
Nature-inspired optimization algorithms
Yang X.,  ELSEVIER, Waltham, MA, 2014. 300 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124167-43-8)

Solving optimization problems has been the bane of scientific and combinatorial computing. Even though polynomial-time algorithms exist for some problems such as linear programming, matching, and network flow, most problems are intractable (or...

Feb 2 2015
Combining human error verification and timing analysis: a case study on an infusion pump
Ruknas R., Curzon P., Blandford A., Back J.  Formal Aspects of Computing 26(5): 1033-1076, 2014. Type: Article

A poor design interface can contribute to major problems within a medical computing environment. The biggest problem is user error. This can range from treating the wrong patient to entering the wrong value into a medical device....

Jan 26 2015
Bayesian probability theory: applications in the physical sciences
von der Linden W., Dose V., von Toussaint U.,  Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, 2014. 672 pp. Type: Book (978-1-107035-90-4)

I did not know enough, a half century ago, to decide between being a frequentist or being a Bayesian at the time an application of Bayes’ theorem forced itself into my physics thesis. Of course, “as everyone knows,” that theorem ...

Jan 19 2015
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