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Computing Reviews is happy to bring you the second annual list of notable items published in computing—this time for 2013. This year, we reached out to many in the computing community for nominations: our reviewers, CR category editors, the editors in chief of journals we cover, and computer scientists in both industry and academia.

We received a total of 108 nominations, but excluded those that were self-nominations or published outside of the 2013 calendar year. Therefore, you will find 94 items on our list, with numerous publishers represented. The items that have CR reviews are indicated by a symbol - . All reviews with that symbol are freely available on the site.

As we continue to improve our methods for collecting nominations and involve more of your peers in the computing community, we hope to bring you even more definitive lists in the coming years!

We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to email us with any questions ( You may also download the full list as a PDF.


  Angela Condon
Managing Editor
Computing Reviews


Notable Computing Books and Articles of 2013
C. Computer Systems Organization  

Afek, Y.; Alon, N.; Bar-Joseph, Z.; Cornejo, A.; Haeupler, B.; and Kuhn, F. Beeping a maximal independent set. Distributed Computing 26, 4 (Aug. 2013), 195-208.

Dohler, M.; Ratti, C.; Paraszczak, J.; and Falconer, G. (Eds.) Smart cities. IEEE Communications Magazine 51, 6 (June 2013), 70-141.

Herlihy, M.; Kozlov, D.; and Rajsbaum, S. Distributed computing through combinatorial topology. Morgan Kaufmann.

 Kormanyos, C. M. Real-time C++: efficient object-oriented and template microcontroller programming. Springer. Review

Kurose, J. F.; and Ross, K. W. Computer networking: a top-down approach (6th ed.). Pearson.

 Liao, W.; Papadopaulos, F.; Psounis, K.; and Psomas, C. Modeling BitTorrent-like systems with many classes of users. ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 23, 2 (May 2013), Article No. 13. Review

 Liu, V.; Parks, A.; Talla, V.; Gollakota, S.; Wetherall, D.; and Smith, J.R. Ambient backscatter: wireless communication out of this air. In Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM 2013 Conference, ACM, 2013, 39-50. Review

Rosensweig, E.; Menasche, D.; and Kurose, J. On the steady-state of cache networks. In Proc. of the 32nd Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, IEEE, 1-9.

Subramanium, S.; Steely, S.C.; Hasenplaugh, W.; Jaleel, A.; Beckmann, C.; Fossum, T; and Emer, J. Using in-flight chains to build a scalable cache coherence protocol. ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization 10, 4 (Dec. 2013), Article No. 28.

Wu, C. H.; and Irwin, J. D. Introduction to computer network and cybersecurity. CRC Press.

D. Software  

Barnes, J.; Ada 2012 rationale (LNCS 8338). Springer.

 Felleisen, M.; Conrad, M. D. B.; Van Horn, D.; Bice, F.; DeMaio, R.; Florence, S.; Lin, F.-Y.; Lindeman, S.; Nussbaum, N.; Peterson, E.; and Plessner, R. Realm of Racket: learn to program, one game at a time!. No Starch Press. Review

 Landwehr, C. A building code for building code: putting what we know works to work. In Proc. of the 29th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, ACM, 2013, 139-147. Review

Lochbihler, A. Making the Java memory model safe. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 35, 4 (Dec. 2013), Article No. 12.

McMillan, C.; Poshyvanyk, D.; Grechanik, M.; Xie, Q.; and Fu, C. Portfolio: searching for relevant functions and their usages in millions of lines of code. ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 22, 4 (Oct. 2013), Article No. 37.

 Münch, J.; and Schmid, K. (Eds.) Perspectives on the future of software engineering: essays in honor of Dieter Rombach. Springer. Review

 Nanevski, A.; Banerjee, A; and Garg, D. Dependent type theory for verification of information flow and access control policies. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 35, 2 (July 2013), Article No. 6. Review

Pallister, J.; Hollis, S. J.; and Bennett, J. Identifying compiler options to minimize energy consumption for embedded platforms. The Computer Journal (forthcoming).

E. Data   

Garg, S.; Gentry, C.; and Halevi, S. Candidate multilinear maps from ideal lattices. In Proc. of the 32nd Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Springer, 2013, 1-17.

Pagh, R. Compressed matrix multiplication. ACM Transactions on Computation Theory 5, 3 (Sept. 2013), Article No. 9.

F. Theory of Computation  

Arthan, R.; Martin, U.; and Olivia, P. A Hoare logic for linear systems. Formal Aspects of Computing 25, 3 (May 2013), 345-363.

 Barendregt, H. P.; Dekkers, W.; and Statman, R. Lambda calculus with types. Cambridge University Press. Review

 Blume, L.; Easley, D.; Kleinberg, J.; Kleinberg, R.; and Tardos, É. Network formation in the presence of contagious risk. ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation 1, 2 (May 2013), Article No. 6. Review

Bodlaender, H. L.; and Jansen B. M. P. Vertex cover kernelization revisited: upper and lower bounds for a refined parameter. Theory of Computing Systems 53, 2 (Aug. 2013), 263-299.

Bojanczyk, M. Nominal monoids. Theory of Computing Systems 53, 2 (Aug. 2013), 194-222.

Bornat, R.; and Ahmjad, H. Explanation of two non-blocking shared-variable communication algorithms. Formal Aspects of Computing 25, 6 (Nov. 2013), 893-932.

 Bürgisser, P.; and Cucker, F. Condition: the geometry of numerical algorithms. Springer. Review

Byrka, J.; Grandoni, F.; Rothvoss, T.; and Sanitá, L. Steiner tree approximation via iterative randomized rounding. Journal of the ACM 60, 1 (Feb. 2013), Article No. 6.

Chazal, F.; Guibas, L. J.; Oudot, S. Y.; and Skraba, P. Persistence-based clustering in Riemannian manifolds. Journal of the ACM 60, 6 (Nov. 2013), Article No. 41.

Cygan, M.; Pilipczuk, M.; Pilipczuk, M.; and Wojtaszczyk, J. O. On multiway cut parameterized above lower bounds. ACM Transactions on Computation Theory 5, 1 (March 2013), Article No. 3.

Fraigniaud, P.; Korman, A.; and Peleg, D. Towards a complexity theory for local distributed computing. Journal of the ACM 60, 5 (Oct. 2013), Article No. 35.

Gupta, A.; Hardt, M.; Roth, A.; and Ullman, J. Privately releasing conjunctions and the statistical query barrier. SIAM Journal on Computing 42, 4 (July 2013), 1494-1520.

Kor, L.; Korman, A.; and Peleg, D. Tight bounds for distributed minimum-weight spanning tree verification. Theory of Computing Systems 53, 2 (Aug. 2013), 318-340.

Mayfield, J. E. The engine of complexity: evolution as computation. Columbia University Press.

Procaccia, A. D.; and Tennenholtz, M. Approximate mechanism design without money. ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation 1, 4 (Dec. 2013), Article No. 18.

Raz, R. Tensor-rank and lower bounds for arithmetic formulas. Journal of the ACM 60, 6 (Nov. 2013), Article No. 40.

Roscoe, A. W.; and Huang, J. Checking noninterference in timed CSP. Formal Aspects of Computing 25, 1 (Jan. 2013), 3-36.

Strannegård, C.; Engström, F.; Nizamani, A. R.; and Rips, L. Reasoning about truth in first-order logic. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 22, 1 (Jan. 2013), 115-137.

Williams, R. Improving exhaustive search implies superpolynomial lower bounds. SIAM Journal on Computing 42, 3 (June 2013), 1218-1244.

G. Mathematics of Computing  

Aggarwal, C. C. Outlier analysis. Springer.

Barenboim, L.; and Elkin, M. Distributed graph coloring: fundamentals and recent developments. Morgan & Claypool.

Borndörfer, R.; Löbel, A.; Reuther, M.; Schlechte, T.; and Weider, S. Rapid branching. Public Transport 5, 1-2 (Sept. 2013), 3-23.

Corless, R. M.; and Fillion, N. A graduate introduction to numerical methods and backward error analysis. Springer.

Langer, A.; Osher, S.; and Schönlieb, C.-B. Bregmanized domain decomposition for image restoration. Journal of Scientific Computing 54, 2-3 (Feb. 2013), 549-576.

Spielman, D. A.; and Teng, S.-H. A local clustering algorithm for massive graphs and its application to nearly linear time graph partitioning. SIAM Journal on Computing 42, 1 (Jan. 2013), 1-26.

 Suchard, M.; Simpson, S.; Zorych, I; Ryan, P; and Madigan, D. Massive parallelization of serial inference algorithms for a complex generalized linear model. ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 23, 1 (Jan. 2013), Article No. 10. Review

Lee-St. John, A.; and Sidman, J. Combinatorics and the rigidity of CAD systems. Computer-Aided Design 45, 2 (Feb. 2013), 473-482.

The Univalent Foundations Program. Homotopy type theory: univalent foundations of mathematics.

H. Information Systems  

 Anthony, L.; Kim, Y.; and Findlater, L. Analyzing user-generated YouTube videos to understand touchscreen use by people with motor impairments. In Proc. of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM, 2013, 1223-1232. Review

Brambilla, M.; Ceri, S.; and Halevy, A. (Eds.) Special Issue: Structured and Crowd-Sourced Data on the Web. The VLDB Journal 22, 5 (Oct. 2013).

Cao, J.; Wu, Z.; Mao, B.; and Zhang, Y. Shilling attack detection utilizing semi-supervised learning method for collaborative recommender system. World Wide Web 16, 5-6 (Nov. 2013), 729-748.

Chen, B.; Zhu, Y.; Hu, J.; and Principe, J. C. System parameter identification: information criteria and algorithm. Elsevier.

 Cordeiro, R. L. F.; Faloutsos, C.; and Júnior, C. T. Data mining in large sets of complex data. Springer. Review

Dhar, V. Data science and prediction. Communications of the ACM 56, 12 (Dec. 2013), 64-73.

Fekete, J.-D. Visual analytics infrastructures: from data management to exploration. IEEE Computer 46, 7 (July 2013), 22-29.

Guo, Q.; Jin, H.; Lagun, D.; Yuan, S.; and Agichtein, E. Mining touch interaction data on mobile devices to predict web search result relevance. In Proc. of the 36th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference, ACM, 2013, 153-162.

Lee, K.; Gray, A.; and Kim, H. Dependence maps, a dimensionality reduction with dependence distance for high-dimensional data. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 26, 3 (May 2013), 512-532.

 Kirsh, D. Embodied cognition and the magical future of interaction design. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 20, 1 (April 2013), Article No. 3. Review

 Lee, N. Facebook nation: total information awareness. Springer. Review

Li, B.; Chen, L.; Zhu, X.; and Zhang, C. Noisy but non-malicious user detection in social recommender systems. World Wide Web 16, 5-6 (Nov. 2013), 677-699.

 Liu, G.; Choudhary, S.; Zhang, J.; and Magenenat-Thalmann, N. Let's keep in touch online: a Facebook aware virtual human interface.. The Visual Computer 29, 9 (Sept. 2013), 871-881. Review

Liu, X.; and Iftikhar, N. Ontology-based big dimension modeling in data warehouse schema design. In Business information systems (LNBIP 157) Edited by Abramowicz, W. Springer, 2013, 75-87.

Lucchese, C.; Orlando, S.; Perego, R.; Silvestri, F.; and Tolomei, G. Discovering tasks from search engine query logs. ACM Transactions on Information Systems 31, 3 (July 2013), Article No. 14.

Radinsky, K.; Svore, K. M.; Dumais, S. T.; Shokouhi, M.; Teevan, J.; Bocharov, A.; and Horvitz, E. Behavioral dynamics on the web: learning, modeling, and prediction. ACM Transactions on Information Systems 31, 3 (July 2013), Article No. 16.

Stefani, C.; Busayarat, C.; Lombardo, J.; De Luca, L.; and Véron, P. A web platform for the consultation of spatialized and semantically enriched iconographic sources on cultural heritage buildings. ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 6, 3 (July 2013), Article No. 13.

Steinmetz, R. (Ed.) Special Sections on the 20th Anniversary of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia and Best Papers of ACM Multimedia 2012. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications 9, 1s (Oct. 2013).

I. Computing Methodologies  

Bede, B. Mathematics of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic. Springer.

Cheriet, M.; Moghaddam, R. F.; Arabnejad, E.; and Zhong, G. Manifold learning for the shape-based recognition of historical Arabic documents. In Handbook of statistics: machine learning: theory and applications (volume 31). Edited by Govindaraju, V.; Rao, C. R. Elsevier, 2013, 471-491.

Cheriet, M., Moghaddam, R. F.; and Hedjam, R. A learning framework for the optimization and automation of document binarization methods. Computer Vision and Image Understanding 117, 3 (March 2013), 269-280.

Grigoras, C., and Smith, J. M. Digital imaging: enhancement and authentication. In Encyclopedia of forensic sciences (2nd ed.). Edited by Siegel, J. A.; Saukko, P. J. Academic Press, 2013, 303-314.

Gwak, J.; and Sim, K. M. An augmented EDA with dynamic diversity control and local neighborhood search for coevolution of optimal negotiation strategies. Applied Intelligence 38, 4 (June 2013), 600-619.

Han, M.-F.; Liao, S.-H.; Chang, J.-Y; and Lin, C.T. Dynamic group-based differential evolution using self-adaptive strategy for global optimization problems. Applied Intelligence 39, 1 (June 2013), 41-56.

Inger, Y.; Farbman, Z.; and Lischinski, D. Locally adaptive products for all-frequency relighting. Computer Graphics Forum 32, 2 (May 2013), 73-82.

Maragos, P. Representations for morphological image operators and analogies with linear operators. In Advances in imaging and electron physics (volume 177) Edited by Hawkes, P. W. Academic Press, 2013, 45-188.

Schwartz, C.; Ruiters, R.; Weinmann, M.; and Klein, R. WebGL-based streaming and presentation of objects with bidirectional texture functions. ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 6, 3 (July 2013), Article No. 11.

Spencer, B.; and Jones, M. W. Photon parameterisation for robust relaxation constraints. Computer Graphics Forum 32, 2 (May 2013), 83-92.

Świątek, J.; Grzech, A.; Świątek, P; and Tomczak, J. M. (Eds.) Advances in systems science: Proceedings of the International Conference on Systems Science 2013 (ICSS 2013). Springer.

Tamstorf, R.; and Grinspun, E. Discrete bending forces and their Jacobians. Graphical Models 75, 6 (Nov. 2013), 362-370.

Velten, A.; Wu, D.; Jarabo, A.; Masia, B.; Barsi, C.; Joshi, C.; Lawson, E.; Bawendi, M.; Gutierrez, D.; and Raskar, R. Femto-photography: capturing and visualizing the propagation of light. ACM Transactions on Graphics 32, 4 (July 2013), Article No. 44.

Viet, H. H.; Dang, V.-H.; Laskar, M. N. U.; and Chung, T. BA*: an online complete coverage algorithm for cleaning robots. Applied Intelligence 39, 2 (Sept. 2013), 217-235.

Wen, J.; Li, S.; and Sun, J. A new binarization method for non-uniform illuminated document images. Pattern Recognition 46, 6 (June 2013), 1670-1690.

Zhang, H.; Zhao, K.; Song, Y.-Z.; and Guo, J. Text extraction from natural scene image: a survey. Neurocomputing 125, 25 (Dec. 2013), 310-323.

J. Computer Applications  

Lee-St. John, A.; and Sidman, J. Combinatorics and the rigidity of CAD systems. Computer-Aided Design 45, 2 (Feb. 2013), 473-482.

Lou, T.; Tang, J.; Hopcroft, J.; Fang, Z.; and Ding, X. Learning to predict reciprocity and triadic closure in social networks. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 7, 2 (July 2013), Article No. 5.

Nagurney, A.; Li, D.; Wolf, T.; and Saberi, S. A network economic game theory model of a service-oriented Internet with choices and quality competition. Netnomics 14, 1-2 (Nov. 2013), 1-25.

K. Computing Milieux  

Berghel, H. Through the PRISM darkly. IEEE Computer Magazine 46, 7 (July 2013), 86-90.

 Cooper, S.; and Van Leeuwen, J. Alan Turing: his work and impact. Elsevier. Review

Cortada, J. W. "Carrying a bag": memoirs of an IBM salesman, 1974-1981. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 35, 4 (Oct. 2013), 32-47.

 De Koven, B. The well-played game: a player's philosophy. MIT Press. Review

Guo, P. Teaching programming the way it works outside the classroom. Communications of the ACM 56, 8 (Aug. 2013), 10-11.

 Helminen, J.; Ihantola, P.; and Karavirta, V. Recording and analyzing in-browser programming sessions. In Proc. of the 13th Koli Calling International Conferenceon Computing Education Research, ACM, 2013, 13-22. Review

Kulkarni, C.; Wei, K. P.; Le, H.; Chia, D.; Papadopaulos, K.; Cheng, J.; Koller, D.; and Klemmer, S.R. Peer and self assessment in massive online classes. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 20, 6 (Dec. 2013), Article No. 33.

Offutt, J. Putting the engineering into software engineering education. IEEE Software 30, 1 (Feb. 2013), 96.

 Sito, T. Moving innovation: a history of computer animation. MIT Press. Review 1 Review 2

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