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  Pure versus impure Lisp
Pippenger N. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems 19(2): 223-238, 1997.  Type: Article

Pippenger compares pure to impure LISP with respect to program complexity. Impure LISP is defined as the form of LISP that has rplaca and rplacd primitives (or their equivalents) for destructive replacement of the list he...

Apr 1 1998
  Lisp in small pieces
Queinnec C., Callaway K. (trans.), Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, 2003.  Type: Book (9780521562478)

The author of this book about Lisp and Scheme implementations has an unintrusive “hidden” agenda: he wants people to download and use his fast implementation of a restricted, object-oriented extension to Lisp/Scheme...

Dec 1 1997
  Talking about modules and delivery
Davis H., Parquier P., Séniak N. ACM SIGPLAN Lisp Pointers VII(3): 113-120, 1994.  Type: Article

The design of languages in the LISP family generally provides little support for a real module system and the possibility of delivering stripped-down, closed applications; indeed, most implementations call for a single “world...

Aug 1 1995
Foderaro J. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 271991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  Lisp systems in the 1990s
Layer D., Richardson C. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 48-57, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  The Metal system
Gajek O. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 46-47, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  Delivering the goods with Lisp
Barber R., Imlah G. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 61-63, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  The philosophy of Lisp
Sinclair K., Moon D. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 40-47, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  LISP, lore, and logic: an algebraic view of LISP programming, foundations, and applications
Stark W., Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1990.  Type: Book (9789780387970721)

In this rather unusual book, LISP is used as a hook from which to hang a number of interesting topics. The book falls somewhere between a text on programming in LISP and an introduction to computer science....

Sep 1 1990
  LISP: a portable implementation
Hekmatpour S., Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1989.  Type: Book (9789780135374900)

Have you ever wanted well-documented source code for a LISP interpreter? If so, then LISP--A portable implementation could be for you. This text takes its reader routine-by-routine through the implementation of a modera...

Mar 1 1990
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