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Masi, Massimiliano
Tiani ``Spirit'' GmbH
Vienna, Austria
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   The use case and smart grid architecture model approach: the IEC 62559-2 use case template and the SGAM applied in various domains
Gottschalk M., Uslar M., Delfs C.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2017. 93 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319492-28-5)

Creating sustainable information technology (IT) software architectures is a complex task, which is sometimes left to the inspiration of the architect. Although several patterns exist (for example, service oriented, pipes and filters, and so on), ...

Dec 29 2017  
  Approaches to co-evolution of metamodels and models: a survey
Hebig R., Khelladi D., Bendraou R.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(5): 396-414, 2017. Type: Article

Model-driven approaches are widely used in small and big industries to design and develop embedded and large-scale systems, for example, in the automotive sector, in aircraft design, or in security. Metamodels are the formal definitions of the lan...

Sep 21 2017  
   Evaluating software architecture evaluation methods: an internal replication
Abrahão S., Insfran E.  EASE 2017 (Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, Karlskrona, Sweden,  Jun 15-16, 2017) 144-153, 2017. Type: Proceedings

Software architecture plays a vital role in the development of products since it enables ex-ante analysis and tackles fundamentals early. In fact, starting the development of a software product with a no-architectural approach makes future changes...

Jul 28 2017  
  Dependence guided symbolic execution
Wang H., Liu T., Guan X., Shen C., Zheng Q., Yang Z.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(3): 252-271, 2017. Type: Article

To make the developer’s life easier, many tools have been created for analyzing source code. Such analysis can be used, for example, to detect bugs, to check the coverage of a set of tests, or even to generalize testing by using symbolic var...

Jun 23 2017  
  A study of causes and consequences of client-side JavaScript bugs
Ocariza F., Bajaj K., Pattabiraman K., Mesbah A.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(2): 128-144, 2017. Type: Article

JavaScript and web applications are very important aspects of the software products developed for both browser- and mobile-based applications. One pillar of such application development is the usage of JavaScript for interaction with clients (for ...

May 2 2017  
  Developer micro interaction metrics for software defect prediction
Lee T., Nam J., Han D., Kim S., In H.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 42(11): 1015-1035, 2016. Type: Article

Predicting whether released software will contain bugs or defects, or will not behave as expected is considered crucial in the software market, where the time to live of a release is considered to be around a year. It is reported that four weeks o...

Mar 3 2017  
  Flash as cache extension for online transactional workloads
Kang W., Lee S., Moon B.  The VLDB Journal: The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases 25(5): 673-694, 2016. Type: Article

Very large databases always need fast and reliable operations. Existing SQL engine and object-relational mapping (ORM) implementations take advantage of efficient in-memory caching mechanisms, which can really make the difference in terms of effic...

Dec 20 2016  
   iOS application security: the definitive guide for hackers and developers
Thiel D.,  No Starch Press, San Francisco, CA, 2016. 296 pp. Type: Book (978-1-593276-01-0), Reviews: (2 of 2)

Smartphones and smartwatches are capable of leading us in any activity, from media display (for example, watching movies on YouTube) to healthcare applications (for example, fitness data, heartbeat measurement, estimation of body mass index, and s...

Nov 18 2016  
  epiC: an extensible and scalable system for processing big data
Jiang D., Wu S., Chen G., Ooi B., Tan K., Xu J.  The VLDB Journal: The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases 25(1): 3-26, 2016. Type: Article

Addressing the problem of performance while processing big data, the authors propose a new programming model, named epiC, that deals with the problem of data variety, for example when data arrives at the evaluation engine as a mix of structured, s...

Sep 27 2016  
   Rigorous modeling and analysis of interoperable medical devices
Mashkoor A., Sametinger J.  MSM 2016 (Proceedings of the Modeling and Simulation in Medicine Symposium, Pasadena, CA,  Apr 3-6, 2016) 1-8, 2016. Type: Proceedings, Reviews: (1 of 2)

With the advent of the electronic health record (EHR), the quality of patient care increased. Many hospitals are encouraging patients to voluntarily provide their own health status (patient health record, PHR) to be used by doctors when a healthca...

Aug 18 2016  
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