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Kurkovsky, Stan
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut
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Stan Kurkovsky is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at Central Connecticut State University. He earned his PhD from the Center for Advanced Computer Studies of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1999. His doctoral research was in the area of network constraint propagation under uncertainty; the results of this research have been applied to network planning and industrial simulation. Stan earned his MS in computer science from the same university in 1997, and an MS/BS degree in applied mathematics from the School of Cybernetics of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1995.

Stan’s research interests are in mobile and ubiquitous computing, distributed systems, and software engineering. His current research is focused on intelligent mobile systems, which include context-aware m-commerce and recommender applications. He has published more than 40 papers in refereed proceedings of national and international conferences, journals, and books. Stan serves as a reviewer and a member of program committees on a number of national and international conferences. Recently, he served as a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems and Communications of the ACM. Stan also serves as a technical reviewer for Prentice Hall, Addison Wesley, and Course Technology.

During his academic career, Stan received over one million dollars in funding from private and federal sources. He currently serves as a primary investigator on a National Science Foundation Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics grant that will provide substantial financial support to students majoring in computer science and related disciplines at Central Connecticut State University.

Currently, Stan teaches a broad range of graduate and undergraduate courses focusing on software engineering and development, advanced networking, and database and intelligent systems.

Stan lives with his family in greater Hartford, Connecticut, where he has a chance to enjoy all four seasons of the beautiful New England region. He also enjoys traveling, both locally and overseas. In his free time, Stan likes to experiment in the kitchen with his favorite Cajun recipes.

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Easton M., King J.,  APress, LP, 2004.Type: Book (9781590593301)

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  Peer-to-peer networking in mobile communications based on SIP
Huber J.  In Wireless communications systems and networks. New York, NY: PLENUM PRESS, 2004. Type: Book Chapter

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Leuf B.,  Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co, Inc., Boston, MA, 2002. 456 pp. Type: Book (9780201767322)

Peer to peer: collaboration and sharing over the Internet covers a lot of ground in its treatment of peer-to-peer Internet communication. From instant messaging to Internet micropayments, this book presents many technologies and issues of p...

Jul 29 2003  
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