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International Journal of Information Security
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  A modified exhaustive search on a password system using SHA-1
Kim M., Jung Y., Song J.  International Journal of Information Security 16(3): 263-269, 2017. Type: Article

Nowadays information is more and more of an asset; as such, it is becoming ever more important as evidence in law enforcement cases. Being valuable, information is often encrypted; thus law enforcement bodies must have access to methods and tools ...

Jul 6 2017
  Analyzing proposals for improving authentication on the TLS-/SSL-protected Web
Brown C., Jenkins M.  International Journal of Information Security 15(6): 621-635, 2016. Type: Article

Information and data flowing on the Internet are increasing by the day, and so is their importance. While standard protocols can still be appropriate for the casual browsing of the Web, they are absolutely inadequate when processing sensitive data...

Feb 27 2017
  Taking back control of privacy: a novel framework for preserving cloud-based firewall policy confidentiality
Kurek T., Niemiec M., Lason A.  International Journal of Information Security 15(3): 235-250, 2016. Type: Article

Would you intentionally make your firewall leak packets that are supposed to be blocked? This paper presents an interesting argument for when this might be desired....

Sep 12 2016
  Gait authentication on mobile phone using biometric cryptosystem and fuzzy commitment scheme
Hoang T., Choi D., Nguyen T.  International Journal of Information Security 14(6): 549-560, 2015. Type: Article

Gait-based user authentication is a very well-known technique with ready adoption due to its nonobstructive method of operation. In this paper, Hoang et al. have proposed an inertial sensor-based approach for detecting human gait through mobile ph...

May 26 2016
  Automated inference of past action instances in digital investigations
James J., Gladyshev P.  International Journal of Information Security 14(3): 249-261, 2015. Type: Article

The role of computers in forensics is expanding, since so much crime uses electronic devices. Developing support mechanisms for digital investigation is the need of the hour. However, a great number of lacunae exist in devising suitable digital in...

Apr 12 2016
  Keyboard acoustic side channel attacks: exploring realistic and security-sensitive scenarios
Halevi T., Saxena N.  International Journal of Information Security 14(5): 443-456, 2015. Type: Article

Side channel attacks are commonly associated with the observation of physical parameters of electronic systems to obtain useful information to breach system security. Typical parameters that can yield interesting results include timing information...

Feb 17 2016
  Detection and analysis of eavesdropping in anonymous communication networks
Chakravarty S., Portokalidis G., Polychronakis M., Keromytis A.  International Journal of Information Security 14(3): 205-220, 2015. Type: Article

Have you ever used an anonymizing overlay network? And even if you haven’t, how much trust would you put in one? The Tor network is getting a large number of users (500,000+), but what are the associated privacy risks?...

Oct 6 2015
  Formal modeling and automatic enforcement of Bring Your Own Device policies
Armando A., Costa G., Merlo A., Verderame L.  International Journal of Information Security 14(2): 123-140, 2015. Type: Article

The diffusion of personal, network-enabled, electronic devices is forcing organizations to consider the enforcement of bring your own device (BYOD) policies; this proves to be true also for organizations that do not support BYOD computing models a...

Jul 14 2015
   Data minimisation in communication protocols: a formal analysis framework and application to identity management
Veeningen M., de Weger B., Zannone N.  International Journal of Information Security 13(6): 529-569, 2014. Type: Article

The amount of data exchanged on the Internet is growing every day, outpacing the growth in speed of communication protocols. So to avoid data congestion, solutions are needed quickly: one of them could be data minimization, which consists of trans...

May 20 2015
  Secure and efficient anonymization of distributed confidential databases
Herranz J., Nin J.  International Journal of Information Security 13(6): 497-512, 2014. Type: Article

Preserving user data privacy while providing utility at the same time requires good system and protocol design and implementation in practice. This paper targets the anonymization of user data from distributed database systems belonging to differe...

Feb 17 2015
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