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Mihailescu Marius Iulian
SPIRU HARET University
Bucharest, Romania

Marius Iulian Mihailescu completed his PhD at the University of Bucharest, where he studied security techniques for guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of biometrics data stored in databases. Today he is an associate lecturer at Spiru Haret University, a software project manager at Institute for Computers, and chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of Dapyx Solution. His work mainly focuses on applied/theoretical cryptography and information security.

Marius’s research interests extend to such areas as biometrics, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, cloud/edge/fog computing, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning, with applications in the cybersecurity field. His research goals include understanding the real requirements of complex systems and their applications in different domains, and providing real and practical solutions for guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of the processes.

With more than ten years of experience in software development, engineering, and security vulnerabilities, combined with more than eight years teaching in academia, Marius was able to identify gaps in the market task force and design unique and practical courses for academia that will help students connect with organizational missions. He works to take students out of their comfort zones and instead embrace cybersecurity, information security, digital forensics, and incident response as an ever-changing field. The goal, always, is to help students learn new technologies and embrace every opportunity for learning new things, even when they think a task is time-consuming or challenging.

Marius has authored/co-authored more than 60 papers in conference proceedings and journals, as well as seven books on applied cryptography, programming in Haskell, and web technologies. He started reviewing for CR in 2022.


Coding art: a guide to unlocking your creativity with the Processing language and p5.js in four simple steps
Funk M., Zhang Y., Apress, New York, NY, 2023. 333 pp.  Type: Book (9781484297797), Reviews: (1 of 2)

Coding art is a remarkable resource that expertly bridges the gap between artistic imagination and computational skills. The book, grounded in the Processing language and p5.js, serves as a practical handbook for integrating “art thin...


Fashion tech applied: exploring augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, NFTs, body scanning, 3D digital design, and more
Ruzive V., Tsang P., Apress, New York, NY, 2023. 262 pp.  Type: Book (9781484296936)

In the ever-evolving fashion landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. This book delves into the intersection of fashion and cutting-edge technology, offering enlightening and practical insights....


Industry 5.0 and its technologies: a systematic literature review upon the human place into IoT- and CPS-based industrial systems
Valette E., El-Haouzi H., Demesure G. Computers and Industrial Engineering 1842023.  Type: Article

The emergence of Industry 5.0 signifies “a paradigm shift that emphasizes the integration of advanced technologies with human-centric approaches” [1]. Valette et al. critically analyze Industry 5.0 and highlight its potential to improv...


 A future-oriented approach to the selection of artificial intelligence technologies for knowledge platforms
Skulimowski A., Köhler T. The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) 74905-922, 2023.  Type: Article

The idea of taking a future-oriented approach to selecting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for knowledge platforms is an important one. It recognizes that the field of AI is rapidly evolving, and decisions made today can have a significa...


 Eight reasons to prioritize brain-computer interface cybersecurity
López Bernal S., Huertas Celdrán A., Martínez Pérez G. Communications of the ACM 66(4): 68-78, 2023.  Type: Article

In this thought-provoking article, the authors astutely highlight the significance of prioritizing brain-computer interface (BCI) cybersecurity. Their comprehensive work sheds light on the emerging field of BCI and the critical need to protect the...


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