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Digital rights management
Hilts P. In The columbia guide to digital publishing. New York, NY,  Columbia University Press,  2003. Type:Book Chapter
Date Reviewed: Jan 8 2004

This concise, nontechnical summary of digital rights management (DRM) is aimed at publishers. It does a good job of summarizing a complex subject, and focuses, admirably, on the economic rather than the technological or legal aspects. (Don’t look here for details on cryptography or the law.)

It is descriptive rather than evaluative, and open-minded about striking a balance between controlling usage and keeping the customers happy. The best part is the discussion of possible business strategies using DRM. The pages devoted to rights management languages, none of which has yet been anointed as a successful standard, are weaker.

Reviewer:  Michael Lesk Review #: CR128868 (0406-0744)
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