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An examination of requirements specification languages
Tse T., Pong L. The Computer Journal34 (2):143-152,1991.Type:Article
Date Reviewed: Apr 1 1992

After reviewing the features that are most desirable in a requirement specification language, this paper considers several of the most common specification languages in terms of these features. The features fit into two broad categories:

  • Abstraction of the real world includes features such as language style (textual, graphical, or hybrid), complexity, modifiability, and user familiarity.

  • Manipulation of representations includes features such as tools (formalism and rigor), transformation, independence, and traceability.

The languages studied are PSL, SADT, EDDA, SAMM, HOS, and RSC.

The paper approaches specification from the engineering point of view rather than as a human activity. Thus much more emphasis is given to mathematics, diagrams, and constructionism than to verbal descriptions, user participation, and people-oriented design.

The authors do a good job of presenting the subject, and the paper appears to be complete. It would be useful for anyone interested in specification languages and in comparing the available features.

Reviewer:  D. W. Ballew Review #: CR115496
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