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When we began this project, our goal was to compile a definitive list of the best items published in computing in 2012. As it turns out, this was a difficult task. Despite considerable effort, we don't think we've developed that definitive "best" list just yet. However, what we do have is a list of notable computing items published in 2012.

We received nominations from our reviewers, CR category editors, the editors in chief of journals we cover, and others in the computing community. We received a total of 121 nominations, but excluded 30 items mainly due to self-nomination or non-2012 publication dates. Therefore, you will find 91 items on our list, with numerous publishers represented. The items that have CR reviews are indicated by a symbol - . All reviews with that symbol are freely available on the site.

As we continue to improve our methods for collecting nominations and involve more of your peers in the computing community, we hope to bring you an even more definitive list next year!

We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to email us with any questions ( You may also download the full list as a PDF.


  Angela Condon
Managing Editor
Computing Reviews


Notable Computing Books and Articles of 2012
B. Hardware  

Bischof, C.; an Mey, D., and Iwainsky, C. Brainware for green HPC. Computer Science-Research and Development 27, 4 (Nov. 2012), 227-233.

Romero, A.; and Sergeraert, F. Effective homotopy of fibrations. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 23, 1-2 (April 2012), 85-100.

C. Computer Systems Organization  

Anumba, C. J.; and Wang, X. (Eds.) Mobile and pervasive computing in construction. Wiley.

 Bartolozzi, L.; Pecorella, T.; and Fantacci, R. ns-3 RPL module: IPv6 routing protocol for low power and lossy networks. In Proc. of the 5th International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques, ICST, 2012, 359-366. Review

Censor-Hillel, K.; and Shachnai, H. Fast information spreading in graphs with large weak conductance. SIAM Journal on Computing 41, 6 (Nov. 2012), 1451-1465.

Dobkin, D. M. The RF in RFID: UHF RFID in practice (2nd ed.). Newnes.

Golab, W.; Hadzilacos, V.; Hendler, D.; and Woelfel, P. RMR-efficient implementations of comparison primitives using read and write operations. Distributed Computing 25, 2 (May 2012), 109-162.

Heninger, N.; Durumeric, Z.; Wustrow, E.; and Halderman, J. A. Mining Your Ps and Qs: detection of widespread weak keys in network devices. In Proc. of the 21st USENIX Security Symposium, USENIX Association, 2012, Article No. 35.

 Jacobson, V.; Smetters, D. K.; Thornton, J. D.; Plass, M.; Briggs, N.; and Braynard, R. Networking named content. Communications of the ACM 55, 1 (Jan. 2012), 117-124. Review

Lehpamer, H. RFID design principles (2nd ed.). Artech House.

 Li, P.; Pan, M.; and Fang, Y. Capacity bounds of three-dimensional wireless ad hoc networks. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 20, 4 (Aug. 2012), 1304-1315. Review

 Li, Z.; and Shen, H. Game-theoretic analysis of cooperation incentive strategies in mobile ad hoc networks. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 11, 8 (Aug. 2012), 1287-1303. Review

Loureiro, A. A. F. Sensing, tracking and contextualizing entities in ubiquitous computing. In Proc. of the 15th ACM International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, ACM, 2012, 3-4.

 Song, W.; and Zhuang, W. Interworking of wireless LANs and cellular networks. Springer. Review

 Tu, B.; Fan, J.; Zhan, J.; and Zhao, X. Performance analysis and optimization of MPI collective operations on multi-core clusters. The Journal of Supercomputing 60, 1 (April 2012), 141-162. Review

Yang, K.; and Jia, X. Data storage auditing service in cloud computing: challenges, methods and opportunities. World Wide Web 15, 4 (July 2012), 409-428.

Zaharia, M.; Chowdhury, M.; Das, T.; Dave, A.; Ma, J.; McCauley, M.; Franklin, M. J.; Shenker, S.; and Stoica, I. Resilient distributed datasets: a fault-tolerant abstraction for in-memory cluster computing. In Proc. of the 9th USENIX Conference on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, USENIX, 2012.

D. Software   

Carvalho, J. R.; Manzato, M. G.; and Goularte, R. Accelerometers data interoperability: easing interactive applications development. In Proc. of the 18th Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web, ACM, 2012, 305-312.

Castañeda, A.; and Rajsbaum, S. New combinatorial topology bounds for renaming: the upper bound. Journal of the ACM 59, 1 (Feb. 2012), Article No. 3.

 Elsayed, E. A. Reliability engineering (2nd ed.). Wiley. Review

 Khan, W. A.; Khattak, A. M.; Lee, S.; Hussain, M.; Amin, B.; and Latif, K. Achieving interoperability among healthcare standards: building semantic mappings at models level. In Proc. of the 6th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication, ACM, 2012, Article No. 101. Review

McCallum, S.; and Weispfenning, V. Deciding polynomial-transcendental problems. Journal of Symbolic Computation 47, 1 (Jan. 2012), 16-31.

Morgan, C. Compositional noninterference from first principles. Formal Aspects of Computing 24, 1 (Jan. 2012), 3-26.

 Olszak, A.; and Jørgensen, B. N. Remodularizing Java programs for improved locality of feature implementations in source code. Science of Computer Programming 77, 3 (March 2012), 131-151. Review

E. Data  

Galbraith, S. D. Mathematics of public key cryptography. Cambridge University Press.

F. Theory of Computation   

Beyersdorff; O.; Galesi, N.; Lauria, M.; and Razborov, A. A. Parameterized bounded-depth Frege is not optimal. ACM Transactions on Computation Theory 4, 3 (Sept. 2012), Article No. 7.

 Béziau, J.-Y. (Ed.) Universal logic: an anthology: from Paul Hertz to Dov Gabbay. Springer. Review

Demaine, E. D.; Hajiaghayi, M.; Mahini, H.; and Zadimoghaddam, M. The price of anarchy in network creation games. ACM Transactions on Algorithms 8, 2 (April 2012), Article No. 13.

Egri, L.; Krokhin, A.; Larose, B.; and Tesson, P. The complexity of the list homomorphism problem for graphs. Theory of Computing Systems 51, 2 (Aug. 2012), 143-178.

 Gebser, M.; Kaufmann, B.; and Schaub, T. Conflict-driven answer set solving: from theory to practice. Artificial Intelligence 187-188 (Aug. 2012), 52-89. Review

Grohe, M. Fixed-point definability and polynomial time on graphs with excluded minors. Journal of the ACM 59, 5 (Oct. 2012), Article No. 27.

Hales, T. Dense sphere packings: a blueprint for formal proofs. Cambridge University Press.

Meyers, A. (Ed.) Computational complexity: theory, techniques, and applications. Springer.

Ostrovsky, R.; Rabani, Y.; Schulman, L. J.; and Swamy, C. The effectiveness of Lloyd-type methods for the k-means problem. Journal of the ACM 59, 6 (Dec. 2012), Article No. 28.

Schoenebeck, G. R.; and Vadhan, S. The computational complexity of Nash equilibria in concisely represented games. ACM Transactions on Computation Theory 4, 2 (May 2012), Article No. 4.

 Smith, N. J. J. Logic: the laws of truth. Princeton University Press. Review

G. Mathematics of Computing  

 Barber, R.; and Sharkey, M. Course correction: using analytics to predict course success. In Proc. of the 2nd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, ACM, 2012, 259-262. Review

Lampos, V.; and Cristianini, N. Nowcasting events from the social web with statistical learning. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 3, 4 (Sept. 2012), Article No. 72.

 Nešetril, J.; and Ossona de Mendez, P. Sparsity: graphs, structures, and algorithms. Springer. Review

 Soetaert, K.; Cash, J.; and Mazzia, F. Solving differential equations in R. Springer. Review

Zhang, X.; Xia, Y.; and Shu, C.-W. Maximum-principle-satisfying and positivity-preserving high order discontinuous Galerkin schemes for conservation laws on triangular meshes. Journal of Scientific Computing 50, 1 (Jan. 2012), 29-62.

H. Information Systems  

Bakker, S.; Antle, A. N.; and van den Hoven, E. Embodied metaphors in tangible interaction design. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 16, 4 (April 2012), 433-449.

Blei, D. M. Probabilistic topic models. Communications of the ACM 55, 4 (April 2012), 77-84.

Carpineto, C; and Romano, G. A survey of automatic query expansion in information retrieval. ACM Computing Surveys 44, 1 (Jan. 2012), Article No. 1.

Carterette, B. A. Multiple testing in statistical analysis of systems-based information retrieval experiments. ACM Transactions on Information Systems 30, 1 (Feb. 2012), Article No. 4.

H. Information Systems (cont'd)  

Chapelle, O.; Joachims, T.; Radlinski, F.; and Yue, Y. Large-scale validation and analysis of interleaved search evaluation. ACM Transactions on Information Systems 30, 1 (Feb. 2012), Article No. 6.

Chen, H.; Zhou, X.; and Jin, Q. Socialized ubiquitous personal study: toward an individualized information portal. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 78, 6 (Nov. 2012), 1775-1792.

Chen, N.; Guimbretiere, F.; and Sellen, A. Designing a multi-slate reading environment to support active reading activities. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 19, 3 (Oct. 2012), Article No. 18.

Chen, Y.; Nyemba, S.; and Malin, B. Detecting anomalous insiders in collaborative information systems. IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 9, 3 (May 2012), 332-344.

Chiang, M. Networked life: 20 questions and answers. Cambridge University Press.

Holmes, D. E.; and Jain, L. C. (Eds.) Data mining: foundations and intelligent paradigms: volume 3: medical, health, social, biological and other applications. Springer.

Höök, K.; and Löwgren, J. Strong concepts: intermediate-level knowledge in interaction design research. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 19, 3 (Oct. 2012), Article No. 23.

 Kim, K.; Hasan, M. K.; Heo, J.-P.; Tai, Y.-W.; and Yoon, S.-E. Probabilistic cost model for nearest neighbor search in image retrieval. Computer Vision and Image Understanding 116, 9 (Sept. 2012), 991-998. Review

Kuzu, M.; and Cicekli, N. K. Dynamic planning approach to automated web service composition. Applied Intelligence 36, 1 (Jan. 2012), 1-28.

Mavroeidis, D.; and Magdalinos, P. A sequential sampling framework for spectral k-means based on efficient bootstrap accuracy estimations: application to distributed clustering. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 6, 2 (July 2012), Article No. 5.

Melucci, M. Deriving a quantum information retrieval basis. The Computer Journal (forthcoming).

Navab, N.; Blum, T.; Wang, L.; Okur, A.; and Wendler, T. First deployments of augmented reality in operating rooms. Computer 45, 7 (July 2012), 48-55.

 Sharon, T. It's our research: getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects. Morgan Kaufmann. Review

 Sun, B.; and Ng, V. T. Y. Identifying influential users by their postings in social networks. In Proc. of the 3rd International Workshop on Modeling Social Media, ACM, 2012, 1-8. Review

Westeyn, T. L.; Abowd, G. D.; Starner, T. E.; Johnson, J. M.; Presti, P. W.; and Weaver, K. A. Monitoring children's developmental progress using augmented toys and activity recognition. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 16, 2 (Feb. 2012), 169-191.

Wilson, A.; Benko, H.; Izadi, S.; and Hilliges, O. Steerable augmented reality with the beamatron. In Proc. of the 25th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, ACM, 2012, 413-422.

Wu, W.; Arefin, A.; Kurillo, G.; Agarwal, P.; Nahrstedt, K.; and Bajcsy, R. CZLoD: a psychophysical approach for 3D tele-immersive video. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications 8, 3s (Sept. 2012), Article No. 39.

Yoo, I.; Alafaireet, P.; Marinov, M.; Pena-Hernandez, K.; Gopidi, R.; Chang, J.-F.; and Hua, L. Data mining in healthcare and biomedicine: a survey of the literature. Journal of Medical Systems 36, 4 (Aug. 2012), 2431-2448.

Ystad, S.; Aramaki, M.; Kronland-Martinet, R.; Jensen, K.; and Mohanty, S. (Eds.) Speech, sound and music processing: embracing research in India (LNCS 7172). Springer.

Zhai, S.; Kristensson, P. O.; Appert, C.; Andersen, T. H.; and Cao, X. Foundational issues in touch-surface stroke gesture design-an integrative review. Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction 5, 2 (2012), 97-205.

I. Computing Methodologies  

 Barber, D. Bayesian reasoning and machine learning. Cambridge University Press. Review

Chen, G.; Sander, P. V.; Nehab, D.; Yang, L.; and Hu, L. Depth-presorted triangle lists. ACM Transactions on Graphics 31, 6 (Nov. 2012), Article No. 160.

Chen, L.; Mao, X.; Wei, P.; Xue, Y.; and Ishizuka, M. Mandarin emotion recognition combining acoustic and emotional point information. Applied Intelligence 37, 4 (Dec. 2012), 602-612.

del Castillo-Gomariz, R.; and García-Pedrajas, N. Evolutionary response surfaces for classification: an interpretable model. Applied Intelligence 37, 4 (Dec. 2012), 463-474.

Dembczyńsk K.; Waegeman, W.; Cheng, W.; and Hüllermeier, E. On label dependence and loss minimization in multi-label classification. Machine Learning 88, 1-2 (July 2012), 5-45.

Dougherty, G. Pattern recognition and classification: an introduction. Springer.

Dubois, D.; and Prade, H. Gradualness, uncertainty and bipolarity: making sense of fuzzy sets. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 192 (April 2012), 3-24.

Fathi, A.; and Naghsh-Nilchi, A. R. Efficient image denoising method based on a new adaptive wavelet packet thresholding function. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21, 9 (Sept. 2012), 3981-3990.

Feng, X.; Wang, Y.; Weng, Y.; and Tong, Y. Compact combinatorial maps: a volume mesh data structure. Graphical Models (forthcoming).

Gao, Z.; Yu, Z.; and Holst, M. Feature-preserving surface mesh smoothing via suboptimal Delaunay triangulation. Graphical Models 75, 1 (Jan. 2013), 23-38.

Lambert, P.; Petitrenaud, S.; Ma, Y.; and Way, A. What types of word alignment improve statistical machine translation? Machine Translation 26, 4 (Dec. 2012), 289-323.

Ma, W.; Wang, Y.; Xu, Y.-Q.; Li, Q.; Ma, Xin.; and Gao, W. Annotating traditional Chinese paintings for immersive virtual exhibition. Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 5, 2 (July 2012), Article No. 6.

Nixon, M.; and Aguado, A. Feature extraction & image processing for computer vision (3rd ed.). Academic Press.

Rendle, S. Factorization machines with libFM. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 3, 3 (May 2012), Article No. 57.

 Rozenberg, G.; Bäck, T.; and Kok, J. N. (Eds.) Handbook of natural computing. Springer. Review

 Sarvari, H.; and Zamanifar, K. Improvement of harmony search algorithm by using statistical analysis. Artificial Intelligence Review 37, 3 (March 2012), 181-215. Review

 Schapire, R. E.; and Freund, Y. Boosting: foundations and algorithms. MIT Press. Review

Shamir, L.; and Tarakhovsky, J. A. Computer analysis of art. Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 5, 2 (July 2012), Article No. 7.

Yuan, X.-T.; Liu, X.; and Yan, S. Visual classification with multitask joint sparse representation. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21, 10 (Oct. 2012), 4349-4360.

 Zhang, C.; and Ma, Y. (Eds.) Ensemble machine learning: methods and applications. Springer. Review

J. Computer Application  

Feiler, P. H.; and Gluch, D. P. Model-based engineering with AADL. Addison-Wesley.

K. Computing Milieux  

 Ifenthaler, D.; Eseryel, D.; and Ge, X. (Eds.) Assessment in game-based learning: foundations, innovations, and perspectives. Springer. Review

 Levesque, H. J. Thinking as computation: a first course. MIT Press. Review 1 Review 2

Ling, C. X.; and Yang, Q. Crafting your research future: a guide to successful master's and PhD degrees in science & engineering. Morgan & Claypool.

 Stroustrup, B. Software development for infrastructure. Computer 45, 1 (Jan. 2012), 47-58. Review

 Teixeira, A.; Pérez, D.; Sandberg, H.; and Johansson, K. H. Attack models and scenarios for networked control systems. In Proc. of the 1st International Conference on High Confidence Networked Systems, ACM, 2012, 55-64. Review

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