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Paul Cull
Oregon State University

Topics: Theory Of Computation (F)

Paul Cull is professor of computer science at Oregon State University where he has worked for over 30 years. He teaches a variety of undergraduate courses and graduate courses in theory of computation, analysis of algorithms, and cybernetics. During the summers he works with students in a research experience for undergraduates program which focuses on problems at the interface between computer science and mathematics. In 2001, Prof. Cull was given the Alumni Professor Award.

Paul Cull's research interests are mathematical biology, theory of computation, and analysis of algorithms. His early work was on inferring gene linkage from pedigree data. He earned his PhD at the University of Chicago where he studied with the committees on mathematical biology and information science. He wrote his thesis on the analysis of neural networks.

Over the years, he has worked on a large variety of topics and published papers in many venues. His most recent papers are in machine learning, neural nets, interconnection networks, biological string alignment, discrete iterations, and error-correcting codes. He is completing a book on difference equations.

When he is not in Oregon, Prof. Cull likes to be in Italy. He has worked and lectured at the Laboratory for Cybernetics, the University of Salerno, and the University of Naples.

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