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February 20, 2024

Managing IT projects: how to pragmatically deliver projects for external customers
This book provides a precise analysis of typical information technology (IT) project (procurement to delivery) life cycles, written from the supplier’s perspective. It offers a broad set of tips and tricks for how to succeed and how to avoid the obvious pitfalls that await the unwary. It... more
The orthographical symbols are twenty-five in number. This finding made it possible, three hundred years ago, to formulate a general theory of the Library... more
- Jorge Luis Borges (2003)
Conversational artificial intelligence in the AEC industry: a review of present status, challenges and opportunities: Advanced Engineering Informatics

Those working in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) domain often get bogged down in day-to-day paperwork and verbally communicated instructions. Natural language processing (NLP)... more

General (I.2.0) | Feb 14 24

State-of-the-art improvements and applications of position based dynamics: Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

The physically plausible simulation of objects is an active area of research in computer graphics. It is used in movies and video games and to simulate phenomena that would be expensive to... more

Animation (I.3.7...) | Feb 12 24

A survey of cyber security threats and solutions for UAV communications and flying ad-hoc networks: Ad Hoc Networks

FANET was coined for flying ad hoc networks, for example, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This survey paper is an in-depth discussion of the cybersecurity concerns and shortcomings unique to UAVs, as... more

Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Feb 8 24

Trustworthy AI: from principles to practices: ACM Computing Surveys

As systems based on AI have become the backbone of various public services such as transportation, finance, medicine, security, academics, medicine, and entertainment, the reliability and trustworthiness of AI artifacts/products, including robustness... more

General (I.2.0) | Jan 30 24

A deep learning technique for intrusion detection system using a recurrent neural networks based framework: Computer Communications

So let’s assume you already know and understand that artificial intelligence’s main building blocks are perceptrons, that is, mathematical models of neurons. And you know that, while a... more

Neural Nets (I.5.1...) | Jan 19 24

CPFloat: a C library for simulating low-precision arithmetic: ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

Mixed-mode floating-point arithmetic (MMFPA) is a requirement of modern numerical computing. The need arises, for instance, when computations entail execution on graphics processing units (GPUs) interleaved... more

Mathematical Software (G.4) | Jan 12 24

Hierarchical reinforcement learning for efficient and effective automated penetration testing of large networks: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Cybersecurity practitioners require alternative approaches and tools for combating the emerging security threats worldwide. How effective are current penetration testing (PT) training modules in... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Dec 18 23

Machine learning algorithms to forecast air quality: a survey: Artificial Intelligence Review

Forecasting air pollution levels can enable important public health actions such as traffic modification, self-protection steps by individuals at risk, and measures such as burn bans. The authors use this book to... more

Algorithms (B.2.4...) | Dec 11 23

Detecting deception using machine learning with facial expressions and pulse rate: Artificial Life and Robotics

This is a very important paper because it combines machine learning, facial expressions analysis, and pulse rate in order to detect deception in an interview context. The results are supported by strong machine... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Dec 8 23

BCGen: a comment generation method for bytecode: Automated Software Engineering

The authors have undertaken a project to make bytecode more readable by interspersing it with machine-generated comments. There are two salient questions regarding this... more

General (D.2.0) | Dec 6 23

Security chaos engineering: sustaining resilience in software and systems

The remarkable progress in data communications and networking necessitates new behaviors, principles, and disciplines concerning security. In addition to security techniques like encryption, authentication, established demilitarized zones (DMZs), and firewalls, a... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Feb 20 24

Software architecture: research roadmaps from the community

This short work is a compendium of six papers that arose from an International Conference on Software Architectures (ICSA) workshop held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in August 2022. The authors gathered around a common interest in a topic. These international teams... more
Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Feb 19 24

Simple type theory: a practical logic for expressing and reasoning about mathematical ideas

What has evolved from the famous century-old (Bertrand) Russell paradox and Russell’s consequent theory of types needs, in my opinion, all the useful elaboration, clarification, explication, and explanation that it can get. Any... more
General (G.0) | Feb 16 24

Pro Bash: learn to script and program the GNU/Linux shell (3rd ed.)

This is an excellent reference book for those who need to write Bash scripts. It is well organized, logically presented, and covers all the major commands and structures that are necessary to write useful scripts. The book makes few assumptions about the reader’s... more
Linux (D.4.0...) | Feb 15 24

Keywords in and out of context

In a literate society, the use of keywords is such a common everyday activity that we rarely reflect on the origins of their use. It seems so normal and inherent to our lives that using keywords is in our DNA. This is an enlightening short book on keywords and their... more
Word Processing (H.4.1...) | Feb 9 24

Algorithms for big data

This book is an output from the German Research Foundation’s priority programme SPP 1736 on “Algorithms for Big Data.” SPP 1736 funded 15 projects, and a few projects with their own funding were also associated with the programme. There are eight papers under the broad heading “Algorithms for Large... more
Algorithms (B.2.4...) | Feb 7 24

Exercises in cellular automata and groups

This book has been published as part of the “Springer Monographs in Mathematics” series. It complements the book Cellular automata and groups [1] and its forthcoming second edition by the same authors. The authors have also written many other... more
Cellular Arrays & Automata (B.6.1...) | Feb 6 24

Distributional reinforcement learning

Rarely does a book introduce a new field of study at the intersection of computer science, deep reinforcement learning (RL), probability theory, statistics, and applied math. In their work at Google DeepMind, the authors applied technologies like probability... more
Probability & Statistics (G.3) | Feb 5 24

Business data ethics: emerging models for governing AI and advanced analytics

Data ethics is an evidence-based approach to understanding the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies [1]. Hirsch et al.’s Business data ethics reports findings from a 2017 to 2019 empirical study of the motivations and... more
Data (E) | Feb 2 24

The threshold: leading in the age of AI

Nick Chatrath’s thoughtful book on artificial intelligence (AI) is of vital significance for leaders across all levels, urging managers to align actions to guide AI for humanity’s benefit. Few leaders move beyond machine-like approaches. Chatrath insists: leaders need soulfulness and maturity. His statement... more
General (I.2.0) | Feb 2 24

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