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July 26, 2021

Cognitive design for artificial minds
How does the human mind work? And how can we build artificial systems that display intelligent behavior? These two questions lie at the core of cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI), respectively. While they have been treated independently from each other in the recent past, Lieto argues here that the two fields have a... more
The most successful “computer artists” are those few who do more than merely replace the paintbrush with the electronic pen. These artists use the computer... more
- Ken Sofer (1981)
iCanCloud: a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure simulator: Journal of Grid Computing

Cloud computing is a flexible and scalable solution for delivering information technology (IT) services. However, as the processing power used must be paid for, accurately right-sizing the cloud resources... more

Simulation (B.1.2...) | Jul 26 21

Cubical Agda: a dependently typed programming language with univalence and higher inductive types: Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages

Russell proposed type theory in the first decades of the 20th century in response to the foundational crisis faced by set theory. Over the last century, there have... more

General (D.2.0) | Jul 23 21

DARPA’s explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) program: IUI 19

This very interesting survey talk provides extensive, high-level insight into the midterm progress of this advanced research endeavor. David Gunning first presents motivation for establishing the four-year program and the creation of the... more

General (I.0) | Jul 21 21

Efficient differentiable programming in a functional array-processing language: Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages

Differentiable programming, or automatic differentiation, is a powerful technique in many fields, including dynamic systems, machine learning... more

General (D.3.0) | Jul 20 21

Using BPM technology to deploy and manage distributed analytics in collaborative IoT-driven business scenarios: IoT 19

The Internet of Things (IoT), with its ability to create vast amounts of previously impossible-to-collect sensor-based data from... more

Business (J.1...) | Jul 15 21

randUTV: a blocked randomized algorithm for computing a rank-revealing UTV factorization: ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

Matrix singular value decomposition (SVD) has broad applications in both computational linear algebra and data analysis. Robust SVD algorithms and... more

General (G.0) | Jul 12 21

Constructing quotient inductive-inductive types: Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages

At the core of Martin-Löf type theory (also known as “intuitionistic type theory”) are dependent types, that is, types whose definitions depend on values; these... more

General (D.3.0) | Jul 9 21

Simplicity is best: IoT 19

Implementing data processing toward the edge of the Internet of Things (IoT) is an important requirement in order to produce real-time feedback according to some decision-based approach. The authors aim to experimentally prove that “simplicity is best... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Jul 7 21

An innovative approach for ad hoc network establishment in disaster environments by the deployment of wireless mobile agents: ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

This paper considers the challenges to mobile wireless robots (WRs) in disaster environments: the unknown environment; the complexity of the... more

General (I.2.0) | Jul 6 21

Dependable visual light-based indoor localization with automatic anomaly detection for location-based service of mobile cyber-physical systems: ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems

Indoor localization for mobile devices can employ beacons inserted in known positions... more

General (C.0) | Jul 2 21

Software engineering for absolute beginners

This book’s audience is exactly as described in its title: “absolute beginners.” The content is appropriate for someone who has had some minimal programming experience, for example, classwork or playing around at home... more
General (D.2.0) | Jul 22 21

Decision support systems using MiniZinc

MiniZinc is a free, open-source constraint programming and optimization software that allows anyone to develop programs, spanning from simple optimization to complex resource allocation algorithms. The application is available online ( more
Decision Support (H.4.2...) | Jul 21 21

Cognitive design for artificial minds

How does the human mind work? And how can we build artificial systems that display intelligent behavior? These two questions lie at the core of cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI), respectively. While they have been treated independently from each other... more
Psychology (J.4...) | Jul 19 21

Exploring advanced features in C#

In the 2000s, Microsoft designed and published C# in an open forum platform. The aim was to capture features of object-oriented languages like C++ and integrate with the .NET platform. Since then, it has evolved along with .NET. This volume deals with “advanced... more
C# (D.3.2...) | Jul 16 21

Technology in supply chain management and logistics

Technology in supply chain management and logistics is focused on the involvement of new technologies within supply chain management (SCM) and logistics. It presents a detailed analysis of their implications. The book consists of ten chapters, with each chapter... more
General (K.6.0) | Jul 14 21

Multidimensional mining of massive text data

This edited book on mining massive text data stands out by putting the concept of a “cube” center stage: a multi-dimensional space in which massive text data analysis should take place. As such, it offers discussions at the... more
KR Formalisms & Methods (I.2.4) | Jul 13 21

Remote sensing image classification in R

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) benefits many scientific fields, including Earth observation (EO). This is not new--machine learning met remote sensing in the early 70s. Since then, supervised classification has been extensively used to perform land cover and land... more
General (I.4.0) | Jul 12 21

Agile project management with Azure DevOps

Agile methodologies have become the preferred way to manage software projects. According to different reports, more than 70 percent of projects use some sort of agile practices. As remote jobs become more popular... more
Project & People Management (K.6.1) | Jul 8 21

Mathematical foundations of big data analytics

Mathematical foundations of big data analytics is a very welcome and timely addition to the growing area of big data analytics. The authors develop--and strictly follow in each of the nine chapters--a template consisting of motivation, theory, case study, and exercises. In... more
General (G.0) | Jul 5 21


In control theory, the mathematics of observability are well understood for linear systems. Martinelli addresses the far more complex problem of nonlinear systems, in particular those that include some unknown inputs. His approach is based on the geometric approach to... more
Control Theory (I.2.8...) | Jul 1 21

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