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The Review

Whenever you find a review that interests you, click on its title to display the whole review.

Your institution may have a subscription to CR, in which case you will be directed right to the review. If you are not at an institution with a subscription you will be required to login to an offsite account. For more information about subscriptions, please see the FAQ.

Because reviews are at the heart of CR, many of the system's key features are accessible directly from the Review page:

* Full Text

Click on Full Text to obtain the full text of the item being reviewed. The full text feature has several options. If the item is available online through an institutional or personal subscription, click on E-Article to read the article online. Purchase the item by clicking on Order. Or, if your institution's library has a link resolver system, like SFX, a custom button may appear instead of the Full Text button and link you to resources available at your institution.

* Author and Title

Click on any author's name to see other items written by that author. Click on the source title (name of the journal or book where the reviewed item was originally published) to read other reviews of items from that source.

* Reviewer

Click on the reviewer's name to learn more about the reviewer and see his or her other reviews.

* Multiple Reviews

If more than one reviewer has written about the item, an Also Reviewed pull-down menu appears that you can use to select another reviewer and read another viewpoint.

* Recommendations

The Recommendations box lets you know if there is something special about the review. Reviewer Selected lets you know that the reviewer found this particular item noteworthy and chose to review it. Highlighted Reviews and Featured Reviewers have been picked by the editors. In Hot Topics, authors and editors present essays focusing on emergent areas of computer science and create a list of relevant resources, including reviews. Any reviews recommended by our readers will say Reader Recommended. Let us know if you recommend the review by clicking Yes or No, and then clicking Enter. You can see all the recommended reviews in the Recommended section.

* Related Topics

Items in Computing Reviews are indexed by subject areas called Topics. The Topics that have been assigned to the item are displayed in the Related Topics box on the right side of the review. Click on a Topic to see a list of subtopics and other reviews within that category. Other features of the Related Topics box include:

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Add Alerts: If you want to be alerted to new reviews on a specific Topic in the future, click on Add next to that Topic. On the following Alert Strategies page, the topic you selected is identified by the word New next to it.

¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Clicking on Manage Alerts brings you directly to the Manage Alerts page in My Account where you can create, view, and modify your personalized Alert Strategies. The Manage Alerts page lists all Alerting categories. Click on a particular category to create new Alert Strategies, or to modify or delete any of your existing Alert Strategies. The More Alerts button brings you to a page where you can choose to be alerted on a number of the review's attributes, such as Reviewer, Journal Title, Topics, Authors, and more.

* Other Reviews

When reviews are indexed in CR, they are given a primary Topic classification that carries more weight than the other Topics assigned to the review. The reviews at the bottom of the page have the same primary Topic as the review that you are looking at. Click on a title to read a related review.

* Review #

All reviews are assigned two numbers in CR. The first is a unique CR number (for instance, CR129011), which is given to the review when it is published electronically. The second number identifies the review in the print publication. For example, 0408-0977 was published in August 2004 (04=year, 08=month), and 0977 is the four-digit sequential number of the review in the print publication. Find a particular review by entering the CR number in the Search box at the top right of the page.

* Review Forum

Click on Start A Forum to begin a discussion of the review with other Computing Reviews members. If a Forum already exists, the threads will appear in the Forum box.