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  Flash memory integration: performance and energy issues
Boukhobza J., Olivier P.,  ISTE Press - Elsevier, London, UK, 2017. 266 pp. Type: Book (978-1-785481-24-6)

With the explosion of data in recent years, storage technologies continue to be a critical infrastructure in the world. It is predicted that 44 zettabytes (44 billion terabytes) will be generated in 2020. While most data will be stored on hard dis...

Nov 13 2018
  Non-volatile in-memory computing by spintronics
Yu H., Ni L., Wang Y.,  Morgan & Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2016. 186 pp. Type: Book (978-1-627052-94-8)

With quintillions of calculations per second, exascale computing is a challenge for the world of scientific discovery and for advancing economic competitiveness. In certain applications such as climate change and climate modeling, precision medici...

Dec 11 2017
  Memristor based computation-in-memory architecture for data-intensive applications
Hamdioui S., Xie L., Nguyen H., Taouil M., Bertels K., Corporaal H., Jiao H., Catthoor F., Wouters D., Eike L., van Lunteren J.  DATE 2015 (Proceedings of the 2015 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition, Grenoble, France,  Mar 9-13, 2015) 1718-1725, 2015. Type: Proceedings

Big data problems have exposed the limitations of traditional computer architecture based on von Neumann’s computational paradigm, where data and programs are stored away from the computational element, and need to be transported between cac...

Sep 23 2015
  GPU concurrency: weak behaviours and programming assumptions
Alglave J., Batty M., Donaldson A., Gopalakrishnan G., Ketema J., Poetzl D., Sorensen T., Wickerson J.  ASPLOS 2015 (Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, Istanbul, Turkey,  Mar 14-18, 2015) 577-591, 2015. Type: Proceedings

A memory consistency model (MCM) is a specification that describes the value(s) that a memory location should hold based on the causal history of operations that may or may not be associated with that location. The MCM specification is important b...

Jul 16 2015
  Collaborative design and analysis of supply chain network management key processes model
Lu T., Trappey A., Chen Y., Chang Y.  Journal of Network and Computer Applications 36(6): 1503-1511, 2013. Type: Article

Some supply chain leaders know intuitively that better collaboration internally and externally with their partners makes sense and will create more stakeholder value, yet are not sure what to focus on. Others have to be convinced. This paper addre...

Sep 24 2014
  Simple memory machine models for GPUs
Nakano K.  International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems 29(1): 17-37, 2014. Type: Article

Memory access remains a pivotal element for eliciting the maximum performance from increasingly powerful parallel computers. Parallel computing memory resources are typically divided into shared and global memory spaces with tradeoffs between acce...

Dec 27 2013
   Inside solid state drives (SSDs)
Micheloni R., Marelli A., Eshghi K.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, Dordrecht, the Netherlands, 2013. 399 pp. Type: Book (978-9-400751-45-3)

Few areas in computing hardware have seen a surge in advancement comparable to what the field of solid state drives (SSDs) is currently experiencing. Until recently, disk storage enjoyed only small incremental improvements while processing power g...

Jul 10 2013
  The case for RAMCloud
Ousterhout J., Agrawal P., Erickson D., Kozyrakis C., Leverich J., Mazières D., Mitra S., Narayanan A., Ongaro D., Parulkar G., Rosenblum M., Rumble S., Stratmann E., Stutsman R.  Communications of the ACM 54(7): 121-130, 2011. Type: Article

In recent decades, disk storage capacity has increased spectacularly, but access speed to the information has not changed significantly. In light of the tremendous developments in semiconductor dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), it seems attract...

Sep 21 2011
  Overview of high performance computers
van der Steen A., Dongarra J.  In Handbook of massive data sets. Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002. Type: Book Chapter

In the first part of the overview, the authors present the main architectural classes of high performance computing systems: shared-memory single-instruction-stream, multiple-data-stream (SIMD); distributed-memory SIMD; shared-memory multiple-inst...

Sep 9 2003
  A High-Bandwidth Memory Pipeline for Wide Issue Processors
Cho S., Yew P., Lee G.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 50(7): 709-723, 2001. Type: Article

Providing adequate data bandwidth in processors is a current concern in hardware design. Cache memories are used to shorten the average memory access latency. Multiported data caches can use time-division multiplexing, cache replication, and inter...

Jun 21 2002
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