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  Object-oriented Common Lisp
Slade S., Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1997.  Type: Book (9780136059400)

Common Lisp and its extensive standard library are introduced in this book. The first chapter gives a short history of Lisp and its dialects. After a tutorial introduction in the second chapter, the author presents lists and trees, the...

Dec 1 1997
  Fast floating-point processing in Common Lisp
Fateman R., Broughan K., Willcock D., Rettig D. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 21(1): 26-62, 1995.  Type: Article

Basically, this paper is a polemic about LISP arithmetic. It starts with an overview of why one might want to do floating point arithmetic in LISP: there are packages that do a combination of symbolic and numerical mathematics, and tec...

Apr 1 1996
  Real-time programming in Common Lisp
Allard J., Hawkinson L. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 64-69, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
Gabriel R., White J. (ed), Bobrow D. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 29-38, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
McKay S. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 58-59, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  Biosphere 2 nerve system
Stewart R. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 69-71, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
Muller H. Communications of the ACM 34(9): 59-61, 1991.  Type: Article


Dec 1 1992
  The art of metaobject protocol
Kiczales G., des Rivières J., Bobrow D., MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1991.  Type: Book (9780262610742)

The authors develop an extension to the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) that makes the inner workings of CLOS explicit in a set of metaobject protocols (MOPs). The fundamental elements of CLOS programs (classes, slot definitions, gene...

Aug 1 1992
  Common LISP modules
Watson M., Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1991.  Type: Book (9780387976143)

Watson provides the reader with extensive and rather complete fragments of Common Lisp code listings for various activities that are common in artificial intelligence research and practice. The book covers topics from neural networks, ...

Jun 1 1992
  Common LISP: the language (2nd ed.)
Guy L. J., Digital Press, Newton, MA, 1990.  Type: Book (9781555580414)

The 1965 LISP 1.5 programmer’s manual needed only 106 pages to completely describe the language. The second edition of Steele’s book uses 1029 pages to achieve the same purpose. This difference shows how much...

Dec 1 1991
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