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  Programming projects in C for students of engineering, science, and mathematics
Rostamian R.,  SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2014. 409 pp. Type: Book (978-1-611973-49-5), Reviews: (2 of 2)

This book introduces C, and uses it in a few interesting projects. Therefore, I’d like to look at it in the wider context of programming languages suitable for complex projects. For this, let’s draw an analogy to natural human language...

Jun 30 2022
  C is not a low-level language
Chisnall D.  Queue 16(2): 18-30, 2018. Type: Article

Early computers were programmed with low-level languages that were very close to their physical architecture. Although those languages guaranteed efficient use of machine resources, they were not particularly user-friendly, meaning it was hard for...

Oct 21 2020
  C programming and numerical analysis: an introduction
Nomura S.,  Morgan&Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2018. 200 pp. Type: Book (978-1-681733-11-1)

It is often assumed that scientists are proficient in computer programming--after all, they use computers as their primary work tools, don’t they? Well, this is not always the case: computer programming is a field of its own, with its m...

Sep 25 2019
  Repairing sequential consistency in C/C++11
Lahav O., Vafeiadis V., Kang J., Hur C., Dreyer D.  PLDI 2017 (Proceedings of the 38th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, Barcelona, Spain,  Jun 18-23, 2017) 618-632, 2017. Type: Proceedings

The standards committee of the C++ programming language defined the C11 memory model. This model provides several notions of consistency for memory reads and writes, with sequentially consistent (SC) being the strongest and most expensive. This pa...

Apr 26 2018
   Low-level programming: C, assembly, and program execution on Intel 64 architecture
Zhirkov I.,  Apress, New York, NY, 2017. 435 pp. Type: Book (978-1-484224-02-1)

Despite the ease of programming in high-level languages, there will always be things that are best programmed in low-level languages (such as speed, resource usage, and size). Assembler is certainly the lowest language, but assembler programs are ...

Mar 7 2018
  Practical C
Zambon G.,  Apress, New York, NY, 2016. 469 pp. Type: Book (978-1-484217-68-9)

The C programming language remains one of the principal languages for developing operating systems and many applications, especially in the sciences and engineering. This book is not a textbook. Rather, it is an extended personal essay by the auth...

Jun 5 2017
  Learn to program with C
Kalicharan N.,  Apress, New York, NY, 2015. 312 pp. Type: Book (978-1-484213-72-8)

Dennis Ritchie developed the C programming language at Bell Laboratories, in 1972, for implementing the UNIX operating system. Learn to program with C is a book whose stated goal is “to teach fundamental programming principles using C...

May 27 2016
  Intermediate C programming
Lu Y.,  CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 2015. 498 pp. Type: Book (978-1-498711-63-0), Reviews: (3 of 3)

When looking at a textbook on introductory programming in the C language, it is not so difficult to imagine what contents will be found within. Also, for more advanced topics, it is quite likely that a number of books are available to describe any...

Apr 21 2016
  Beginning C for Arduino: learn C programming for the Arduino (2nd ed.)
Purdum J.,  Apress, New York, NY, 2015. 388 pp. Type: Book (978-1-484209-41-7)

Among all languages, I still feel C is the best language to start learning. I know people say Python or Java may be good first languages; however, C has existed for the past 40 years and it is still thriving. Now look at microcontrollers like Ardu...

Apr 14 2016
  Intermediate C programming
Lu Y.,  CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, 2015. 498 pp. Type: Book (978-1-498711-63-0), Reviews: (2 of 3)

The C language is time-honored, and I continue to look forward to mastering it. C has survived my desultory flings with C++ whenever a job description has allowed any choice. Contemporary C, albeit not (officially) strongly typed, partakes of typi...

Dec 2 2015
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