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  Surveying stylometry techniques and applications
Neal T., Sundararajan K., Fatima A., Yan Y., Xiang Y., Woodard D.  ACM Computing Surveys 50(6): 1-36, 2018. Type: Article

Stylometry is analysis of textual data to find hidden patterns. This paper provides a comprehensive survey on this topic....

Apr 19 2018
  Online recognition of handwritten music symbols
Oh J., Son S., Lee S., Kwon J., Kwak N.  International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 20(2): 79-89, 2017. Type: Article

There has been some progress with the automatic recognition of handwriting in recent years, and the digital analysis of handwritten music poses similar problems. In this case, the online recognition of music symbols means analyzing individual symb...

Jul 14 2017
  Offline scripting-free author identification based on speeded-up robust features
Sharma M., Dhaka V.  International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 18(4): 303-316, 2015. Type: Article

Text-independent writer identification (writer ID) has been studied for many years, and more and more techniques are now proposed to deal with various scripts and writing conditions. In general, there are two types of feature extraction: histogram...

Feb 19 2016
  Unsupervised document structure analysis of digital scientific articles
Klampfl S., Granitzer M., Jack K., Kern R.  International Journal on Digital Libraries 14(3-4): 83-99, 2014. Type: Article

A fully automated approach to analyze PDF scientific articles and parse them into correctly ordered sections and extra metadata is described in this paper. The result is the text, in correct order, from the body of the work, along with a table of ...

Apr 29 2015
  Exploiting discourse information to identify paraphrases
Bach N., Minh N., Shimazu A.  Expert Systems with Applications: An International Journal 41(6): 2832-2841, 2014. Type: Article

An important task in many natural language applications is to determine whether two sentences have approximately the same meaning, even if they look syntactically different and share only a few words. The problem is usually attacked by machine lea...

Mar 25 2015
  Word spotting in historical printed documents using shape and sequence comparisons
Khurshid K., Faure C., Vincent N.  Pattern Recognition 45(7): 2598-2609, 2012. Type: Article

A detailed and practical description of methods for character and word recognition in badly printed materials is presented in this paper. The authors compare their work with commercial optical character recognition software and find that their met...

Mar 11 2013
  Content-based trust and bias classification via biclustering
Siklósi D., Daróczy B., Benczúr A.  WebQuality 2012 (Proceedings of the 2nd Joint WICOW/AIRWeb Workshop on Web Quality, Lyon, France,  Apr 16, 2012) 41-47, 2012. Type: Proceedings

This paper aims to improve trust in a large collection of Web data, given a specific domain. Obtaining a large collection of opinions from unbiased and trustworthy sources is a challenge. The authors focus on assessing trust and neutrality by sele...

May 25 2012
  Who is talking? An ontology-based opinion leader identification framework for word-of-mouth marketing in online social blogs
Li F., Du T.  Decision Support Systems 51(1): 190-197, 2011. Type: Article

This paper proposes BARR, a framework for blog analysis. The framework considers blog content, author properties, reader properties, and the relationship between the author and the readers. Use of this framework can help identify hot topics, hot b...

Sep 2 2011
  Evaluation of semantic events for legal case retrieval
Maxwell K., Oberlander J., Lavrenko V.  ESAIR 2009 (Proceedings of the WSDM ’09 Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval, Barcelona, Spain,  Feb 9, 2009) 39-41, 2009. Type: Proceedings

This paper considers the possibility of improving the retrieval of information from legal cases by incorporating semantic elements into the search process. Since legal cases often turn on the cause or causer of an illegal action, it would seem hel...

Aug 13 2010
  Farsi and Arabic document images lossy compression based on the mixed raster content model
Grailu H., Lotfizad M., Sadoghi-Yazdi H.  International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 12(4): 227-248, 2009. Type: Article

This paper--on the image compression of documents containing texts--proposes a new compression method based on the mixed raster content (MRC) model. The new method improves compression performance over other similar methods for documents...

Mar 18 2010
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