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  Spectral methods: algorithms, analysis and applications
Shen J., Tang T., Wang L., Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2011. 486 pp.  Type: Book (978-3-540710-40-0)

Differential equations arise in various branches of science and engineering, such as fluid and solid mechanics, biology, material sciences, economics, ecology, and computer science. Some well-known examples include the Navier-Stokes eq...

Jan 10 2013
  Efficient spectral and pseudospectral algorithms for 3D simulations of whistler-mode waves in a plasma
Gumerov N., Karavaev A., Surjalal Sharma A., Shao X., Papadopoulos K. Journal of Computational Physics 230(7): 2605-2619, 2011.  Type: Article

The simulation of whistler waves in cold electron plasma is the main subject of this well-written, comprehensive paper. Gumerov et al. consider waves generated by loop antennas, as well as spheromak-like stationary waves. The solution ...

Sep 7 2011
  Numerical convergence study of nearly incompressible, inviscid Taylor-Green vortex flow
Shu C., Don W., Gottlieb D., Schilling O., Jameson L. Journal of Scientific Computing 24(1): 569-595, 2005.  Type: Article

The existence of nonlinear instability was first noted by Phillips in 1956 [1], in the context of general circulation of the atmosphere. Phillips [2] later discovered that the cause of the instability was aliasing. The spurious growth ...

Mar 11 2008
  An efficient numerical spectral method for solving the Schrödinger equation
Rawitscher G., Koltracht I. Computing in Science and Engineering 7(6): 58-66, 2005.  Type: Article

Rawitscher and Koltracht present a readily accessible introduction to the spectral method and its applications to solving boundary value problems. They proceed to demonstrate their ideas in the context of examples, first for approximat...

Apr 18 2006
  Spectral discretizations of the Stokes equations with non standard boundary conditions
Bernard J. Journal of Scientific Computing 20(3): 355-377, 2004.  Type: Article

The approximation of a nonstandard Stokes problem using spectral methods is discussed in this paper. In this problem, in addition to the pressure being assigned on a part of the boundary, the tangential vorticity is given, on another p...

Nov 1 2004
  The spectral signal processing suite
Sarra S. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 29(2): 195-217, 2003.  Type: Article

A Java software package that applies Chebyshev polynomials to approximate piecewise smooth functions with discontinuities is covered in this paper. The package is an implementation of the Gegenbauer reconstruction procedure (GRP) and e...

Sep 24 2003
  Adaptive solution of partial differential equations in multiwavelet bases: how to write them and why
Alpert B., Beylkin G., Gines D., Vozovoi L. Journal of Computational Physics 182(1): 149-190, 2002.  Type: Article

Considered in this paper are the vector spaces of multiwavelets, functions defined on a small support, which are refined by halving intervals. A good history of past papers is presented to get the reader up to speed. By choosing basis ...

Jul 3 2003
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