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  Visual representation of Web design patterns for end-users
Díaz P., Aedo I., Rosson M.  Advanced visual interfaces (Proceedings of the Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Napoli, Italy, May 28-30, 2008) 408-411, 2008.  Type: Proceedings

The major contribution of this paper is in providing references to background works on patterns for user interaction, and on related work by the authors....

Aug 29 2008
  Bi-directional safety analysis of product lines
Feng Q., Lutz R. Journal of Systems and Software 78(2): 111-127, 2005.  Type: Article

This paper describes a method for performing a safety analysis of a software product line consisting of multiple software products built from a common set of core assets. The analysis method makes use of the requirements, architecture,...

Jan 4 2006
  Reuse of software in distributed embedded automotive systems
Hardung B., Kölzow T., Krüger A.  Embedded software (Proceedings of the Fourth ACM International Conference on Embedded Software, Pisa, Italy, Sep 27-29, 2004) 203-210, 2004.  Type: Proceedings

Leading automotive organizations have recognized reuse as an important element of their product engineering strategies. The need for reuse is even more pressing in embedded control software. The authors make a significant contribution ...

Jan 20 2005
  A system model for dynamically reconfigurable software
Whisnant K., Kalbarczyk Z., Iyer R. IBM Systems Journal 42(1): 45-59, 2003.  Type: Article

A formal model that captures the structure and behavior of object-oriented systems is presented in this paper. This model forms the basis for defining reconfigurations of the system, and identifying sufficient criteria for safe reconfi...

Jan 17 2005
  Deadlock-free software architectures for COM/DCOM applications
Inverardi P., Tivoli M. Journal of Systems and Software 65(3): 173-183, 2003.  Type: Article

Component-based integration frameworks, such as the component object model and distributed component object model (COM/DCOM), Java beans, and the common object request broker architecture (CORBA), provide interoperabilit...

Feb 23 2004
  More success and failure factors in software reuse
Menzies T., Di Stefano J. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 29(5): 474-477, 2003.  Type: Article

This short note discusses some learning algorithms. It applies these algorithms to previously published data [1], which summarized the success or failure of 24 reuse projects....

Dec 1 2003
  Retrieval of software components using a distributed web system: unnamed functions in C++
Behle A., Kirchhof M., Nagl M., Welter R. Journal of Network and Computer Applications 25(3): 197-222, 2002.  Type: Article

One of the current key issues in software engineering is the composition of software products out of prefabricated building blocks, or components. This paper addresses the description of software components and its allocation to hierar...

Jul 23 2003
  Engineering software reuse for on-board embedded real-time systems: unnamed functions in C++
Vardanega T., Caspersen G. Software--Practice & Experience 32(3): 233-264, 2002.  Type: Article

Software reuse is important to everyone related to software development, and this paper looks at software reuse for embedded real time systems, used in onboard systems on spacecrafts....

Jul 22 2003
  CCFinder: a multilinguistic token-based code clone detection system for large scale source code
Kamiya T., Kusumoto S., Inoue K. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 28(7): 654-670, 2002.  Type: Article

A token-based code clone detection system called CCFinder is described in this paper. A clone pair is a pair of identical or similar code portions that could be merged into a single routine to reduce the maintenance burden. The paper d...

Apr 28 2003
  Concurrency versus availability: atomicity mechanisms for replicated data
Herlihy M. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 5(3): 249-274, 1987.  Type: Article

This technical paper examines alternative approaches to managing replicated data. Two methods are presented in which concurrency control and replica management are handled by a single integrated protocol....

Mar 1 1988
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