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  ISDN and broadband ISDN with frame relay and ATM (4th ed.)
Stallings W., Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1999. 544 pp.  Type: Book (9780139737442)

Stallings is one of the best-known authorities in datacommunications and networking. As part of his continuing effort to keepup with changes in technology, this book is an update and revision ofthe previous edition [1]....

Jul 1 1999
  ISDN and SS7
Black U., Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1997.  Type: Book (9780132591935)

The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Signaling System 7 (SS7) are telephone signaling systems that are widely deployed in many countries. ISDN is used to carry signaling information between the user’s terminal (...

Mar 1 1998
  Mastering ISDN
Sapien M., Piedmo G., SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA, 1997.  Type: Book (9780782118452)

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), a set of digital transmission protocols accepted as a standard by communications carriers worldwide, has a large installed base in Europe and a growing market in North America. The current in...

Feb 1 1998
  ISDN clearly explained (2nd ed.)
Tittel E., James S., Piscitello D., Phifer L., Academic Press Prof., Inc., San Diego, CA, 1997.  Type: Book (9780126914122)

Since the Internet has become popular and Internet service providers are sprouting like mushrooms, the average person needs to know about the intricacies of digital communications. This book explains ISDN technology and discusses metho...

Feb 1 1998
  ISDN (3rd ed.)
Kessler G., Southwick P., McGraw-Hill, Inc., Hightstown, NJ, 1996.  Type: Book (9780070342491)

Quite simply, this is the ultimate text on ISDN. The authors are to be commended on a thorough and readable presentation that goes far beyond what is normally considered ISDN. The book begins with introductory and background material a...

Jun 1 1997
Summers C., Dunetz B., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY, 1996.  Type: Book (9780471133261)

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a high-speed digital phone line technology. Data rates over ISDN--128 kbps for a typical installation--are considerably higher than the best that can currently be achieved...

Jan 1 1997
  ISDN networking essentials
Tittel E., James S., Academic Press Prof., Inc., San Diego, CA, 1996.  Type: Book (9780126913927)

Unlike other technical books on ISDN, this book informs the reader about the crucial components and the cost of bringing ISDN services to the home or office. It is aimed at the general public and, as such, reflects tremendous effort on...

Nov 1 1996
  ISDN and broadband ISDN with frame relay and ATM (3rd ed.)
Stallings W., Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1995.  Type: Book (9780024155139)

Stallings has certainly earned his reputation as an authority in the general areas of data communication and networking. Unlike many new editions of traditional textbooks, this book is a true revision, with the appropriate addition of ...

Aug 1 1996
  ISDN implementer’s guide
Summers C., McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York, NY, 1995.  Type: Book (9780070694163)

Summers provides what is probably the most comprehensive technical coverage of all aspects of ISDN (including broadband ISDN) that could be had in 400 pages, short of reading the protocol standards themselves. This book is much more re...

Jul 1 1996
  Erlang capacity and uniform approximations for shared unbuffered resources
Mitra D., Morrison J. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 2(6): 558-570, 1994.  Type: Article

As asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) becomes deployed as the basis for the telephone and telecommunications networks of the next 30 years, several issues will have to be addressed. ATM is based on the premise that, by using the natural ...

Jan 1 1996
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