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  Ada’s legacy: cultures of computing from the victorian to the digital age
Hammerman R., Russell A.,  Association for Computing Machinery and Morgan & Claypool, New York, NY, 2015. 243 pp. Type: Book

Known as the first computer programmer, and popularized by the programming language named after her, who really was Augusta Ada, Countess of Lovelace, and what does she signify for us? Ada’s legacy, a collection of papers based on a 2...

May 13 2016
   The thrilling adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: the (mostly) true story of the first computer
Padua S.,  Pantheon Books, 2015. 320 pp. Type: Book (978-0-307908-27-8)

Every field has its heroes. The comics are an ideal medium to present these heroes and their tales. Sydney Padua has taken two of the mythological heroes of computing and placed them in a wonderfully imagined and drawn “pocket universe”...

Dec 1 2015
  The universal machine: from the dawn of computing to digital consciousness
Watson I.,  Copernicus Books, New York, NY, 2012. 367 pp. Type: Book (978-3-642281-01-3)

This interesting popular science book sheds light on important works and key figures in the world of computing. It starts with the early work of Charles Babbage, progresses to recent achievements in the fields of computer science (CS) and informat...

Apr 10 2013
  The difference engine: Charles Babbage and the quest to build the first computer
Swade D.,  Viking Press, New York, NY, 2001. 342 pp. Type: Book (9780670910205)

In July 1991, the world celebrated (about six months early) the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Babbage with a conference at the University of Cambridge and a spectacular exhibit opening at the Science Museum in South Kensington, London. The ...

Apr 18 2002
Coldwell R.  Communications of the ACM 41(9): 25-27, 1998. Type: Article

Coldwell notes that Charles Babbage did not patent any of his inventions, instead making them immediately available to others. After musing on the two current definitions of piracy (plunder on the high seas and copyright infringement) and expressi...

Oct 1 1998
Davis M. Type: Article

Herman Berg, an independent investigator of the history of computing, has been distressed since 1984 because he believes he was unjustly deprived of the credit of locating the original version of a historically important letter, well known in tran...

Feb 1 1995
  Science and reform (selected works of Charles Babbage)
Hyman A.,  Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, 1989.Type: Book (9789780521343114)

This book includes papers concerning the difference engine and the analytical engine as well as many other interesting works by Charles Babbage. The entire collection gives the reader a feel for the atmosphere in which Babbage designed his engines...

Apr 1 1990
  Memoir of the life and labours of the late Charles Babbage Esq. F.R.S
Buxton H.,  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1988.Type: Book (9789780262022699)

Charles Babbage’s contributions to computing technology are presented in almost every introductory text on the subject, and the computing machines he designed are described as precursors to the modern computer. This book provides a detailed ...

Mar 1 1989
  Mr. Babbage’s secret: the tale of a cypher-and APL
Franksen O.,  Strandbergs Forlag, Vedbæk, Denmark, 1984.Type: Book (9789788787200868)

Charles Babbage (1791-1871) was renowned in his lifetime as a cryptographer, as well as for his calculating engines. His brief publications on cyphers indicated that he had very effective methods for decypherment, but he did not publish details of...

Jun 1 1985
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