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  Feature selection and enhanced krill herd algorithm for text document clustering
Abualigah L.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 165 pp. Type: Book (978-3-030106-73-7)

This monograph, which comes out of the author’s PhD thesis, studies text document clustering with the help of the krill herd (KH) algorithm....

May 10 2019
   Environmental sound recognition using short-time feature aggregation
Roma G., Herrera P., Nogueira W.  Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 51(3): 457-475, 2018. Type: Article

Enabling the automatic human-level (or better) detection and classification of audio events and sound environments would be a clear plus for artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications such as robotics and social signal processing. Typical mac...

Jan 31 2019
  Prediction of HIV drug resistance by combining sequence and structural properties
Khalid Z., Sezerman O.  IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 15(3): 966-973, 2018. Type: Article

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) has been one of the deadliest diseases for the past three decades. Treatment is challenging even today....

Nov 7 2018
  A filter attribute selection method based on local reliable information
Martín R., Aler R., Galván I.  Applied Intelligence 48(1): 35-45, 2018. Type: Article

In classification algorithms, the core problem is selecting the right attributes and assigning them the right weight for each item being processed, in order to achieve reliable results; all the more so if machine learning is involved. At present, ...

Apr 25 2018
  Anomaly detection as a service: challenges, advances, and opportunities
Yao D., Shu X., Cheng L., Stolfo S.,  Morgan & Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2017. 173 pp. Type: Book (978-1-681731-09-4)

Written by a team of well-known academic researchers and authors of landmark papers in the area of system and network security, this book is a distilled and concise overview of academic and industrial approaches for anomaly detection in the contex...

Apr 25 2018
   Tied factors analysis for high-dimensional image feature extraction and recognition application
Liao H., Chen Y., Dai W., Ruan R.  Pattern Analysis & Applications 20(2): 587-600, 2017. Type: Article

Face recognition is one of those unstructured tasks that the human brain excels at, but that is difficult for computers to perform. But as it becomes crucial for many modern activities, it would be a great help for us humans if we could automate t...

Jun 15 2017
  Context-based unsupervised ensemble learning and feature ranking
Soltanmohammadi E., Naraghi-Pour M., van der Schaar M.  Machine Learning 105(3): 459-485, 2016. Type: Article

An unsupervised ensemble learning and feature ranking method in which the combiner has no information about the expert’s performance, methods, and the data with which they operate is proposed in this paper. The method uses batch processing a...

Apr 20 2017
  Variational Bayesian inference for infinite generalized inverted Dirichlet mixtures with feature selection and its application to clustering
Bdiri T., Bouguila N., Ziou D.  Applied Intelligence 44(3): 507-525, 2016. Type: Article

Model-based data analysis is a powerful, increasingly popular tool for inferring knowledge and abstract information from data sets. To date, the model-based learning literature has mostly been dominated by Gaussian mixtures. However, conventional ...

Jun 20 2016
  A comprehensive performance evaluation of 3D local feature descriptors
Guo Y., Bennamoun M., Sohel F., Lu M., Wan J., Kwok N.  International Journal of Computer Vision 116(1): 66-89, 2016. Type: Article

For those that are working with 3D point clouds (for example, 3D keypoint detection, 3D local feature descriptors, 3D object recognition/classification/retrieval, 3D scene modeling and reconstruction, and 3D data registration, among many other pos...

Apr 27 2016
  Offline scripting-free author identification based on speeded-up robust features
Sharma M., Dhaka V.  International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition 18(4): 303-316, 2015. Type: Article

Text-independent writer identification (writer ID) has been studied for many years, and more and more techniques are now proposed to deal with various scripts and writing conditions. In general, there are two types of feature extraction: histogram...

Feb 19 2016
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