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  Shape classification using spectral graph wavelets
Masoumi M., Hamza A.  Applied Intelligence 47(4): 1256-1269, 2017. Type: Article

Spectral analysis on a triangle mesh gained its popularity in shape retrieval due to the success of shape-DNA, which is easy to compute yet can achieve an accuracy of over 90 percent in some tests. The idea of bringing wavelet transforms into this...

Feb 15 2018
  Knowledge graph for TCM health preservation
Yu T., Li J., Yu Q., Tian Y., Shun X., Xu L., Zhu L., Gao H.  Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 77 48-52, 2017. Type: Article

This paper introduces a knowledge graph for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health preservation....

Oct 12 2017
  The complexity of zero-visibility cops and robber
Dereniowski D., Dyer D., Tifenbach R., Yang B.  Theoretical Computer Science 607, Pt. 2, 135-148, 2015. Type: Article

This paper concerns itself with the following problem: one has a graph and somewhere in the graph there is a “robber” who is invisible to the cops. The cops are to be placed on the graph and can move between the vertices of the graph. ...

Mar 1 2016
  Graph based anomaly detection and description: a survey
Akoglu L., Tong H., Koutra D.  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 29(3): 626-688, 2015. Type: Article

A consistent survey on anomaly detection and description is provided in this paper. This topic is extremely relevant due to the wide range of application domains. For this same reason, this topic is difficult to exhaustively address with a complet...

Sep 28 2015
  Fast collaborative graph exploration
Dereniowski D., Disser Y., Kosowski A., Pajak D., Uznaski P.  Information and Computation 243(C): 37-49, 2015. Type: Article

Online graph exploration often requires one of the exploring agents to visit each vertex. The authors define and analyze such exploration for an undirected graph in the least numbers of steps for a multi-collaborating-agent scenario. The problem h...

Sep 1 2015
  Steiner tree approximation via iterative randomized rounding
Byrka J., Grandoni F., Rothvoss T., Sanità L.  Journal of the ACM 60(1): 1-33, 2013. Type: Article

The Steiner tree problem is an important combinatorial optimization problem with applications in a wide range of areas, such as very-large-scale integration (VLSI) physical design, the design of virtual private networks, and so on. It is an NP-har...

Nov 5 2014
  Merge-and-shrink abstraction: a method for generating lower bounds in factored state spaces
Helmert M., Haslum P., Hoffmann J., Nissim R.  Journal of the ACM 61(3): 1-63, 2014. Type: Article

Pattern databases are heuristics used in search that rely on abstractions that aggregate states if they agree on a subset of the state variables. This paper considers a more general class of abstractions called merge-and-shrink abstractions. Shrin...

Aug 6 2014
  Large-scale parallel Monte Carlo tree search on GPU
Rocki K., Suda R.  IPDPSW 2011 (Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Anchorage, AK,  May 16-20, 2011) 2034-2037, 2011. Type: Proceedings

“Monte Carlo tree search (MCTS) is a method for making optimal decisions in artificial intelligence (AI) problems.” It takes random samples in a given decision space and builds a search tree according to the simulation results. MCTS is...

Nov 30 2012
  Improvement of harmony search algorithm by using statistical analysis
Sarvari H., Zamanifar K.  Artificial Intelligence Review 37(3): 181-215, 2012. Type: Article

Classical jazz performers and marching bands play different musical instruments that require harmonization to produce pleasant melodies. The synchronization of symphony orchestras has been attracting the attention of optimization research scientis...

Jul 13 2012
  Approximability of the firefighter problem: computing cuts over time
Anshelevich E., Chakrabarty D., Hate A., Swamy C.  Algorithmica 62(1-2): 520-536, 2012. Type: Article

In many practical situations, we have a graph of spatial locations in which, at each moment in time, a harmful process, such as an epidemic or fire, spreads from a node to its neighbor, unless this neighbor has been protected earlier (vaccinated)....

Jun 7 2012
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