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   Exact algorithms via monotone local search
Fomin F., Gaspers S., Lokshtanov D., Saurabh S.  Journal of the ACM 66(2): 1-23, 2019. Type: Article

Many important problems are NP-complete; this means that, unless P = NP, we cannot have a polynomial-time (feasible) algorithm for solving all instances of this problem. For each such problem, there is an exhaustive search algorithm that requires ...

Apr 26 2021
  Unsupervised domain ranking in large-scale web crawls
Cui Y., Sparkman C., Lee H., Loguinov D.  ACM Transactions on the Web 12(4): 1-29, 2018. Type: Article

The already enormous amount of web content continues to increase. This poses an issue to web crawlers, the tools used by search engines to find content worth indexing for searches. Web crawlers have to find and rank web content using limited resou...

Apr 15 2019
  Search-based program synthesis
Alur R., Singh R., Fisman D., Solar-Lezama A.  Communications of the ACM 61(12): 84-93, 2018. Type: Article

Program synthesis aims at the automatic generation of “an executable implementation ... from a high-level logical specification of the desired input-to-output behavior.” The review article concentrates on syntax-guided synthesis. This ...

Mar 19 2019
  Distrust seed set propagation algorithm to detect web spam
Goh K., Patchmuthu R., Singh A.  Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 49(2): 213-235, 2017. Type: Article

The Internet has become an integral part of the infrastructure of modern society. There have been over one billion websites on the web. To locate webpages closely related to one’s interests, people commonly employ handy search engines. While...

Dec 28 2017
  Query intent mining with multiple dimensions of web search data
Jiang D., Leung K., Ng W.  World Wide Web 19(3): 475-497, 2016. Type: Article

How to derive search intent from user queries has been a hot research topic in recent years. Jiang et al. propose new frameworks to improve intent mining. Extensive experiments with large real-life datasets show the effectiveness of their approach...

Nov 11 2016
  Personalized concept-based search on the linked open data
Sah M., Wade V.  Journal of Web Semantics 3632-57, 2016. Type: Article

Having closely followed the various success stories paving the way for the future web, many controversial discussions and opinions emerged about the existence of the semantic web during the last decade. With its takeoff being expected and anticipa...

Jun 9 2016
  The Mannheim Search Join Engine
Lehmberg O., Ritze D., Ristoski P., Meusel R., Paulheim H., Bizer C.  Journal of Web Semantics 35, Part 3, 159-166, 2015. Type: Article

Data used by computer systems has traditionally been highly structured and organized. Most current relational database management systems (RDBMS) were introduced in the 1970s and have been faithfully serving their users ever since. Lately though, ...

Mar 14 2016
  Shuffle index: efficient and private access to outsourced data
De Capitani Di Vimercati S., Foresti S., Paraboschi S., Pelosi G., Samarati P.  ACM Transactions on Storage 11(4): 1-55, 2015. Type: Article

There exists “a clear need to provide proper confidentiality protection” to outsourced data where the data itself and access to that data is “not under the control of the data owner.” Content protection through encryption a...

Jan 20 2016
  Related entity finding by unified probabilistic models
Fang Y., Si L.  World Wide Web 18(3): 521-543, 2015. Type: Article

Web search calls for more sophisticated capabilities than document retrieval. A promising approach is to respond to a user query with specific objects or entities of interest. For example, a query of “dentist” will return a list of den...

Sep 28 2015
  User activity patterns during information search
Cole M., Hendahewa C., Belkin N., Shah C.  ACM Transactions on Information Systems 33(1): 1-39, 2015. Type: Article

The activity pattern analysis methodology is presented to detect different types of search tasks during information searches. The observable data from search task sessions include different page-related activities, such as seeing or revisiting a c...

Sep 28 2015
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