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  Web log analysis: a review of a decade of studies about information acquisition, inspection and interpretation of user interaction
Agosti M., Crivellari F., Di Nunzio G. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 24(3): 663-696, 2020.  Type: Article

We are all aware that computer systems log user activity. Exactly what is done, if anything, with these logs is less clear. In this paper, Agosti et al. review log analysis research over the past ten years to trace the state of the art in analyzin...

Jan 11 2022
  Querying graphs
Bonifati A., Fletcher G., Voigt H., Yakovets N., Morgan&Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2018. 184 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-681734-30-9)

Graph data management (GDM) has become an increasingly important discipline, both in academia and in industry. One reason is that graph data has been ubiquitously created, collected, and released for analysis and learning. Every day, m...

Nov 21 2019
  Waves: a fast multi-tier top-k query processing algorithm
Daoud C., Silva de Moura E., Fernandes D., Soares da Silva A., Rossi C., Carvalho A. Information Retrieval 20(3): 292-316, 2017.  Type: Article

Daoud and colleagues propose and demonstrate the effectiveness of their innovative waves algorithm, a fast multitier top-k query processing algorithm. In the waves algorithm, the entire document collection is divided...

Dec 28 2017
  Decomposing federated queries in presence of replicated fragments
Montoya G., Skaf-Molli H., Molli P., Vidal M. Journal of Web Semantics 42 1-18, 2017.  Type: Article

Linked data means that data stored in heterogeneous and autonomous information sources can be integrated, making the information more valuable than what could be obtained from isolated sources. Aggregation of related data offers value;...

Oct 25 2017
  Cost effective storage space for data cubes
Łatuszko M. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 48(2): 243-261, 2017.  Type: Article

There are many obstacles in the world of optimizing data cube-oriented materialized views, and various issues should be considered in a big data environment. Łatuszko is here with a new approach. Contrary to research on view m...

Jul 5 2017
   Shasta: interactive reporting at scale
Manoharan G., Ellner S., Schnaitter K., Chegu S., Estrella-Balderrama A., Gudmundson S., Gupta A., Handy B., Samwel B., Whipkey C., Aharkava L., Apte H., Gangahar N., Xu J., Venkataraman S., Agrawal D., Ullman J.  SIGMOD 2016 (Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Management of Data, San Francisco, CA, Jun 26-Jul 1, 2016) 1393-1404, 2016.  Type: Proceedings

The evolution of technology is like a slow dance in which most steps are in place, but a few move forward. Motivated by increases of scale and efficiency, applications push the limits of technology and contribute to its advance. This p...

Nov 30 2016
  jQuery 2 recipes: a problem-solution approach
Pande A., Apress, New York, NY, 2014. 636 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-430264-33-0)

jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile are thoroughly covered in this encyclopedic book. It is a fine reference but probably not enough to teach the language from scratch. The one question I have is whether this reference format is still...

Jan 20 2016
  Wikipedia-based query phrase expansion in patent class search
Al-Shboul B., Myaeng S. Information Retrieval 17(5-6): 430-451, 2014.  Type: Article

Patent search is a tricky business. If an invention is truly new, then the vocabulary used in its patent application is probably also still emerging. The terms used in the patent may be very different than common terms used to describe...

Dec 22 2014
  Spatial query processing in wireless sensor networks: a survey
Da Silva R., Macedo D., Nogueira J. Information Fusion 1532-43, 2014.  Type: Article

Researchers interested in spatial query processing in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and query processing in spatial and geographical databases should include this paper in their reference lists....

Oct 23 2014
  A more humanized way to query a database system
Yang F. ACM Inroads 4(4): 68-72, 2013.  Type: Article

Interfaces that are not user-friendly often limit the usability of a system. The author notes that user interfaces that do not take human factors into consideration frustrate users and limit the functionality of the system....

Apr 28 2014
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