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  High-probability minimax probability machines
Cousins S., Shawe-Taylor J.  Machine Learning 106(6): 863-886, 2017. Type: Article

To address the challenges of minimizing the future misclassification rate of a predictor, Lanckriet et al. [1] proposed minimax probability machines (MPMs) based on the minimax approach to build binary classifiers, which minimize the upper bounds ...

Oct 18 2017
  Using evaluation functions in Monte-Carlo tree search
Lorentz R.  Theoretical Computer Science 644106-113, 2016. Type: Article

Recently, the deep learning paradigm became popular as a consequence of the success of Go game playing. Generally, the investigation of two-player games can be considered a good laboratory for experimenting with algorithms that pursue alternative ...

Dec 28 2016
  Delay aware link scheduling for multi-hop TDMA wireless networks
Djukic P., Valaee S.  IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 17(3): 870-883, 2009. Type: Article

This paper proposes an efficient method to compute minimum delay schedules over multi-hop wireless networks that use time-division multiple access (TDMA)-based media access control protocols. Simulation results are also presented....

Mar 23 2010
  A new gradient method with an optimal stepsize property
Dai Y., Yang X.  Computational Optimization and Applications 33(1): 73-88, 2006. Type: Article

The numerical treatment of large linear systems of equations is a major field in computational mathematics. There are two classes of methods: direct methods, which deliver the solution vector after a finite number of arithmetic operations (for exa...

Oct 31 2006
  Unsupervised image segmentation using triplet Markov fields
Benboudjema D., Pieczynski W.  Computer Vision and Image Understanding 99(3): 476-498, 2005. Type: Article

Image segmentation is the task of grouping pixels in an image into semantically similar segments. If the image is an aerial photograph, then a good segmentation will have assigned the pixels to segments corresponding to various land features, such...

Mar 6 2006
  Performance bounds of algorithms for scheduling advertisements on a Web page
Dawande M., Kumar S., Sriskandarajah C.  Journal of Scheduling 6(4): 373-393, 2003. Type: Article

Consider a set of n advertisements (called ads) A=A1, A2, ... , An, competing to be placed in a planning horizon that i...

Nov 12 2004
  A course in density estimation
Devroye L.,  Birkhäuser Boston Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1987.Type: Book (9789780817633653)

This book is based on notes used in a summer quarter course given at Stanford in 1986. It consists of nine chapters, each concluding with a set of exercises. The preface is must reading as it succinctly summarizes the text and serves as an excelle...

Dec 1 1988
  Finding the t-join structure of graphs
Sebö A.  Mathematical Programming: Series A 36(2): 123-134, 1986. Type: Article

This is a theoretical research paper of interest for experts in graph algorithms, particularly matching and postman tours. Its goal is to give a new setting for, or to revisit, such classics as the Chinese postman problem as originally dealt with ...

Sep 1 1988
  Game-theoretical control problems
Krasovski N., Subbotin A., Kotz S.,  Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., New York, NY, 1987.Type: Book (9789780387963891)

This book presents the theoretical aspect of game theoretical control problems, emphasizing the theory and analysis of various differential games. A differential game is one in which opposing players attempt to reach a satisfactory conclusion to t...

Jul 1 1988
  Hierarchical generating method for large-scale multiobjective systems
Li D., Haimes Y.  Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 54(2): 303-333, 1987. Type: Article

This paper builds on foundations laid by Geoffrion and Hogan [1], Olenik and Haimes [2], Nijkamp and Rietveld [3], Shimizu and Aiyoshi [4], and others. Using a hierarchical method, the authors investigate large-scale multiobjective systems. They...

May 1 1988
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