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  Algorithms (I.1.2) See Reviews  
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Algebraic Algorithms (129)
Analysis Of Algorithms (86)
Nonalgebraic Algorithms (12)
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There are no proper nouns with reviews under I.1.2.
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Reviews about "Algorithms (I.1.2)":
The subset assignment problem for data placement in caches
Ghandeharizadeh S., Irani S., Lam J. Algorithmica 80(7): 2201-2220, 2018.  Type: Article
H-index manipulation by merging articles
van Bevern R., Komusiewicz C., Niedermeier R., Sorge M., Walsh T. Artificial Intelligence 240(C): 19-35, 2016.  Type: Article
Algorithms for computing backbones of propositional formulae
Janota M., Lynce I., Marques-Silva J. AI Communications 28(2): 161-177, 2015.  Type: Article
Synthesis of list algorithms by mechanical proving
Drămnesc I., Jebelean T. Journal of Symbolic Computation 69(C): 61-92, 2015.  Type: Article
On minimum sum of radii and diameters clustering
Behsaz B., Salavatipour M. Algorithmica 73(1): 143-165, 2015.  Type: Article
The (weighted) metric dimension of graphs: hard and easy cases
Epstein L., Levin A., Woeginger G. Algorithmica 72(4): 1130-1171, 2015.  Type: Article
Complexity estimates for two uncoupling algorithms
Bostan A., Chyzak F., de Panafieu É.  ISSAC 2013 (Proceedings of the 38th International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Boston, ME, Jun 26-29, 2013) 85-92, 2013.  Type: Proceedings
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