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  Integral Equations (G.1.9) See Reviews  
Subject Descriptors:
Delay Equations (2)
Fredholm Equations (9)
Integro-Differential Equations (12)
Volterra Equations (6)
Proper Nouns:
There are no proper nouns with reviews under G.1.9.
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Reviews about "Integral Equations (G.1.9)":
Date Reviewed
Simulating rigid body fracture with surface meshes
Zhu Y., Bridson R., Greif C. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 34(4): 1-11, 2015.  Type: Article
Feb 16 2016
Numerical computation of derivatives in systems of delay differential equations
Lenz S., Schlöder J., Bock H. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 96124-156, 2014.  Type: Article
Mar 6 2015
On one integral Volterra model of developing dynamical systems
Markova E., Sidorov D. Automation and Remote Control 75(3): 413-421, 2014.  Type: Article
Oct 15 2014
Around the numeric-symbolic computation of differential Galois groups
van der Hoeven J. Journal of Symbolic Computation 42(1-2): 236-264, 2007.  Type: Article
Aug 9 2007
Projection methods and condition numbers in uniform norm for Fredholm and Cauchy singular integral equations
Bonis M., Mastroianni G. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 44(4): 1351-1374, 2006.  Type: Article
Jul 27 2007
Selection of generalized orthonormal bases for second-order Volterra filters
Kibangou A., Favier G., Hassani M. Signal Processing 85(12): 2371-2385, 2005.  Type: Article
Oct 5 2006
Low-rank approximation of integral operators by interpolation
Börm S., Grasedyck L. Computing 72(3-4): 325-332, 2004.  Type: Article
Dec 16 2005
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