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Englert, Burkhard
California State University Long Beach
Long Beach, California
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Burkhard Englert is an associate professor in the department of computer engineering and computer science at California State University Long Beach. He earned his PhD from the department of mathematics at the University of Connecticut in 2000. His doctoral research was in the area of computability theory (recursion theory) and dealt with lattice embeddings into the computably enumerable degrees. In 2000, he also received an MS degree in computer engineering and computer science at the same university. His research in computer science focused on distributed algorithms. In 1992, he received a BS degree in mathematics from the University of Tuebingen in Germany.

Burkhard's research interests are distributed computing, distributed algorithms, computer security, and transportation network modeling. Several of his more recent papers deal with uniform and adaptive distributed algorithms where a priori no upper bound on the number of participating processes is known (uniform) and the step complexity is a function of the number of actually participating processes (adaptive). He also began to work on an extension of the idea of adaptive algorithms, namely, so-called memory-adaptive algorithms for the shared memory model where any write must be to a register whose index is a function of the contention. He was able to show that a simple store/release protocol that is memory-adaptive to interval contention cannot be uniformly implemented using only read/write registers. Burkhard also serves as a reviewer and a member of program committees on a number of national and international conferences.

After finishing his PhD in 2000, Burkhard came to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as an adjunct assistant professor in the program in computing. At UCLA, he worked with Eli Gafni and was able to expand on his research. At the same time, he had the opportunity to further develop and enhance his teaching skills. As a result, in 2002 he received the Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award for visiting faculty members for outstanding achievements in teaching by the department of mathematics. He also fell in love with the California sunshine and the city of LA, and, together with his family, decided to settle there permanently.

Currently, Burkhard teaches a broad range of graduate and undergraduate courses concentrating on computer security, net-centric computing, and distributed systems. In his free time, he likes to travel and is also an avid runner.

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Dec 23 2015  
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