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Hardware (B)
A tool for xMAS-based modeling and analysis of communication fabrics in Simulink : ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation

Because of the programmability challenge of timing-based hardware description languages (HDL) involving Verilog and VHDL, today many higher-level...
Performance Analysis & Design Aids (B.2.2) | Sep 27 17

A low-cost and high-performance architecture for robust human detection using histogram of edge oriented gradients : Microprocessors & Microsystems

Due to their programmability and hardware parallelism, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) will be widely used to speed up...
Microprocessors & computers (B.7.1...) | Nov 13 17

Computer Systems Organization (C)
Fast rendezvous on a cycle by agents with different speeds : Theoretical Computer Science

Feinerman et al. provide illustrations concerned with the usefulness of different processing speeds and asynchrony of tasks of the operating agents in...
Heterogeneous (Hybrid) Systems (C.1.3...) | Oct 16 17

Spatiotemporal-MIMO channel estimator and beamformer for 5G : IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

The foundation of the ideas in this paper dates back to the 1980s, with investigations about the locus and properties of sensor array manifolds to find...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Oct 13 17

Performance estimation of fault-prone infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing systems and their cost-aware optimal performance determination : Mobile Networks and Applications

Cloud computing has gradually spread throughout the global computing environment; speed, reliability, quality of service, security, and standardization of...
Performance Attributes (C.4...) | Oct 18 17

Software (D)
Decoding the representation of code in the brain: an fMRI study of code review and expertise : ICSE 17

This paper presents an excellent example of an inter-disciplinary study to understand how the human brain processes common software engineering tasks by using medical imaging. Subjectivity is an inherent...
Coding Tools & Techniques (D.2.3) | Oct 20 17

Discovering user behavioral features to enhance information search on big data : ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems

Cassavia et al. reduce theory into practice in this paper. All too often, the disciplines we live in exist abstractly with theories or dense algorithms. The authors...
Management (D.2.9) | Nov 10 17

The Ulam programming language for artificial life : Artificial Life

The most amazing information processing imaginable can be seen in biology: a fertilized egg grows into an adult, a seed to a tree. Biological information processing can be thermodynamic (1010b/sec to 1015b/sec per...
Programming Languages (D.3) | Nov 17 17

Beyond subterm-convergent equational theories in automated verification of stateful protocols : POST 17

The Tamarin Prover, a protocol analyzer tool for security protocols with cryptographic primitives, accepts protocols including cryptographic primitives such as encryption, signatures, and hash functions...
Verification (D.4.5...) | Oct 26 17

A survey on malware detection using data mining techniques : ACM Computing Surveys

It is not new that software is eating the world [1]. Industries and businesses everywhere are being “softwareized.” Meanwhile, we cannot deny that malware (malicious software) is also having...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | Sep 22 17

Hardware (B)

Fundamentals of IP and SoC security: design, verification, and debug

The ubiquity of connected devices (smartphones, home assistants, health trackers, and emerging autonomous cars) can be attributed to the advancement of shrinking semiconductor technology. Apart from the...
General (B.7.0) | Nov 14 17

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Security-aware design for cyber-physical systems: a platform-based approach

Our daily life and the objects that surround us are becoming more and more intertwined in networks of computers and algorithms, in a manner so pervasive that often we fail to appreciate how much we...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Oct 13 17

Introduction to computer networking

Gigabit Ethernet? That’s the same as fast Ethernet, with faster clock speeds, isn’t it? Actually it’s not; depending on the physical media, there may be differences in encoding schemes and signaling logic levels. This book is full of interesting information like that, with concise details about each variant of the technology...
General (C.2.0) | Oct 12 17

Rolling out 5G: use cases, applications, and technology solutions

5G telephones! How long ago was 4G? 4G long-term evolution (LTE)? It was introduced about eight years ago--eons in technology years--and is still being deployed in many areas. It also continues...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Nov 7 17

Complex systems: relationships between control, communications and computing

This collection of papers primarily discusses the complexities of control systems; communication and computing are discussed as more minor topics. It includes five loosely coupled parts. Prior to Part 1, it starts with a comprehensive introduction...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Oct 16 17

4G: LTE-Advanced Pro and the road to 5G (3rd ed.)

Long-term evolution (LTE) and 4G are the state of the art in mobile telecommunications, and the latest in a three-decade journey of technological innovation and development. We have moved from voice-centric systems with 1G and 2G, to mobile broadband...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Oct 12 17

Mobile sensors and context-aware computing

I am disappointed in this book. I’m an engineer designing distributed Internet of Things (IoT) systems as well as a part-time college instructor, and I was hoping for a future-oriented discussion of the...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Nov 16 17

Software (D)

The habit-forming guide to becoming a systems thinker

This is a new and fresh publication from the Waters Foundation that pulls back the curtain on the wizards of systems thinking, so to speak, to eliminate the mystery of this important, but often obtuse, body of...
General (D.0) | Nov 20 17

Reactive programming with Angular and ngrx

Many programmers may not be aware of the fact that JavaScript has a powerful functional programming subset. The use of callbacks is very common, but is only a small part of how functional techniques can improve the conciseness, readability, and maintainability...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Nov 9 17

Requirements engineering for service and cloud computing

This is an edited collection of papers, authored by experts from academia and industry, on the progress and update of requirements handling specific to the subfields of cloud computing and service. Due to the fact that cloud computing and services are two...
Requirements/Specifications (D.2.1) | Nov 1 17

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