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Hardware (B)
Memristor based computation-in-memory architecture for data-intensive applications : DATE 15

Big data problems have exposed the limitations of traditional computer architecture based on von Neumann’s computational paradigm, where data and programs are stored away from the...
General (B.3.0) | Sep 23 15

Computer Systems Organization (C)
Spiking deep convolutional neural networks for energy-efficient object recognition : International Journal of Computer Vision

A novel mechanism for converting convolutional neural networks to spiking neural networks to facilitate ready deployment, that is, mapping on spiking hardware architectures...
Neural Nets (C.1.3...) | Sep 28 15

Security of IoT systems: design challenges and opportunities : ICCAD 14

The title of this paper is somewhat misleading. I expected a survey of numerous security techniques for embedded systems, but in reality the authors only explore physical unclonable functions...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Sep 29 15

Towards statistical modeling and machine learning based energy usage forecasting in smart grid : ACM SIGAPP Applied Computing Review

Seasonal variations in the demand and supply of energy in regions around the world make it difficult to accurately forecast energy usage. How...
Modeling Techniques (C.4...) | Sep 14 15

Software (D)
On a uniform representation of combinators, arithmetic, lambda terms and types : PPDP 15

The dream of a common language is strong, as are the benefits claimed for realizing the dream. This paper describes a binary tree representation capable of describing combinators, their types, lambda...
Logic Programming (D.1.6) | Sep 8 15

A multi-domain incremental analysis engine and its application to incremental resource analysis : Theoretical Comp. Sci.

Incremental analysis means making efficient use of the results of analyzing an original program when a modified program is analyzed. This is likely to be of interest...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Sep 17 15

A methodology to evaluate important dimensions of information quality in systems : Journal of Data and Information Quality

With evolving requirements and technology, databases hold large amounts of heterogeneous data, collected by different types of sensors, systems, and agents. Even though data quality evaluation research...
Process Metrics (D.2.8...) | Sep 17 15

Runtime verification of embedded real-time systems : Formal Methods in System Design

Runtime verification involves checking whether a given system (in software or hardware) satisfies a given property during the execution of the system...
Real-Time & Embedded Sys. (D.4.7...) | Aug 28 15

Theory Of Computation (F)
Computational complexity via finite types : ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

Undergraduate-level CS can feel disjointed at times: for example, at that level, one feels that operating systems and programming languages are entirely separate subdisciplines, whose practitioners...
Complexity Measures & Classes (F.1.3) | Sep 1 15

Beyond polynomials and Peano arithmetic-automation of elementary and ordinal interpretations : Journal of Symbolic Computation

Goodstein sequences and theorems are very popular because of their unboundedness with respect to multiple recursive functions and derivational complexity. Showing the termination of...
Grammars & Other Rewriting Syst. (F.4.2) | Sep 1 15

Hardware (B)

Low-power VLSI circuits and systems

Designing low-power integrated circuits has become very important, especially for chips that are to be used in handheld or battery-powered electronic systems. This book provides readers not only with succinct information for designing low-power very large-scale...
VLSI (B.7.1...) | Sep 1 15

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Resilient computer system design

Resilience is understood as returning to an operational state, in response to failures, breaches, attacks, and other similar disturbances. This book addresses an emerging issue of resilience, that is, keeping computer systems and software resilient in case of external or internal disruptions to their operation. Even...
Reliability, Avail. & Serviceability (C.4...) | Aug 26 15

The green computing book

Traditionally, computer science (CS) curricula have done little to teach practical aspects of the discipline of computing. More specifically, CS education does precious little to make students aware of the resource costs of their work, and there is ample indication that...
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Aug 24 15

Reliability engineering

This is a perfect book supporting a course on reliability modeling. It presents a broad range of material, starting from the fundamentals and going into moderately advanced problems. Because resilience to failures is one of the most important...
Reliability, Avail. & Serviceability (C.4...) | Aug 24 15

Software (D)

Android recipes: a problem-solution approach for Android 5.0 (4th ed.)

With hundreds of available books, tutorials, and online courses from around the world, one wonders why new books on popular subjects like Android development even exist. Reading this book may reveal...
General (D.1.0) | Sep 30 15

Pro XAML with C#: from design to deployment on WPF, Windows Store, and Windows Phone

Development for mobile devices, even for a single platform (iOS, Android, Windows), can be a difficult thing--every device has a slightly different form factor, and increasingly we’re seeing the same programs running on things from phones to tablets to...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Sep 24 15

Swift for programmers

Why Swift? Why another programming language? Those were the main questions I asked when I read that Apple published a new programming language for its various OS Xes, replacing Objective C. I only wrote one or two Objective C applications, just for fun, and I...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Sep 18 15

Universal Windows apps with XAML and C# unleashed

Software development has changed a lot since the days when I started programming. In those very early days, programs written in bare machine language were toggled into a rather large machine one...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Sep 4 15

Adaptive code via C#

This book encourages readers to rethink the ways in which they design and develop C# applications. The best part of the book: it clearly explains how to develop C# applications with an agile/Scrum methodology through real-life examples. I really like how the...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Sep 4 15

Green in software engineering

An overview of numerous green aspects of software engineering is provided in this book. It passes through software life-cycle phases and covers relevant topics related to green development from different aspects including economics and quality. The book...
General (D.2.0) | Sep 3 15

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