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Hardware (B)
ESPeciaL: an embedded systems programming language : SCALA 15

This paper describes ESPeciaL, a domain-specific language designed to make it easier to write programs for programmable embedded systems such as Arduino. ESPeciaL is a dataflow language, implemented in Scala...
Microprogram Design Aids (B.1.4) | Jul 21 15

GPU concurrency: weak behaviours and programming assumptions : ASPLOS 15

A memory consistency model (MCM) is a specification that describes the value(s) that a memory location should hold based on the causal history of operations that may or may not be associated with that...
General (B.3.0) | Jul 16 15

Computer Systems Organization (C)
SFDCloud: top-k service faults diagnosis in cloud computing : Automated Software Engineering

Cloud computing is an important service delivery model using the Internet, remote servers, and resource sharing. This model exhibits the key characteristics of agility, cost reduction, and...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Jul 9 15

Software (D)
Evaluating the productivity of a reference-based programming approach: a controlled experiment : Information and Software Technology

Sturm and Kramer present a qualitative evaluation using a questionnaire approach. They investigate the applicability and efficiency of adopting application-based domain modeling...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 15 15

DaSH : Parallel Computing

DaSH is the first benchmark suite for the runtime evaluation of (low-level) parallel programming models, which combine the dataflow and shared memory paradigms. Currently, OmpSs, atomic dataflow, and...
Parallel Programming (D.1.3...) | Jul 29 15

A reflection on agile requirements engineering: solutions brought and challenges posed : XP 15

This most appropriately titled paper is a follow-up to the authors’ systematic literature review [1] of requirements engineering (RE) in the context...
Elicitation Methods (D.2.1...) | Jul 22 15

Designing an architectural style for dynamic medical cross-organizational workflow management system: an approach based on agents and web services : Journal of Medical Systems

Automating static cross-organizational processes is already difficult, but this paper tries to address the additional complexity of dynamic processes...
Interoperability (D.2.12) | Jul 7 15

Formal relational database design: an exercise in extending the formal template language : Formal Aspects of Computing

Metamodeling plays a central role in managing the complexity of software development efforts. At their simplest, meta...
Reusable Software (D.2.13) | Jul 13 15

Coverage is not strongly correlated with test suite effectiveness : ICSE 14

Should developers aim to write test suites with high coverage? To answer this question, the relationships between coverage, test suite size, and test suite effectiveness were systematically explored...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Jul 14 15

Semantic metrics for software products : Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering

Software reliability is one of the most extensively studied of all software quality attributes. There are literally dozens of models to predict and assess software reliability, some that date back...
Metrics (D.2.8) | Jul 9 15

Hardware (B)

More than Moore technologies for next generation computer design

This year, we are celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Moore’s law. On April 19, 1965, Gordon Moore published a four-page paper titled “Cramming more components onto integrated circuits.” This...
Memory Structures (B.3) | Jul 2 15

Software (D)

Processing: a programming handbook for visual designers and artists (2nd ed.)

As a computer science (CS) instructor, one of the teaching practices that most irks me is the teaching of programming languages via lectures using PowerPoint or PDF overheads. Even without moving...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 16 15

Explorations in computing: an introduction to computer science and Python programming

Despite its subtitle, it would be wrong to consider Explorations in computing a textbook on Python. Instead, this extraordinary textbook on computer science...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 9 15

Java closures and lambda

Java 8 is well recognized as the most significant change to Java since its beginning. More than the typical features, upgrades, and updates, it adds a new set of semantic features to the language, enabling some additional functional programming...
Functional Programming (D.1.1) | Jul 10 15

Java closures and lambda

Functional programming and object-oriented programming are inherently incompatible. While the former prohibits any side effects, to the extent of having to dance carefully around input/output (I/O), the latter is predicated on changing state. Still, functional techniques are finding increasing...
Functional Programming (D.1.1) | Jul 7 15

Software engineering

Professor Elvis Foster assembled the material in this book based on his holistic vision of serving three large groups. The first group is undergraduate students following a SE course; the next is graduate students pursuing introductory courses in SE; and the...
General (D.2.0) | Jul 6 15

Relating system quality and software architecture

Software architecture is a very interesting area of study. This book provides insights on exploring, navigating, pursuing, and learning from bad and good architectures, while looking for best practices...
Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Jul 29 15

Ethical hacking and penetration testing guide

Any book with “hacking” in the title is bound to evoke some interest and curiosity. The term has been overused in good and bad ways. Some of the world’s best programmers are considered the best hackers, and so are the...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Jul 1 15

Ethical hacking and penetration testing guide

This book is a compendium of software tools, some Unix commands, some open source software, and some commercial products that can be used for penetration testing. It is not an introductory book. But with...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Jun 24 15

Managing agile: strategy, implementation, organisation and people

This serious book from a serious author is intended for managers and technical leaders seriously interested in improving, maturing, and scaling the practice of agile methodologies in their enterprises...
Management (D.2.9) | Jul 22 15

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