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Hardware (B)
Cache vulnerability mitigation using an adaptive cache coherence protocol : The Journal of Supercomputing

Soft errors in on-chip cache hierarchies are studied in this paper, and solutions to the problem are proposed. Soft errors are the result of events such as cosmic ray strikes that flip bits...
Cache Memories (B.3.2...) | Jul 28 14

Computer Systems Organization (C)
Visualization of wireless sensor network by a Java framework for security in defense surveillance : ICESC 14

Wireless sensor network (WSN) deployments often require a back-end network and a data visualizer. Motivated by this, the authors have designed an integrated framework for WSNs with a custom...
Sensor networks (C.2.1...) | Jul 25 14

A configuration scheme for connectivity-aware mobile P2P networks for efficient mobile cloud-based video streaming services : Cluster Computing

The focus in research relating to peer-to-peer networks and possible configuration schemes for efficient cloud-based video...
P2P Computing (C.2.1...) | Jul 24 14

Mobile data offloading: a host-based distributed mobility management approach : IEEE Internet Computing

The advancement of smartphones and tablets, combined with recent upgrades to the cellular infrastructure, has paved the way for an explosion of mobile Internet traffic. Video traffic in...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Jul 23 14

Designing green network architectures using the ten commandments for a mature ecosystem : Computer Communications

Drouant et al. clarify from the beginning of the paper that their goal is to check if philosophical concepts from ecology make sense when considering a...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Jul 22 14

Improving discovery phase of reactive ad hoc routing protocols using Jaccard distance : The Journal of Supercomputing

Reina et al. propose a novel algorithm, Jaccard distance, to improve redundancy issues during the mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) discovery...
Routing Protocols (C.2.2...) | Jul 25 14

Improving Colorwave with the probabilistic approach for reader-to-reader anti-collision TDMA protocols : Wireless Networks

Colorwave is a time division multiple access (TDMA) approach for collision resolution among radio frequency identification (RFID)...
Network Protocols (C.2.2) | Jul 22 14

Firewall placement in cloud data centers : SOCC 13

This paper addresses the question of how many firewalls are required to secure data flows between an arbitrary number of virtual machines in a data center. While the problem is both relevant and timely...
Cloud computing (C.2.4...) | Jul 21 14

Software (D)
Cowboys, ankle sprains, and keepers of quality: How is video game development different from software development? : ICSE 14

Occasionally, when reviewing a really bad paper, I will point out that its only redeeming value is that it can be used as a bad example in a research methods class. So, to be fair, when a really good paper...
General (D.2.0) | Jul 10 14

The NASA automated requirements measurement tool: a reconstruction : Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering

Reconstructions of systems often provide useful insights, and the work here is no exception. A description is first given of how the authors reconstructed NASA’s automated requirements...
Tools (D.2.1...) | Jul 8 14

Hardware (B)

Finite state machines in hardware: theory and design (with VHDL and SystemVerilog)

Digital circuits where the output values depend on the state of the system are called sequential. A finite state machine is a modeling technique for sequential circuits. At...
Sequential Circuits (B.6.1...) | Jul 10 14

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Computer organization and design: the hardware/software interface (5th ed.)

With the advent of the post-personal computer (PC) era, computing systems have been evolving from traditional desktop computers to cloud-based mobile devices. Energy and reliability concepts gain...
General (C.0) | Jul 22 14

Guide to OSI and TCP/IP models

Teaching networking basics to beginners is by no means an easy task, especially when it comes to abstract models such as OSI and TCP/IP. Fortunately, I must compliment the author of this book on a job very well done. Working as an assistant...
Data Communications (C.2.0...) | Jul 22 14

Distributed computing through combinatorial topology

Topology is a relatively new branch of mathematics, growing and maturing since the early 20th century, though its roots can probably be traced to much earlier. Some basic concepts from topology...
Network Topology (C.2.1...) | Jul 24 14

Security and privacy in mobile social networks

Security and privacy are two important issues in social networks. With the expansion of mobile devices, such as smartphones, access to social networks has become almost constant. This convergence of...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Jul 21 14

Cloud storage forensics

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a significant utility in our lives, not unlike water, electricity, and gas. It has numerous advantages, such as cloud storage, which allows a great deal of data to be recorded, stored, and processed for research and business...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Jul 23 14

Cloud storage forensics

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the take up of cloud services, from simple personal use of cloud storage to significant cloud service uptake by large organizations. Like everyone else, criminals also...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Jul 21 14

Cognitive communication and cooperative HetNet coexistence: selected advances on spectrum sensing, learning, and security approaches

The non-availability of the radio spectrum for the purpose of communication, despite its omnipresence, is much like the popular quote of Samuel Taylor: “Water, water everywhere.” A sense...
Special-Purpose & App.-Based Sys. (C.3) | Jul 17 14

Software (D)

Beginning iOS 7 development: exploring the iOS SDK

Mobile app development for phones, tablets, and similar devices is one of the most important areas in programming today. To make things difficult, every platform has its own programming systems, interfaces, and requirements. Naturally, each is...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 10 14

Clojure cookbook

Clojure is a Lisp variant that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Like Lisp, it expresses code and data using the same structures, but it also has access to the many Java libraries. With multicore processing growing, interest in...
Applicative (Functional) Programming (D.1.1) | Jul 9 14

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