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Computer Systems Organization (C)
User-side QoS forecasting and management of cloud services : World Wide Web

As cloud services are deployed, users will have a greater selection of choices. Since cloud services are charged based on usage rather than purchase, service migration can occur any...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Jan 26 16

Software (D)
The Cuban software revolution: 2016-2025 : Onward! 15

This paper is a fictitious recounting of the history of software development and the various choices that have driven it to where it is now. It is written in an interview style, where the author explains how...
General (D.2.0) | Jan 21 16

Artefact-based requirements engineering: the AMDiRE approach : Requirements Engineering

Artifact-oriented or artifact-based requirements engineering (RE) is a relatively new practice in the field of RE. The authors contrast artifact-oriented RE with the more common activity-oriented RE...
Requirements/Specifications (D.2.1) | Feb 10 16

Fundamentals of data analytics in Python LiveLessons : InformIT

Python is a dynamically typed interpretive programming language created by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s. It has been in extensive use for scientific computing, but is now gaining popularity among big data enthusiasts for its powerful...
Python (D.3.2...) | Feb 8 16

A logical approach to deciding semantic subtyping : ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems

Although object-oriented subtyping has been efficiently resolved by compilers for years, this paper shows how subtyping in Extensible Markup Language (XML)-centric functional languages can be done...
Polymorphism (D.3.3...) | Jan 11 16

Running application specific kernel code by a just-in-time compiler : PLOS 15

Kernel scripting allows users to dynamically load and execute scripts in the kernel to modify the kernel behavior according to their demands. Existing kernel scripting approaches are mostly performance...
Language Constructs & Features (D.3.3) | Jan 4 16

Scalable management of storage for massive quality-adjustable sensor data : Computing

If you are looking for a rigorous treatment of storage efficiency in storing data from sensor networks, this work covers exactly that. Storage optimization is an important concern in the design of...
Storage Management (D.4.2) | Jan 5 16

A taxonomy of attacks and a survey of defence mechanisms for semantic social engineering attacks : ACM Computing Surveys

Social engineering attacks include a large variety of ways to manipulate and deceive users. A specific type is semantic attacks that deceive rather than...
Security & Protection (D.4.6) | Feb 3 16

Data (E)
Spreading alerts quietly and the subgroup escape problem : Journal of Cryptology

In intrusion detection, how to send alert messages without scaring the attacker in the very early state is a practical issue. The solutions for this problem vary. Sentinel nodes can send encrypted...
Coding & Information Theory (E.4) | Feb 9 16

Theory Of Computation (F)
Deterministic ordered restarting automata for picture languages : Acta Informatica

Languages of pictures (2D matrices with entries from a finite alphabet) have been studied since Blum and Hewitt [1]; Rosenfeld [2]; and Siromoney, Siromoney, and Krithivasan [3]. A nondeterministic...
Automata (F.1.1...) | Dec 30 15

General Literature (A)

Why greatness cannot be planned: the myth of the objective

The authors argue for serendipitous discoveries based on novelty and uniqueness. This happens when the structure of the search space is completely unpredictable (pp. 8, 97) (and not fixed [1])...
Miscellaneous (A.m) | Jan 15 16

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Real-time analytics: techniques to analyze and visualize streaming data

Analyzing and acting on streaming data is a challenging task, even compared to batch processing big data, with its ecosystem of tools. The book starts with an overview of the evolution of data...
Data Communications (C.2.0...) | Jan 11 16

Designing and building a security operations center

Many companies that operate their own cyber security organization have a security operations center (SOC). Many others still cope with incident management, but do not have an SOC. This is a fact; however...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Jan 11 16

Distributed computing through combinatorial topology

Topological arguments have been used for 30 years to prove some of the most important fundamental results in distributed computing. In 1985, Fischer, Lynch, and Paterson [1] showed, using chains of uncertainties forming a connected graph, that there is no...
Network Topology (C.2.1...) | Jan 13 16

Queuing theory and telecommunications

Queueing theory is a fundamental area in computer science. It is used in operating systems, distributed systems, and computer networks. This book is a fantastic exposition of sound concepts explained beautifully. The book is divided into two parts...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Dec 29 15

Cloud computing design patterns

Design patterns document well-known solutions to common design problems. Originally introduced by a landmark 1977 architecture book [1], they have been widely adopted in the software engineering...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Jan 20 16

Green information technology: a sustainable approach

The current level of growth in digital services brings with it both challenges and opportunities. Experts from academia and industry have assembled their thoughts and experiences on these issues to produce...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Dec 30 15

Industrial applications of high-performance computing: best global practices

The editors have created a very thorough survey of supercomputers in industrial (versus government, academic, and so on) applications. The book opens with a condensed history of computing up...
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Jan 13 16

Software (D)

Discovering computer science

Havill’s book introduces computer science in a very unique and effective way. The book discusses fundamental computer science concepts such as abstraction, repetition, condition, and recursion through real-world problems such as personal finance, population growth...
General (D.1.0) | Feb 3 16


There are many super-sized books on Python programming with over 1,000 pages! This is a nonthreatening, less-than-200-page book that goes right into the subject matter. It is neither a reference book by any means nor a step-by-step tutorial. This is a...
General (D.1.0) | Jan 13 16

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