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Hardware (B)
HPC in big data age: an evaluation report for Java-based data-intensive applications implemented with Hadoop and OpenMPI : EuroMPI/ASIA 14

Traditionally, parallel computation has focused on high-performance computing (HPC), and many special platforms and systems have been built for...
Interconnections (Subsystems) (B.4.3) | Nov 25 14

Computer Systems Organization (C)
A survey on DHT-based routing for large-scale mobile ad hoc networks : ACM Computing Surveys

Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are critical in the mobile era. There are more and more people using mobile networks, meaning more and more...
Network Protocols (C.2.2) | Dec 8 14

Role of acquisition intervals in private and public cloud storage costs : Decision Support Systems

The role of the acquisition interval for the cost-effective use of public and private storage for the cloud infrastructure is the focus of this paper. It introduces a storage cost model to...
Cloud computing (C.2.4...) | Dec 15 14

Cloud forensics definitions and critical criteria for cloud forensic capability: an overview of survey results : Digital Investigation

Cloud computing has gained significant momentum over the last two-to-three years. It provides an attractive solution to outsource data storage...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Dec 15 14

Risks and myths of cloud computing and cloud storage : Communications of the ACM

This article focuses on risks in cloud computing when designing, selecting, and configuring cloud services. Cloud computing has brought many benefits, such as low cost and simple management. However...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Dec 4 14

Applicability of the CMSIS-RTOS standard to the Internet of Things : ISORC 14

The Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) was first published by ARM in 2008; the RTOS variant, for real-time operating systems, followed in 2012. The purpose of this standard...
Microprocessor/Microcomp. Apps (C.3...) | Dec 15 14

RIVER: reconfigurable flow and fabric for real-time signal processing on FPGAs : ACM Trans. on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems

The authors of this paper describe an architecture called RIVER and a design flow for field-programmable gate arrays. They...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Dec 11 14

Exploring smart grid and data center interactions for electric power load balancing : ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review

Cloud computing requires huge data centers that consume significant amounts of electric energy. Such a significant energy consumer may be a risk...
Performance Of Systems (C.4) | Dec 15 14

Software (D)
Chunks and Tasks: a programming model for parallelization of dynamic algorithms : Parallel Computing

In the paper, a novel parallel programming model, Chunks and Tasks, on top of C++ is presented. In this model, the programmer uses common C++ code to expose parallelism...
Parallel Programming (D.1.3...) | Dec 10 14

Improving automated source code summarization via an eye-tracking study of programmers : ICSE 2014

Program comprehension is a current and a practical software engineering problem. Software engineers might try to comprehend the code by reading all of the source code--usually a substantial task...
General (D.2.0) | Dec 10 14

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Using TRILL, FabricPath, and VXLAN

The evolution of current data centers is driven by several major forces in terms of end-user and service requirements. Tenants, using infrastructures as a service (IaaS), require large Internet protocol...
General (C.2.0) | Dec 16 14

Body sensor networks (2nd ed.)

With the growing importance of proactive human healthcare and well-being needs, pervasive body sensing capabilities, the corresponding networking of sensors, and health data analytics are getting important attention when it comes to research...
Sensor Networks (C.2.1...) | Dec 9 14

Applied networking labs

Computer networks have become an integral part of our daily lives. Anyone working with networked computers should have at least basic knowledge of establishing these networks, checking their functionality, and ensuring their smooth...
Network Management (C.2.3...) | Dec 15 14

Internet of Things: challenges and opportunities

Volume 9 in Springer’s “Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation” series, this edited book is composed of ten chapters followed by an editor biography. Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Dec 19 14

Software (D)

Geek sublime: the beauty of code, the code of beauty

Vikram Chandra’s compact Geek sublime opens with a code snippet in C# to output “Hello World”--the very familiar traditional first program--and ends with a deep observation about writing fiction. Sandwiched...
General (D.1.0) | Dec 2 14

JRuby Rails web application development

There are not that many texts on developing web apps with JRuby and Rails [1,2]. That seems to be where this slim introductory text comes in. Topics covered in the book include when to use JRuby, invoking...
General (D.1.0) | Nov 19 14

Programming in C (4th ed.)

C is one of a handful of programming languages that every programmer should be familiar with. C’s influence and popularity continue to be unmatched. Even now, when programming languages are maturing and evolving, more software is written in C...
Sequential Programming (D.1.4) | Dec 10 14

Introduction to agile methods

This is an excellent text for those who want to get in touch with agile methods. The writing style is effective and the coverage is quite broad. At the same time, the book is best for beginners in agile, students being...
Coding Tools & Techniques (D.2.3) | Nov 11 14

Penetration testing

Computers and the networks connecting them have become highly vulnerable to hacking. One way of safeguarding them is by penetration testing (often abbreviated as pentesting). This involves...
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Nov 20 14

Recommendation systems in software engineering

This book is the result of a comprehensive effort by a broader community to lay down fundamental knowledge on recommendation systems in software engineering. The aim is very challenging. I am very glad to be able to note that the process to...
Management (D.2.9) | Nov 20 14

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