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Hardware (B)
Tolerating transient illegal turn faults in NoCs : Microprocessors & Microsystems

Faults in on-chip level networks are very common. There have been multiple approaches to detect and correct faults in different levels, such as the error-detecting code (EDC) and error-correcting code...
Reliability, Testing & Fault-Tolerance (B.8.1) | Jul 29 16

Computer Systems Organization (C)
SoPHy+ : Microprocessors & Microsystems

This paper deals with the problem of efficiently mapping programs to an accelerator that presents runtime choices about how to map programs to computation elements either because the accelerator configuration is unknown at compile time or because of...
Multiple Data Stream Architectures (C.1.2) | Aug 1 16

The yoking-proof-based authentication protocol for cloud-assisted wearable devices : Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

To understand the problem raised in the paper, we have to clarify two important concepts included in its title. One of the concepts is yoking-proof-based...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Aug 16 16

Secure multi-server-aided data deduplication in cloud computing : Pervasive and Mobile Computing

This detailed paper on secure multiserver-aided data deduplication computing gives a quick overview of cloud computing and then delves into the main topic of secure...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Jul 28 16

Software (D)
An empirical investigation of personality traits of software testers : CHASE 15

Are the personalities of software testers different from others working in software development? To answer this question, a survey was conducted that asked respondents to complete the 50-item...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Aug 4 16

Belief & evidence in empirical software engineering : ICSE 16

A survey of Microsoft software engineers had respondents answer a series of questions about software development. The number of respondents was 564, which represents a 22 percent response rate...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Jul 28 16

Reusable knowledge in security requirements engineering: a systematic mapping study : Requirements Engineering

Data breaches, zero-day vulnerabilities, and attacks exploiting components core to global information technology (IT) infrastructure have become a mainstay of technology news...
Requirements/Specifications (D.2.1) | Jul 22 16

What are the elements of software design : YouTube

This is my second attempt to formally review a video for Computing Reviews. In the first attempt, the quality of production was so totally awful (with no relation to the lecturer) that any attempt to honestly review...
Design (D.2.10) | Aug 5 16

Microservices: theory and application : Applicative 16

Despite its title, this video of the author’s presentation at ACM’s Applicative 2016 conference at New York University (June 2, 2016) covers microservices theory and technical patterns only with just a single...
Patterns (D.2.11...) | Aug 8 16

Variability for qualities in software architecture : ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes

Nonfunctional requirements continue to be challenging. In particular, rigorous software quality definitions and objectives, systematic attainment, and satisfactory validation are among the most difficult...
Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Aug 4 16

General Literature (A)

Quality in the 21st century: perspectives from ASQ Feigenbaum Medal winners

As computing professionals, we are all professionally concerned with the issue of quality in our software products, embedded systems, user interfaces, and maintainability. We use products produced...
Miscellaneous (A.m) | Aug 18 16

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Mobile phone security and forensics: a practical approach (2nd ed.)

Mobile phone security and forensics are clearly of top concern to many users, service providers, and the business and institutional worlds. The complexity of these issues increases at a fast pace...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Aug 5 16

Cyber operations: building, defending, and attacking modern computer networks

Among the wide range of literature available on the topic, this book distinguishes itself for its practical and didactical cut, which gives the reader an...
Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Jul 27 16

Engineering safe and secure cyber-physical systems: the specification PEARL approach

Self-driving cars, process control systems, automatic pilot avionics, medical monitoring systems, smart cities, and the Internet of Things: welcome to the wonderful world of cyber-physical systems...
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Aug 23 16

Software (D)

Learn to program with Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular virtual world video game with a user base that exceeds 100 million registered users. Python is an open-source, interpreted programming language growing in popularity because of the number and variety of open-source extensions...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 21 16

Metaprogramming Elixir: write less code, get more done (and have fun!)

Elixir is one of the programming languages built on top of BEAM, the Erlang virtual machine. That makes it inherently worthy of consideration since Erlang is well known as a platform for building highly reliable, massively parallel fault-tolerant systems. As a...
General (D.1.0) | Jul 21 16

The Scrum field guide: agile advice for your first year and beyond (2nd ed.)

For the most part, this book provides a good overview of effective practices and bottlenecks to be considered and reconciled with in effecting good agile practices. It is a practitioner’s textbook on the practices and...
Management (D.2.9) | Aug 10 16

Design and implementation of the MTX operating system

Design and implementation books for operating systems (OSs) can help one understand many details and subtleties. This book is no exception, but there are a couple of books that rival it [1,2]. The design and implementation of the FreeBSD operating...
General (D.4.0) | Jul 27 16

Multicore and GPU programming

Parallel programming is a key skill for current software engineers, at least if they intend to exploit the capabilities of current hardware. Multicore microprocessors are now commonplace, even in mobile devices, whereas the advent of general-purpose...
Multi processing/prog./tasking (D.4.1...) | Aug 16 16

Multicore and GPU programming

This is a wonderful handbook for multicore and graphics processing unit (GPU) programmers. Modern computing architectures have included multiple cores for nearly two decades. These parallel computing platforms require a new approach to software...
Multi proc./prog./tasking (D.4.1...) | Jul 19 16

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