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Hardware (B)
Efficient resource sharing algorithm for physical register file in simultaneous multi-threading processors : Microprocessors & Microsystems

This paper reminds me a lot of previous years of using assembly language and learning to write code with only four registers to hold data. Being trained...
Algorithms (B.2.4...) | Nov 9 16

Flash as cache extension for online transactional workloads : The VLDB Journal

Very large databases always need fast and reliable operations. Existing SQL engine and object-relational mapping (ORM) implementations take...
Performance Analysis & Design Aids (B.3.3) | Dec 20 16

Performance prediction for Apache Spark platform : HPCC, CSS, ICESS 15

With the increased usage of the in-memory distributed computation framework Apache Spark, tools are needed to study, predict, and better understand the performance of a given algorithm in a specific...
Design (B.5.1) | Dec 5 16

Genetic-algorithm-based FPGA architectural exploration using analytical models : ACM Trans. on Design Automation of Electronic Systems

Mehri and Alizadeh use the genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize field-programmable gate array (FPGA) architectural performance involving area...
Integrated Circuits (B.7) | Nov 9 16

Frame buffer-less stream processor for accurate real-time interest point detection : Integration, the VLSI Journal

In the big data era, pictures are used as key information points in various applications such as ecommerce, entertainment, social networking, and...
VLSI (B.7.1...) | Nov 16 16

Computer Systems Organization (C)
Location-based address configuration for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks : Wireless Networks

Connecting wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to the Internet is a very interesting topic. As useful as WSNs are, they used to be constrained in a separate compartment of the network. The...
Sensor Networks (C.2.1...) | Nov 22 16

Modeling and performance evaluation of security attacks on opportunistic routing protocols for multihop wireless networks : Ad Hoc Networks

The primary aim of opportunistic routing for wireless networks is to improve resilience and increase the probability that data will be...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Nov 16 16

Software (D)
SKETCH’NDO : Journal of Visual Languages and Computing

SKETCH’NDO is a game design framework targeting educators with no programming experience who want to provide serious game-based training and...
Visual Programming (D.1.7) | Nov 29 16

Closing the barn door: re-prioritizing safety, security, and reliability : WCCCE 16

The problems discussed in this important and timely paper have been with us for decades: the terms “software engineering” and “software...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Dec 13 16

Software quality : Communications of the ACM

Unintentional security flaws in the design and implementation of large software linger as an interesting subject of debates. Information technology professionals ought to be relentlessly...
General (D.2.0) | Dec 8 16

Hardware (B)

Effective coding with VHDL: principles and best practice

VHSIC hardware description language (VHDL) is a fundamental language for circuit design. Most books on VHDL focus on language features, concurrency models, and signal update mechanisms: learning the...
VHDL (B.6.3...) | Dec 7 16

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Fundamentals of parallel multicore architecture

Multicore is the default configuration in computing systems today, from smartphones to desktops and servers. Usually independent jobs are done in parallel on these cores, simplifying parallel programming...
Parallel Architectures (C.1.4) | Nov 18 16

Software (D)

Beginning Ruby: from novice to professional

Although this book was written with the intent to be a comprehensive introduction to the Ruby language, it is not a textbook because it lacks exercises and questions aimed to test knowledge and concepts. Instead...
General (D.1.0) | Dec 16 16

Introduction to computation and programming using Python: with application to understanding data

Welcome to the 21st century. Introduction to computation and programming using Python is meant for a two-semester introductory computer science sequence, but it contains only...
General (D.1.0) | Dec 14 16

Java XML and JSON

Java XML and JSON can be used as both a self-study guide and a reference for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and JSON documents and their processing in Java. The book is ideal for Java programmers...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Dec 9 16

Computer science: an interdisciplinary approach

I’ve decided to say here at the beginning that this book is outstanding and that it has my highest recommendation, both for self-study and as a text for undergraduate students who are serious...
Object-Oriented Programming (D.1.5) | Dec 2 16

Sharing data and models in software engineering

Very large volumes of data are collected and stored at the organizational level; software algorithms and dedicated products require this data to be shared. There is a great interest in addressing the...
Software Engineering (D.2) | Dec 7 16

Introduction to software engineering (2nd ed.)

In this second edition book on software engineering, the author follows the same organizational structure as the first edition. The book is intended as a textbook for undergraduate students on the topic of software...
General (D.2.0) | Dec 15 16

Pragmatic evaluation of software architectures

For software development, making the transition from “what” to “how” in an effective and efficient way depends on the right decisions made at the right time. Many decisions over the life...
Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Nov 17 16

Python parallel programming cookbook

Devoted to parallel programming in Python, this book is aimed at Python programmers who wish to become more proficient at writing efficient parallel code to realize performance gains. All of the example code in the book is available and allows...
Python (D.3.2...) | Nov 21 16

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