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Hardware (B)
Design of two low-power full adder cells using GDI structure and hybrid CMOS logic style : Integration, the VLSI Journal

Adders are the fundamental building blocks of arithmetic and logic units, and any small improvements in adders can be translated into significant improvements...
VLSI (B.7.1...) | Mar 24 15

Computer Systems Organization (C)
A smartphone-centric approach for integrating heterogeneous sensor networks : BodyNets 14

Special-purpose sensor devices--health, medical, mapping, and smart home--are exploding as the Internet of Things (IoT) starts to bloom. This paper presents and defends a unified communication...
General (C.2.0...) | Mar 23 15

An experimental power profile of energy efficient Ethernet switches : Computer Communications

In what is described as “the first detailed experimental evaluation of power consumption of [energy efficient Ethernet...
Ethernet (C.2.1...) | Mar 24 15

Software-based management for Ethernet networks : Wireless Personal Communications

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in interconnecting traditionally isolated devices to each other and beyond via home and office networks. The miniaturization and energy efficiency...
Ethernet (C.2.1...) | Mar 23 15

Google Drive: forensic analysis of data remnants : Journal of Network and Computer Applications

Cloud storage services are in widespread use within today’s digital society. Their use ranges from businesses and organizations, both small and large, to individual consumers for...
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Mar 23 15

Software (D)
Gestures that people can understand and use : Journal of Visual Languages and Computing

Computing devices often include sensors to track the body, limbs, hands, and fingers of a user. User interfaces rely on these capabilities to...
Visual Programming (D.1.7) | Mar 26 15

An exploratory study on ontology engineering for software architecture documentation : Computers in Industry

Software architecture documentation is the focus of this paper, in particular, the building of an ontology for architectural documentation that satisfies the...
Software Architectures (D.2.11) | Mar 18 15

Context-aware workflow management for virtual enterprises based on coordination of agents : Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

Processes typically consist of a prestructured set of activities performed by different resources (people, machines) subject to time and cost constraints. This paper demonstrates an algorithm to determine...
Petri Nets (D.2.2...) | Mar 25 15

APE: an annotation language and middleware for energy-efficient mobile application development : ICSE 14

This conference paper takes the view that by adding declarative annotations and middleware components to an Android software development platform...
Design Tools & Techniques (D.2.2) | Feb 27 15

Software trustworthiness 2.0 : Journal of Systems and Software

The subject of the investigation in the paper is source code analysis. The paper commences with a literature review covering the rich history of this field. Then, the...
Coding Tools & Techniques (D.2.3) | Mar 25 15

Hardware (B)

Digital VLSI design with Verilog (2nd ed.)

As the title states, this is a textbook for a graduate course on digital design. When one buys a textbook, one expects a student-oriented book. In this case, the text is mostly oriented to the professor, providing a perfect tool to drive the course. The text...
VLSI (B.7.1...) | Mar 3 15

Computer Systems Organization (C)

Wireless communications networks for the smart grid

For most people, there is no connection between power networks and communications networks, except that the first are needed by the second to operate. With the advent of new two-way meters on the...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Mar 24 15

Software defined networks: a comprehensive approach

I have recently become interested in software-defined networks (SDNs), largely due to my research in cloud computing and visualization. Although I would not say it is a natural evolution of the research, it is one of those areas that is going to become big...
Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Mar 23 15

Wireless next generation networks: a virtue-based trust model

This is an interesting book. The author, trained in physics and astronomy, has master’s degrees from three universities where he studied epistemology, theory of religion, cognitive psychology...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Mar 23 15

User-centric networking: future perspectives

This compiled book is from a European Union (EU)-funded project, User-Centric Wireless Local Loop (ULOOP), and is an excellent summary of user-centric networks (UCNs). Such networks have become pervasive across the modern world, whereby...
Network Management (C.2.3...) | Mar 23 15

Information and control in networks

Networked control systems (NCS) mark a consummate union of the communication and control disciplines, both of which evolved independently over the past 70-to-80 years. NCS are key enablers for...
Network Operations (C.2.3) | Feb 23 15

Real-time UML workshop for embedded systems (2nd ed.)

The book presents a comprehensive overview of the unified modeling language (UML) and its use in the real world. Basically, two case studies demonstrate the use of modeling and design techniques based...
Real-Time & Embedded Sys. (C.3...) | Mar 24 15

Intelligence for embedded systems: a methodological approach

This book presents the underpinnings of state-of-the-art embedded systems. In doing so, it raises the bar for the next generation of ubiquitous computing. The target audience is “researchers, practitioners...
Real-Time & Embedded Sys. (C.3...) | Mar 24 15

The green computing book

I was excited to get to review this book. After having read and reviewed Green mobile devices and networks [1], this book had me quite interested. I was not disappointed. This book is about managing the energy used for computing systems and installations...
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Mar 23 15

Modeling and analysis of communicating systems

Groote and Mousavi introduce the theoretical foundation of the modeling and analysis language mCRL2. mCRL2, along with its extensive toolset, is available online. Though the program is...
Modeling Techniques (C.4...) | Feb 20 15

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