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Cover Quote: June 1974

It is observed that a substantial part of all ADP work is applied to things and various changes, events, movements, or transactions (including financial) associated with them; that is, to information about facilities, equipment, real estate, material, personnel, environmental features and natural resources. The bulk of ADP work so far has been associated with military things and operations in particular and Governmental financial transactions in general, but those applications have levelled off. The most probable new surge will be in Governmental attention to the individual, which will vastly expand automated data files in which the primary element will be the person, by name and number; and, the growth will not only be in breadth of applications but in scope of content and time span of retention. A similar increase will probably occur in files on businesses and social institutions. Pressures of economy and joint use of common files can be expected to generate ADP structural changes in that data files and data processing (which are now almost always found together) will move apart and, although linked by communications, the data files will get bigger (and fewer) while smaller data processors accessing the files will multiply enormously in number. However, a hierarchy of data processing and communications should appear whereby any size and complexity of problem will have access by communications to a computer capability at some location large enough to handle it.

Report of a Task Force on Long-Range Plans for ADP in the Federal Government, 1971
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