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Cover Quote: September 1982

Our studies have demonstrated that much of the apparently cumbersome and time-consuming processes of the communicative systems of science function not only to serve the scientist as consumer, but also the scientist as producer and disseminator. Much depends on the dual role of the active scientific researcher, and his role as “producer-disseminator” must be considered for any innovation designed to assist the “consumer” to be truly effective.

Finally, it is our belief that innovation or intervention into these systems should itself be interactive. Innovation must be planned on an ongoing contingency basis. We do not yet know enough about the behavioral implications of our scientific communication systems, and yet reform is clearly needed. What we propose, then, is that such innovation itself be viewed as a process—subject to interaction with, and responsiveness to, the social-psychological dynamics of individual and collective scientific behavior.

- W.D. Garvey/S.D. Gottfredson
Changing the System, 1979
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