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Sam Roberts
Harry Huskey, Pioneering Computer Scientist, Is Dead at 101: 2017
"The very word “computer” was so novel that Dr. Huskey described the SWAC as “a large-scale electronic computing machine” when he appeared on the radio quiz show “You Bet Your Life” in 1950 and tried to explain it t..."

Oct 2017

Cathy O’Neil
How Can We Stop Algorithms Telling Lies?: 2017
"Lots of algorithms go bad unintentionally. Some of them, however, are made to be criminal. Algorithms are formal rules, usually written in computer code, that make predictions on future events based on historical patterns. To train an algorithm you n..."

Sep 2017

Walt Mossberg
Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer: 2017
"Let me start by revising the oft-quoted first line of my first Personal Technology column in the Journal on October 17th, 1991: “Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it’s not your fault.” It was true then, and for many, ..."

Aug 2017

John Markoff
Machines of Loving Grace: 2015
"What are the consequences of the design decisions made by today’s artificial intelligence researchers and roboticists, who, with ever greater ease, can choose between extending and replacing the “human in the loop” in the systems an..."

Jul 2017

Susan Crawford
Concrete Steps Towards an Urban Internet of Things: 2017
"With IoT, cities can integrate, analyze, and visualize diverse information. Cities can discover new insights; imagine examining patterns of transit demand in relation to air quality or citywide energy use, or understanding the walkability of a city i..."

Jun 2017

Grady Booch
Don’t Fear Superintelligent AI: 2016
"The art and the science of computing have come a long way since HAL was onscreen, and I’d imagine if his inventor Dr. Chandra were here today, he’d have a whole lot of questions for us. Is it really possible for us to take a system of mil..."

May 2017

Gary Marcus
Is Big Data Taking Us Closer to the Deeper Questions in Artificial Intelligence?: 2016
"People get very excited every time there’s a tiny advance, but the tiny advances aren’t getting us closer. There was a Google captioning thing that got a lot of press. I think it was the front page of The Times. You could show it s..."

Apr 2017

danah boyd
Participatory Culture in a Networked Era: 2016
"In my study of youth participation in social media I wanted to understand what everyday teen life looked like once technology was commonplace .... I was a part of the first cohort of youth to have access to the internet as a teenager. At the same tim..."

Mar 2017

Dorothy Denning
Cybersecurity’s Next Phase: Cyber Deterrence: 2016
"Deterrence focuses on making potential adversaries think twice about attacking, forcing them to consider the costs of doing so, as well as the consequences that might come from a counterattack. There are two main principles of deterrence. The first, ..."

Feb 2017

Mike Orcutt
The Internet Is No Place for Elections: 2016
"Despite what your local election officials may tell you, you can’t trust the Internet with your vote. [...] Researchers from government agencies and leading academic institutions studied the issue extensively following the debacle of the 2000 p..."

Jan 2017

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