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J. Katz & Y. Lindell
Introduction to Modern Cryptography (2nd ed.): 2015
"A key intellectual contribution of modern cryptography has been the recognition that formal definitions of security are an essential first step in the design of any cryptographic primitive or protocol. The reason, in retrospect, is simple: if ..."

May 2016

Andrew Hodges
Alan Turing: The Enigma: 2014
"The same timelessness lies behind the central element of Alan Turing’s story: the universal machine of 1936, which became the general-purpose digital computer in 1945. The universal machine is the focal, revolutionary idea of Turing’s lif..."

Apr 2016

Kenneth O. Stanley and Joel Lehman
Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned: 2015
"The hope is that peer review will reject or improve weak ideas, while the most important ideas will be published. Through publishing, these important ideas reach the top minds in the field--who can explore them further as stepping stones, and sc..."

Mar 2016

Cory Doctorow
I Can’t Let You Do That, Dave: 2015
"No matter how cleverly the operating system and its services monitor the user and hide the keys necessary to unlock files without permission, users will eventually find a flaw in the defenders’ code and use it to jailbreak the system, allowing ..."

Feb 2016

Vint Cerf
The Coming Age of the Internet of Things: 2015
"So this evolving Internet is now having to adapt to many billions of new devices coming online, performing a variety of different functions. […] I certainly didn’t anticipate any of this in the 70s, when we were doing the original design."

Jan 2016

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