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Bruce Schneier
A Hacker’s Mind: 2023
"Hacking targets a system and turns it against itself without breaking it. If I smash your car window and hotwire the ignition, that’s not a hack. If I figure out how to trick the car’s keyless entry system into unlocking the car door and ..."

Apr 2023

Orly Lobel
The Equality Machine: 2022
"News headlines often warn that new technologies--from artificial intelligence to robots to big data--have a gender or race problem. Such problems have been pervasive: automated advertisement bots that show different types of job openings to..."

Mar 2023

danah boyd
People of ACM: 2022
"What tends to frustrate me the most are deterministic assumptions about technology. Both zealots and critics tend to believe technology is at the center of everything. So, opposing views emerge which hold that technology is either making the world be..."

Feb 2023

Dennis Duncan
Index, A History of the: 2021
"A history of the index is really a story about time and knowledge and the relationship between the two. It’s the story of our accelerating need to access information at speed, and of a parallel need for the contents of books to be divisible, di..."

Jan 2023

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