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Florian Neukart

Florian Neukart holds a PhD in Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence from the Transilvania University of Brasov, as well as a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the CAMPUS02 University of Applied Sciences in Graz, and a Master’s ...  more

Rosario Uceda-Sosa
Rosario Uceda-Sosa is one of the leading researchers in semantic information models in the IBM T.J. Watson Research Lab. She has worked in ontologies for domains such as smart cities, financial services, IT services and assets, insurance, healthcare, ...  more

Marcelo Finger
Marcelo Finger has a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Universidade de São Paulo (EP-USP 1988), an MSc in Foundations of Advanced Information Technology from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (1990), and a PhD in Computing ...  more

J. M. Perry
J. M. Perry’s work is an integration of mathematics, computer science, and software engineering. He received his mathematics education at Holy Cross College, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Chicago; his computer ...  more

Ernest L. Hughes
Ernest L. Hughes (“Ernie” or “Lincoln”) is a senior transformation consultant, and trainer with HughesGlobal, LLC, and the chief innovation officer of HughesGlobal Network, his consulting and education network focused on helping ...  more

Symeon (Simos) Retalis
Symeon (Simos) Retalis is a professor of learning technologies at the Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece. Simos has been actively engaged in research and innovation in the field of learning technologies for the past 20 years. ...  more

Benjamin Wells
For nearly three decades, Benjamin Wells taught mathematics and computer science courses as a member of both departments at the University of San Francisco. He regularly offered freshman seminars that combined science and art. He holds degrees from ...  more

Yishai Feldman
Yishai Feldman joined IBM's Research lab in Haifa, Israel, in 2006, after many years in academia, at Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia, where he had the rare opportunity of building the programming languages and software ...  more

Salvatore Flavio Pileggi
Salvatore Flavio Pileggi is a research fellow in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) at the University of Queensland (Australia). His research currently focuses on different aspects of computational science and eResearch, ...  more

Xinfei Guo
Xinfei Guo is a final-year PhD candidate in the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Virginia (UVA), Charlottesville, VA. He received his BS degree in Electronic Materials and Devices in 2010 from Xidian University, China and his MSEE ...  more

Alice Davison
Alice Davison is a faculty member (emerita) in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Iowa. She received a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and a BA in French and Latin from Bryn Mawr College. She has taught at the University ...  more

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