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Demystifying digital transformation: non-technical toolsets for business professionals thriving in the digital age
Sehgal A., Apress, New York, NY, 2023. 410 pp. Type: Book (9781484294987)
Date Reviewed: Jul 5 2024

Attul Sehgal’s Demystifying digital transformation: non-technical toolsets for business professionals thriving in the digital age is the second in a pair of recent books published by Apress about the future of work in a world of digital innovation and transformation [1]. Sehgal has an electrical engineering education and experience as an entrepreneur, innovator, consultant, and speaker. In other words: he’s someone to listen to.

This book begins with a quick six-question assessment about where you see yourself and your organization along the digital transformation journey, that you can share and compare with other readers [2]. It ends with a sonnet in the form of a Shakespearean tragedy about digital transformation produced using ChatGPT 3.5. In between are ten chapters and two appendices that contain an alternating mix of business and technical topics.

Figures, photos, charts, timelines, and graphs help tell the story. Links to additional resources provide opportunities to learn more. “From” and “To” summaries are used to compare the past and present and emerging future as Sehgal sees it. (By the way, the prompt for the sonnet is: “Write me a Shakespeare tragedy sonnet about digital transformation with the words customer, competition, innovation, data and value.”)

Business professionals will find that Demystifying digital transformation does what its title says it will do. It’s a crisp, clean, and concise resource. For teachers and professors, it is good recommended reading for a course on the future of work [3].

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Reviewer:  Ernest Hughes Review #: CR147786
1) Schank, M. Digital transformation success: achieving alignment and delivering results with the process inventory framework. Apress, New York, NY, 2023.
2) Demystifying Digital Transformation Repository,
3) Allen, D.; Fukami, C.; Wittmer, D. A course on the future of work: building the scaffold while standing on it. Journal of Management Education 46, 1(2021), 178–209.
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