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Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals certification companion: guide to prepare for the AI-900 exam
Trivedi K., Apress, New York, NY , 2023. 189 pp. Type: Book (9781484292204)
Date Reviewed: Jul 1 2024

This well-structured, readable, and concise guide is for readers who are preparing for the AI-900 certification exam.

The author presents various concepts and techniques related to artificial intelligence (AI) in a clear and accessible manner, focusing on practical applications within the Azure ecosystem. The central aim of the book is to equip readers with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the AI-900 exam and effectively use Azure’s AI services.

In the first chapter, the author provides an overview of exam preparation, including a breakdown of the exam objectives and tips for studying effectively. The author emphasizes the importance of understanding the exam structure and creating a study plan to cover all the necessary topics.

The second chapter delves into the fundamentals of AI, discussing key concepts such as machine learning and deep learning. The author explains these concepts in simple language, making it easy for readers with no prior AI experience to grasp the material.

In the third chapter, the author focuses on fundamental machine learning concepts. This chapter covers different types of machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning, and provides practical examples to illustrate how these concepts are applied in real-world scenarios.

The fourth chapter explores computer vision, a critical area of AI that deals with how computers interpret and understand visual information. The author provides an overview of Azure’s computer vision services and explains how they can be used to build AI solutions for image and video analysis.

The fifth chapter discusses natural language processing (NLP), another vital area of AI. The author explains the basics of NLP and demonstrates how Azure’s NLP services can be used to analyze and interpret human language, enabling applications like chatbots and sentiment analysis.

The book’s emphasis on the ethical implications of AI is interesting. The author briefly touches on the importance of responsible AI usage and how it relates to Azure’s AI services.

Although the book is primarily focused on exam preparation, the author successfully integrates practical knowledge and real-world applications, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in AI and Azure. The book’s concise and straightforward approach ensures that readers can quickly understand and apply the material.

Well suited for beginners, this book is an excellent resource for individuals seeking to pass the AI-900 exam and gain a solid foundation in AI fundamentals. Its comprehensive overview of Azure’s AI capabilities makes it a must-read for aspiring AI professionals. In fact, it is a practical and enjoyable read for anyone interested in AI.

Reviewer:  Gulustan Dogan Review #: CR147785
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