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Creating digitally: shifting boundaries: arts and technologies--contemporary applications and concepts
Brooks A., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 547 pp. Type: Book (9783031313592)
Date Reviewed: Jun 7 2024

Art and technology are two important pillars of modern society that have deeply impacted each other in many ways. For example, Steve Jobs took a course on calligraphy that later gave birth to the fonts of the computer world; on the other hand, Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) and algorithmic botany led to the development of animated forests and so on, and eventually Jobs’ technology company, that is, Pixar. The 20 interesting chapters of this edited book present different views on digital media, in wide-ranging contexts and with cultural flavor.

Chapter 1 begins with interesting examples such as Terravision and The Billion Dollar Code. Chapters 2 through 9 look at human anatomy and art, networks and art, physical activities and art, technology and art in virtual reality (VR), the emerging area of Zoom films and screen life, robot theater, an actor network to understand creativity and technology, and beautiful generative video art, respectively. Chapter 10 focuses on the interaction of human-computer interaction (HCI), interactive arts, and media. Chapter 11 discusses the augmented reality (AR) project haptic HONGI. Next, chapter 12 describes the development of an innovative non-pharmacological intervention that provides engagement, simulation, and social interaction to people living with dementia. Chapter 13 provides examples of technologies designed to generate new, creative, and therapeutic spaces. Chapter 14 is on virtual production studios and filmmaking, and chapter 15 describes intercreative filmmaking. Chapter 16 covers design approaches in scientific knowledge. Chapters 17 through 20 include a digital creation perspective on children’s play; game-based learning activities; the impact of YouTube prosumers on digital design students; and a web-based 3D video streaming event platform.

Creating digitally is a useful collection for anyone who wants to learn about the different interplays of technology and art. Readers will enjoy the many examples from the field. I recommend it to any library.

Reviewer:  Manish Gupta Review #: CR147776
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